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Wonderful luxury car with many features.

This vehicle is reliable, comfortable on long trips, drives amazingly, has automatic windows, sunroof, tinted windows, GPS, heated seats in winter that make it so comfortable to be in even in cold weather. Rear sunshade for summer months, as well as sunroof shade. Have had only minor issues with this vehicle, a mirror flap broke over drivers side visor, and the windshield wiper fluid tube broke and had to be replaced. Overall a wonder car.

- Debra P

This E class Mercedes is the top shelf production of a car.

Hello, I own a 2008 Benz E class. This luxury car is held together by top engineers and rides very smooth. Although I have high mileage, it still performs pretty well. Exceeding all expectations, the car is known for its wide space and spacious leg space. The leather interior is beautifully crafted and fitted to match the car ideally. My experience with this vehicle has been very great and sets the standards for my future cars.

- Dalton M

Luxurious, classy, smooth and beautiful.

Very smooth, comfortable ride, easy to handle. Love the performance, the look and it is beautiful exterior and interior. The maintenance is expensive. Regular maintenance for oil changes, headlights and purchasing dealer items and work is extremely expensive, oil change at least 250. 00- 300. 00 Each.

- Deborah R

I Love my Mercedes Benz E350

I have had no issues with this care. It is pretty good on gas. It has a smooth ride. I have only had to do regular maintenance since I had the car and I would recommend it to others. I am looking to get another Mercedes in the future. Regular maintenance is higher than normal but I get more miles.

- Sherry N

Mercedes Benz is a great car.

My Mercedes Benz e class 4matic is a great car it feels like it drives it self. It handles very well. All the comforts are included. Memory controls for seats. , driver and passenger side air conditioning. Automatic wipers and lights navigation system. Great CD and stereo system with Bose speakers.

- Sharon B

My Mercedes Benz is a white sedan, with sunroof, keyless entry and start,

My Mercedes Benz is a comfortable and dependable car. It is the fourth mob that we have purchased and we will probably buy another one in the future. It has a more sporty ride than the other two that I have personally driven, along with low profile tires. Probably will not buy that style again.

- Julie B

Mercedes is extremely reliable and dependable. You do not go wrong buying this car brand

My car is very dependable and reliable. Never in all those years did I have a mechanical problem. We sit utmost comfortable, in it, with a lot of space for our almost grown children, which is good for long(er) road trips. It also is rather good on fuel and it also has a rather timeless look.

- jutta l

A great choice for someone interested in a quality vehicle for the long haul.

Very reliable, stylish, good size. I wish the gas mileage was better. It can be expensive to repair and service. Luckily repairs are rare due to it is great workmanship and engineering. It has pretty good snob appeal. It is great on the highway making it a great choice for long trips.

- Norman S

2008 e class Mercedes with only 45, 000 mile on it!

My car is ten years old and I purchased it in 2017 after an accident which totaled my former car. The new car is beautiful, runs very well, and had only 45, 000 miles on it when I bought it. The interior is in terrific condition and the car was well-maintained by the previous owner.

- Victoria S

Mercedes are great vehicles.

Quiet and smooth ride. Elegant feel when inside and has a feeling of safety even though it is not a huge car. Good trunk space. Has power in motor when you need it. Live the interior details dependable. Expensive to maintain, nice tires and rims are important but also expensive.

- Melinda E

it is reliable and well made

I like the reliability of my dependable car, the color grey is too dark. I would prefer a silver color exterior, I do not like the dark black interior as it is hot and shows all the dust and dirt. I will not buy another dark interior car.

- sharon h

Maintenance can be very pricey, especially once your dealership warranty expires, so one should factor those potential costs into their budget.

I love the distinguished outer aesthetic, of course. However, I also love the feeling of safety that only comes with an automobile engineered by Germany. It is also very comfortable for long commutes in heavy traffic.

- Madison S

It's clean, reliable, great condition and expensive to maintain!

