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The most important thing is all the safety features on the e350.

Love it the ride is smooth and easy. The e350 is the perfect size for me with a comfortable ride for five people. My e350 has all the latest feathers power windows, powers locks, voice control for the phone and radio which comes with satellite. I also have all the latest safety features like blindside lane assistance, adaptive headlight. I love that the inside of my car lights up at night and I can change the color on the inside when ever I want to with three different colors to choose from. I can choose from a beautiful blue, white or amber color. The sound system is the best. To be able to take a ride at night with the sunroof open is the best feeling in the world.

- Kenneth C

Mercedes Benz e550 cabriolet(2014).

Our Mercedes Benz e550 cabriolet has been extremely reliable. No major maintenance issues. The one thing that can be surprising if this your first mb is that the maintenance can be quite costly. Routine maintenance can range from 400- 1500 per service. Just be prepared. The e550 is incredibly fast and very smooth. It is so much fun to drive.

- Heather R

I love my Mercedes Benz e350.

It's a wonderful and comfortable car for driving long distances. Very reliable I have 45000 miles on it now and it never gave me any trouble. Mercedes after sales service is great. The only problem with the car is its rear leg room especially if you fit a car seat. Otherwise it's a perfect family car.

- Salman I

A Mercedes rides extremely smooth and wonderful to take on long trips!

This is our second Mercedes Benz E Class. It truly is a luxury car. It rides so smooth whether you are in the front seat or the back. Plenty of legroom. Biggest complaint is that it uses premium gas, which is more expensive! Also don't like the maintenance checks that seem to always cost so much!

- Radwyn L

Review of 2014 Mercedes-Benz, e- class.

This model is not as comfortable as the older models. It is lighter in weight and smaller in size. The interior cannot stand the heat. My dashboard and side panels have begun to fade. I prefer the emblem on the hood and not in front of the car. The emblem of the top looks more expensive.

- Rose A

The car is expensive but it's worth it!

The Mercedes Benz e350 is a really great car. Super luxurious and easy to drive. What I like the most is the heated seats that have back alignment adjustability and I also really enjoy the automatic sport drive. The car is safe and beautiful! I definitely would recommend this car to anyone!

- Victoria V

Excellent car, safe to drive,

Nice, economical, comfortable vehicle, 7 speed transmission, excellent brakes, excellent performance, comfortable seats, low maintenance, run flat tires, blind spout, cruise control, lane keeping sensor, nice inner, outer design, brake sensor, high paint quality, navigation, backup camera.

- Peter G

Convertible so really nice to drive with the top down at night.

Older vehicle so brakes, pads, tires, etc. are likely to wear out sooner. Does have the latest technologies as newer vehicles. Safety is an issue on airbags. Costs more to repair than lesser priced vehicles. Need to maintain the oil, filters and do regular maintenance more than newer cars.

- Paul W

Great services with Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes dealership really provides great services and products. Customer service is great. Fortunate for me I have no issues with my vehicle. I take care of it and have maintain ace work done on a regular basis. I would encourage anyone to get a Mercedes as long as they can afford it.

- David D

Programming radio stations.

I love the red light safety feature, sunroof, sound system, heated seats and navigation system. I am. Challenged spatially so the navigation system helps me be more independent and not needing help from family. The automatic closing feature of the trunk is great when shopping as well.

- Katie B

Excellent acceleration when needed.

Vehicle is fun to drive. Smooth handling, responsive, has excellent acceleration, styling is attractive, interior is somewhat cramped but still comfortable. People are impressed when I tell them I drive Mercedes Benz. Dealer service department is very good providing top notch service.

- Richard F

2014 E350 is an excellent used car purchase when it is 3 years old & is a certified used Mercedes.

Great handling, extremely comfortable, very good highway gas mileage. Has many state of the srt safety systems, including 360 degree cameras, parking assist, blind spot warning. Don't like that the only way to update navigation maps is through dealer at a high cost.

- Bruce M

People think that they can't afford a Mercedes, but I shopped around, and was able to get my car at a very affordable price. I did buy a used Mercedes, but it had lower mileage than my previous car. It has been well worth the price.

I love the style, color, and performance of the car. I feel confident driving on the highway because of the safety features, and the control I have of the car. Even though I must use premium fuel, I get really good mileage. I really don't have any complaints.

- Harvey W

Mercedes review fantastic vehicle

This is solid safe car very comfortable and not complicated to figure out all of the options. This a very reliable vehicle . It is heavy so seems to replace tires more frequently than some other vehicles that I have owned. I love the car and would buy again

- Lisa S

Always a Mercedes Benz, always a classic.

I love Mercedes Benz. This is my second one because they last so long. It is a pleasure to drive, always comfortable and reliable. I have never had any problems with Mercedes other than routine maintenance. It gives me such a good feeling just driving it.

- Kari M

Mercedes Benz e class 350.

Vehicle was purchased two years ago as a certified pre owned car. Other than regularly scheduled maintenance no other repairs have been required. Car has an extensive list of safety features, drives and rides like a dream!

