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YOLO so you might as well do it in a Mercedes Benz.

I love my Mercedes Benz E-Class. I purchased my car as a certified, pre-owned vehicle in 2017, and I have not looked back since. This is my second MB and, as far as I am concerned, they just keep getting better and better. The ride is as smooth as a hot knife slicing through butter! I can select from either the Economy drive style or the Sport. I fluctuate between the two depending on where I am, city or highway and the H-Ps never fail to amaze me. The car is reliable and just a joy to drive. I not only have cooling and heated front & passenger seats, but my driver's seat also has the massage and vibrating mechanism. It truly is a great car. My only con about it is the cost of maintenance, but I have found a fantastic automotive shop that repairs MBs and they are very reasonable, which is much needed now that the warranty has expired. Do yourself a favor and give one a test drive. You'll love it!

- Natalie T

A Mercedes bluetec is a reliable luxury car and cost effective.

I have never had the first problem with the car, it gets great mileage. It has never stranded me, it is very comfortable to ride in and drive. The interior is beautiful with under mounted lights in the dash and doors. The sound system is excellent, the trunk has an opening into the car so you can put something long in the car to haul it. Or get air into the trunk. When you change the oil you have to add "blue" into a tank in the trunk because it is a diesel.

- Toni P

Great Car, Maintenance costs a lot though

Very stylish exterior, drives nice, seats are comfortable with different settings for supporting my back. Expensive to maintain. Haven't had any major issues with the car, just basic upkeep/maintenance. Convertible is easy to operate and car looks beautiful with the top down. For a convertible the trunk is a nice size. Can fit large suitcase plus two smaller ones. Only comes with a donut spare. Wish it came with a full sized spare.

- Ivy M

It is a classy car made with superior quality engineering standards

I like the engine power and riding comfort. I also like the technology from the details I can access from the steering wheel to the GPS and audio system. I don't really have any complaint but feel Mercedes stepped down a bit with the former beautiful leather seats. I also wish the GPS would be designed to give automatic updates by say a push of a button when you go in for the annual service.

- Margaret A

Reliable and smooth driving

My vehicle is very relatable. I have no had any problems or issues with it at all and do all my car check ups and oil change, etc on time. As long as you get your car maintenance on time then you will not have any problems. What's great about the car is that it will tell you few days before when your car is ready for a service. I love that it has the Bluetooth option and the navigation system.

- Dalia S

Recommend e350 - as it is reliable, great looking and runs well.

Good reliable car; looks great; never lets me down. Bought it with 11,000 miles on it. Just recently spent $1800 to have emission ignition system replaced and transmission mount replaced. The car has plenty of trunk room and back seat room. I travel from ft. Lauderdale to Orlando and put lots of miles on the car, and it runs beautifully. I highly recommend the e350.

- Sharon L

Safe, reliable and beautiful.

My car is perfect. The look of it is luxurious and beautiful. It is very roomy but not too big. Bonus points for being all wheel drive! I feel very safe knowing it is a very well made car and very reliable. 100% our family vehicle. Most cars people buy look cheep inside the vehicle. Not mine. Every last detail makes me feel like I have more money that it appears!

- Emily V

Car handles well and is very safe. The seatbelts even measure your body size when you first buckle.

I love the safety of this car. I had a blow out on the freeway in So Cal and the car basically handled the situation itself. It slowed and evened out the tires so I didn't have difficulty steering at all. I have had no maintenance issues with the car. The paint is still beautiful after six years. The engine is powerful and it drives very precisely and smoothly.

- Darla R

The color of my vehicle 'Rich Ivory Color' and the value it keeps.

Never really had any problems. Love the way it drives and looks. Use it for business trips and sets comfortable. Love the speed and the way it curves the corners. Love the features. Large enough for me. Very reliable. Seats four people comfortable. Would purchase another when ready to buy another car.

- Mary T

What I love and hate about my Drop Top

getting noisy as it get older - the interior trim is starting to peel. Radio dial no longer works - unable to eject my CD's - the knob no longer controls my navigation. Other than that I think the car has held up pretty well. Everything else works as it was designed. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Felicia F

Everything you Need for a Great Ride!

It is a great car with lots of power and comfort. With a V8 engine and turbocharged, there is no reason to be left behind. The bucket seats have 3 preset positions so you will always have the right fit. Also in seat heater and fan. The AC can be adjusted individually for driver and passenger.

- Jorgensen S

Fast and luxurious. Switches from economy mode to sport mode.

We have had no problems with the car since buying it. When we first looked at buying it the front passenger seat leather was being repaired but was done and looked perfect when we picked it up after purchasing. Probably need to buy some winter tires for it. Otherwise we are in love with it.

- Elizabeth H

The Mercedes e350 is comfortable, roomy, and drives smoothly.

The Mercedes e350 drives smoothly. I love that it has both economy and sport mode. There is plenty of space in the car for all passengers making it a very comfortable car. There is plenty of space in the trunk too. The diesel version gets 30+ mpg.

- Beth W

It so very safe, with its braking system and warning systems.

Exterior beauty, the superior comfortable ride, the beautiful interior, the size is perfect, it handles so incredibly well, and has the cuddle seat feature - when you go around turns it hugs your sides - its awesome!

- Bonnie S

Lives up to its name in luxury and safety.

Great performance. This is a very comfortable car and has a great safety rating. Really gets up and goes when needed in those dicey situations you might find yourself in on the road. All the creature comforts.

- Bettina W

Dream car with all the bells and whistles!

It's a beautiful, nice size luxury vehicle. It drives like a dream and has all the extra amenities. Bluetooth, sunroof, lane assist. I will drive it as long as it with go!

- Lisa R

It performs well and safety on the vehicle is bar none!

No complaints except using premium gas only. No complaints, no complaints, no complaints, no complaints. I love the color, performance and the price paid for the car.

- Jacqueline A

It gets great gas mileage.

It is quiet, gets great gas mileage. The stereo is great. The leather is comfortable. The only complaint I have is there are no cup holders in the front seat.

- Sharon D

The most important thing would be the safety, it's dependable and good on gas.

I have no complaints about my car. I like the big luxury body. I also love the fact that it's dependable. As well is safety features..

- Kimberly A

Rides great. You do not even feel the bumps.

I love the brand reputation. I love the drive and look. I dislike the repair costs. I dislike the warranty for the vehicle.

- Ebony B

The Mercedes Benz E class 2012 model is great

My vehicle works perfectly fine, and I almost never have to take it in to the dealership. It is fairly comfortable.

- Grant F

luxury, performance, & durability

This is a very comfortable vehicle that allows us to gobble up the miles over long distances with ease and safety.

- Steven S

Quality brand vehicles but overrated with costly upkeep.

Costly maintenance and upkeep. The tire pressure gauges consistently have issues regardless of the type of tire.

- Janice P

cool vehicle to drive with stylish

stylish and beautiful. great performance as well. However, the cost of maintenance will be a burden.

- bibi c

It is extremely comfortable. It is dependable and reliable.

My car is powerful. It is dependable and strong. It provides a smooth ride.

- kat k

It provides Excellent comfort, quality and reliability.

Comfortable to ride in, very good driving experience. No complaints.

- Zheng Y

I love the way it rides. It feels like it hugs the road when driving. The nav system is a bit difficult to use.

Smooth ride, built solid vehicle. 4matic. Excellent in the snow.

- Cate A