I think the double batteries could last longer. Very expensive to maintain. I do wish the interior leather was a nicer quality. Over all I love the car, especially the strong air conditioner and the big V8 engine!

- Cindy C

That it is a very beautiful and reliable car to have.

I like how reliable and comfortable it is. It is very luxurious. What I dislike is how expensive it would be if it were to break down. I think the price for maintenance on it, is ridiculous.

- Jasmine H

A pleasure to drive and beautiful to look at.

This car drives better than any car I have ever owned. Smooth comfortable ride and an excellent tight turning radius. Have had very little go wrong with it and it has 85, 000 miles on it.

- Deborah G

It is easy non gas and up keep is minimal.

Easy on gas on the highway.. Good to look at, it never ages! The next years model looks about the same with not many changes.. Smooth ride when going long distance as well as in town.

- Marie M

It is very safe to drive, and will protect you.

It is very reliable. Also quite comfortable, has plenty of power and handles well. It is a little more expensive to repair, but it lasts a long time.

- Dan B

It is fun to drive. It has a luxury car and and I relate to it.

Since my vehicle is old, I don't have a built in Bluetooth for hands free calling. Also, it doesn't have a jack for charging my iphone 8 plus.

- Rui B

It does very well going long distances.

It has performed extremely well over the years and has minimal problems even though it is an older car. It is very safe and easy to drive.

- Greta B

It is a luxury sedan that I love to drive.

I like driving my car however since it is 8 years old, I don't have all the modern technologies in the car including bluetooth.

- Ruchi W

Shop around for parts, keep up regular maintenance to avoid higher repair bills.

510hp, leather interior. So far no mechanical issues, some pops from worn bushings in suspension fast and well planted car.

- Rick O

I want others to know that it has good safety and comfort ratings.

I like the comfort and ride of the Mercedes. I like the prestige of the brand. I don't like the high maintenance costs.

- S S

It rivals many late model vehicles from the way it handles to the amenities it offers.

Luxury vehicle and although it is a 2008 model, it still offers amenities that rival 2018 vehicles. Handles excellent.

- Becky R

Reliable car that is expensive to service

The vehicle is reliable and has lasted for years. It's expensive to service, but I know it will last me even longer.

- Brittney H

Most user friendly cruise control I have ever used.

Very comfortable and a pleasure to drive with a lot of luxury features but very expensive to maintain and repair.

- Pauline M

others should know that mercedes can be very affordable, especially if people are willing to learn how to do a little maintenance themselves.

I like the suspension. The suspension is awesome. I dislike the cost of tires, but it's okay. no complaints.

- blake s

Mercedes Benz review comfortable, reliability,

It runs pretty well and smooth I have driven to Chicago the seats are not that comfortable kind of rough.

- Brandon L

This car is comfortable and safe and extremely reliable.

This vehicle rarely has issues. But when it does, its expensive. It is comfortable to drive and sit in.

- deb d

It is expensive to maintain.

Handles great. Drives well in inclement weather. Car is starting to show its age and slow down a bit.

- Stacy M

Good car that I love always.

I do not have. No problems with my car and is in good condition don't need any work just a few dents.

- Crystal N

It's a luxury car that's good on gas & easy to maintain.

It's a smooth & quiet ride. It has the Ecoboost;which makes it good on gas. I have no complaints.

- Winona L

It's reliable but not good on gas but it drives well.

I want a new vehicle. I want to get rid of the current one. I don't like it anymore

- Felicia E

It rides really smoothly. It's really quiet and comfortable. For an old car, I've had very few problems and it's still going strong.

It's a safe, comfortable, easy to drive ride that still feels classically stylish.

- Carolyn S

Luxury does not have to be out of reach and I would buy another Mercedes.

My car looks and feel luxurious and despite its age, runs remarkably well.

- Hilary G

I love the comfort it provides, the room to carry items. I love the way it looks and rides, the color and the interior. I don't like that it is so old.

It's a station wagon, not an SUV, and wagons are much nicer.

- James M