- Jared H

Don't buy it if you live in a snow country.

It's a quote vehicle to dive but I don't like the gas mileage that it gives me nor I like to drive it in the snow because it's a rear wheel drive and It's too dangerous to drive it in the snow.

- Antoine g

It's a convertible and it's fun to ride with it down especially at night

Love the convertible and driving with it down. I love how comfortable the car is. I love to beige color interior and pearl white exterior. I don't like the small trunk and the brown roof

- Kristen M

There are very few obstructions to line of sight

I have no complaints. This is the 2nd MB I have owned. I LOVE the fact there is no "post" to obstruct my line of sight. Definitely look forward to many years of complete satisfaction

- Steve A

The performance is good, very good acceleration and good on gas

I like the performance and handling of the car. The car have a very smooth ride and it very comfortable in space inside. My dislike is that you have to use premium gas.

- Gregory M

My vehicle looks very classy. Especially when the top is down.

I love the way it looks. It drives very comfortably. It gets very good mileage. The only thing I am not real happy with is the color. A black vehicle shows dirt!

- Sandra B

Be extra careful when shifting gears. Since it is mechanical it sometimes doesn't shift it you don't do it strong enough.

I love my vehicle very much. I love the look the feel. How smooth it rides. I don't like that it's a little weak on hills. And the low profile tires are a pain.

- tiff g

Great car, high safety, very quickly picks, keeps very well the road.

No navigation, no back up camera, run flat tires, performance is great, reliability is trustworthy, comfort is nice, fuel economy is great, lane control sensor.

- Toby G

It is an expensive car to maintain and expensive on gas. If someone is looking for an affordable vehicle, this is not it.

I love the way the car handles and drives. It is very comfortable and spacious. I dislike that it takes premium gas and the high price of any maintenance.

- Rebecca A

Do your homework about the cost of parts/maintenance.

My Mercedes e350 is one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. It drives like your walking on a cloud. The only downside is the price of maintenance.

- Ashley W

Exceptional diesel mileage

Diesel gets 52 MPG on the highway. Could use some window shades but they only come with a package. Tilt steering often gets "stuck", it's too delicate.

- mike c

Even though it is an expensive car, I think it's worth the money I spent.

Great ride with comfort High reliability Navigation is not best user friendly Great exterior looking car with auto light adjusted to steering wheel

- Warangkana T

High Performance and reliable

I love the convertible living in Florida - beautiful, high performance, sleek car. Sometimes so low hard to get in and out (and for passengers)

- Sandi K

Powerful responsive engine with a luxurious feel

It's a luxury vehicle with bells and whistles. The engine is powerful and responsive. Steering is on point, I don't have complaints

- Diba G

Safety features are terrific. There are warning in the rear view mirrors.

I love how safe my car feels. I think that it gets great gas mileage. It has a very smooth drive. Lots of bells and whistles.

- Linda G

There is a button to open the trunk on the trunk.

It handles great, comfortable, great in gas, great braking system, great for traveling long drives, ladies like it.

- Wellington N

It get very little use, because I live in the City about 2 miles from work.

I like the profile, looks, fuel efficiency. But I miss the torque of a V8. I also miss riding up high in an SUV.

- James K

comfortable, safe, great in the snow

no problems, just do not like the tinted windows. The performance is great and the ride is nice. Would buy again

- michael h

The light package option was a wonderful choice It provided more style and better lighting than standard.

Excellent car. Very safe and dependable. It is also stylish and very comfortable. I love the truck space also.

- Nate J

It is expensive to maintenance.

I like the smooth drive, the appearance, and the v6 engine about the Mercedes Benz that I currently drive.

- Nicole G

Luxury car. Smooth dependable ride

Great car. Rides smooth. Dependable. Not really great on gas. Looks nice. Lot of features that I like

- Sarah B

It is worth the extra money I had to pay for it.

Sharp looking, runs nice, plenty of power, smooth ride, good gas mileage, dealer service is outstanding.

- Rich F

The size of the vehicle is compact with lots of room on the inside.

I really enjoy driving it. Performs and handles great. Good luxury and style. The perfect design for me.

- Lee R

Maintenance cost of car is minimal. I love my car and that is the best thing others should know

I like the mileage of my vehicle. It's performance and does is also too good. Gives a smooth ride also

- Ameeta S

Great comfortable safe, well handling reliable car.

Great design and Workmanship. Comfortable and loaded with safety equipment. No dislikes.

- Gary G

how fun and easy it is to drive. Quick pick up and can go fast

smooth, sporty ride. Only complaint is that I wish it were newer and a coupe

- amy s

Dependable and good gas mileage.

Love the way it looks and drives. Very comfortable for long trips.

- Donna K

Prestigious vehicle. Very comfortable. I just Love it!

I love my car. It's a Comfortable, luxury vehicle. Classy car.

- Andrea K

I love my vehicle, it ride great and get me where I'm going

It has a lot of great features and is perfect for me

- Lois R