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Safe and reliable- worth a little extra money to me.

I purchased my vehicle in 2012 with about 35000 miles and now have about 177000 miles on the car. With the exception of normal tune ups and tire replacement ( with sport pkg on car - tire replacement is more frequently) - I have had only one problem with my car. There was an issue inside the fuel tank and required the entire fuel tank to be replaced. Due to the way Mercedes has their fuel tank- this is quite costly but was covered by warranty up 10 years or 150, 000 miles. It happened just prior and I received a free rental and free repair. This was not a warranty I purchased- it was for every car that had a tank like this. With having a car over 6 years and the amount of driving I do - I am very pleased with the car. It is safety is huge as well. I would definitely do it again.

- Rachel V

The 09 e350 is a reliable car with great aspects that anyone can enjoy.

The car has a good looking interior alongside a great looking exterior, which makes the car really come together to provide a great first impression to anyone driving, seeing or riding in the car. The car so far has been very reliable and I have not had a single issue with the vehicle. Keep in mind however I've only been driving this vehicle for about a month, so this may very well change in the near future. The features of the car are very impressive and useful and really remind you that you are driving a luxury car. The ride is also fairly comfortable and smooth.

- tamer A

My car is smokey gray with beautiful cashmere interior with wood grain features.

This is my first time owning a Mercedes. I enjoy the car very much. I particularly like the appearance of the interior and the color of the interior, which is cashmere. The car handles good and is comfortable for long trips with ample room. I drove a BMW before this vehicle and they are comparable. I like the size of the E-Class. It makes handling and maneuvering easy. It's not too large and not too small. I have had no mechanical problems and I have over 100,000 miles on the car.

- Lisa E

Great car and a fun ride!

My car is awesome! It handles smoothly. The interior is very comfortable. It has a six disc CD changer which is great fun for all my music. Love the sunroof. It is a great road trip car. The trunk is huge. Mercedes-benz is known for durability and this car has not disappointed me. I will be a Mercedes fan for life.

- Karen S

The rear window screen is excellent in hot weather conditions.

Excellent car, smoother ride and features are easy to use. Navigation works very well and the built in phone. Roadside service is excellent with Mercedes. Car has ample leg room in front and back for 5 passengers comfortably. Wood trim inside car is beautiful as well as wood steering wheel.

- Larry H

Quality and a refined driving experience.

This is an automobile that one can get hundreds of thousand miles with normal regular maintenance. The ride is built for total comfort. The leather interior is sumptuous and it is styling speaks of class and refinement.

- Karen H

It has a very smooth ride.

I like the comfortable, smooth ride. I like the safety of the vehicle. I like the interior finishes. I dislike the built in navigation. It is the opposite of user friendly and impossible to learn.

- Julia R

It offers a great driving experience and is low maintenance.

I like the small design and how low the car sits. I also like the smooth ride and quietness of the engine. I love the color but would have liked to have USB capabilities.

- Laronda F

Safe, reliable, beautiful, classic.

Beautiful, reliable, classic. It is as much as of a maintenance hassle or as expensive to maintain as indicated before purchase. I am loyal to Mercedes.

- Sandra K

I always feel safe in this car and it is very easy to drive.

I love the safety and comfort of driving in it. It fits me perfectly. It is comfortable for extended driving periods and fits five adults quite easily.

- Mary G

I believe the car will last at least another 5 years or longer because Mercedes cars are know to last

The car is very reliable. I've had it for over 7 years and it's never had any major problems. It's also handles very well on the roads

- John W

Diesel engine reliability and mpg.

Safety mileage comfort reliability of diesel engine 33 mpg town 39 hwy.. Ability to call Mercedes road service.. From car.

- Dieter L

The car is nice for a young person it is the sporty Mercedes. Very low.

I like the color. I am not happy with the ride and size of the car as well as interior. The seat is starting to rip.

- Denise M

Classy comfortable, quiet car

Its a Mercedes, there are no problems, excellent performance, reliable, comfortable.I would by another one

- James B