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2015 Mercedes Benz e350 4WD, the premium amazing luxury sedan.

The Mercedes Benz e class 350 is indeed a very comfortable and luxurious car. It is quite reliable and the parts may be more pricey than other cars, however more reliable and needs to be replaced less. The sound system is very good as well, and the seats are quite large relatively speaking and are quite comfortable and nice to sit in. It is a 4 wheel drive and has a nice sunroof too, and some others can be panoramic. There is cruise control, backup cameras, keyless start, adjustable steering wheel, navigation and even a heated seat massage. There are many features, and honestly I do not have many complaints with this car.

- Peter C

The Best Fast, Reliable, and Gorgeous Car

I love my car. It is very reliable and includes features that assist in making sure you and your vehicle are safe through mBrace. The car drives very smooth and accelerates very quickly. I love the driving assist features that help to issue I don't come close to an accident. Its sleek and stylish and I have not had any issues. One con for my car is that it burns gas quickly. Other than that I am very please with my Mercedes.

- Chanel C

Best certified pre-owned car.

My Mercedes Benz e400 has the best turning radius of any car I have owned. It can make a U-turn anywhere. The lunar blue color gets comments from everyone. The interior is very roomy despite the fact it does not look all that large from the outside. The sound system is excellent although we were surprised that it did not include a CD changer. Very reliable with no mechanical problems so far (3 years).

- Michael O

My luxurious Mercedes Benz

I fell in love with my car the moment I got it. The inside is a beautiful cream interior, it really can make anyone feel luxurious. Tapping on the gas is smooth, and so are the rest of the bells and whistles. Everything about the car is easy going, stylish, and definitely up to date. Features are impressive, and the expanding roof is such a beautiful view.

- Lys H

I enjoy the heated/cooling seats.

I have not had any major mechanical problems with my car. I take it in for service as suggested. The performance is amazing. The e550 has a lot of power and I love that. I love the cars ability to park itself. The heated seats and neck rest work great and get nice and hot. The biggest frustration is the car sensors - when driving it will be randomly.

- Tracy R

Great overall luxury car with a sporty drive.

I love my car. It is reliable and a great overall car. I love how it drives and it has a sleek interior look. It looks sporty but drives like a luxury car. It is fast and responsive to my commands. I have a black car with tan interior. Service on the car has been minimal besides basic wear and tear. I haven't had any other issues.

- Joanna B

Night maintenance vehicle

My vehicle is very beautiful however the ride is not very smooth and twice I've already had that auxiliary battery malfunction light come on after it was fixed. Also if you get water in your headlights, your car is inoperative because there are computer systems in your headlights and once they get wet they need to be replaced

- Jasmin S

The car everyone should own.

The vehicle is built in a way that you trust the safety it will provide, and you know that you can trust the quality of parts that went into the vehicle. The comfort both of the ride and the interior makes being stuck in the care during rush hour doable, and the sound system allows you to drown out the honks of traffic hour!

- Lisa B

Mercedes is a great vehicle.

It is the absolute best vehicle I have ever had. So comfortable and quiet. Total luxury. It is smooth and is equipped with many features for safety and enjoyment. I do not have any problems yet and have only had less than 6 months. The only negative is that I have to use premium gas, however, it gets great gas mileage.

- Dolly W

That it is an all around great car that is reliable and modern.

First, I love the exterior design. I think that Mercedes look sexy, sophisticated, and just cool. Second, I love the features such as parking assist, GPS, Bluetooth music and phone. And third I really love how smooth the ride is. I wouldn't say that I have any real dislikes with my car - I really love it.

- Alex s

Reliable, comfortable, fancy.

It is a very reliable car, comfortable to drive, barely lets me down. It is very reliable, drives well on the road. I would definitely recommend anyone to purchase Mercedes, it makes you look fancy, and it will not let you down. It is not as expensive as I expected it to be in terms of taking care of it.

- Kevin B

The twin turbo V6 on the E350 provides the perfect amount of acceleration for a Luxury car while still having decent gas mileage.

Overall I am very happy with the purchase of this vehicle. Maintenance is a little more than on American cars, but the joy of owning and driving a Mercedes outweighs the extra expense. I haven't had any major issues with the car, just had to change the oil, the brakes and tires, the normal maintenance.

- Gary O

Easy driving car with many features but not too many that make it complicated.

Problem is that the side view mirrors do not fold in and you cannot fold back seat forward so you can put more in the trunk when needed. I love the side mirror feature that lights up red when there is someone next to you so that you do not change lanes. It is very comfortable and smooth.

- Carole H

Mercedes-Benz e class is definitely worth investing in!

I absolutely love my Mercedes-Benz e-class. It handles great and it is so luxurious! The leather seats and blue access lighting are just the many small touches that really make the car so special. I would highly recommend this car to anyone who is interested in owning an amazing car!

- Jennifer L

Amazing vehicle with tons of style and substance.

Great car to drive. Fun, with a lot of pep. Very attractive car with great lines. Lots of great options to choose from. Very safe car and very reliable. Maintenance can be expensive but only needs to be done about once a year.

- Kay W

Well built car, smooth ride, lacks acceleration

The E350 is very well built and has a very smooth ride. I wish I had added the driver safety package that notifies you if a car is in your blind spot. Acceleration is not great, but it gets good gas mileage.

- Blake B

So far we haven't had any sort of issues with this car. It drives really smooth.

So far it has been very reliable. It drives nice and smoothly. Good sound system. The back seats fold down which is nice, although the trunk area is still pretty small it works well enough for a small family.

- Stephanie T

it is of high quality but is very expensive to maintain.

i love my car but hate the maintenance costs. i've had no major problems but have paid thousands for maintenance. local shops won't touch because i's foreign.

- liz w

It's a high quality vehicle that is very stylish and comfortable.

I like that it's comfortable, looks great, and has all the features I want. I dislike that it's expensive to maintain and doesn't get great gas mileage.

- Nihar J

Others should now It's clean and spacious. I always keep my car looking nice.

I love that It's a luxury car. I love how it handles very smoothly.I love the really cold air conditioner. I wish it had some updated features.

- brittany b

Very different from at other cars. Very big.

Love the outside sleek look. Do not like the shift in the steering column. I just got the car in april and it is very difficult to get used to.

- Nancy M

It has a tremendous pick up , but it costs a ton to maintain it.

I love the pick up that it has. I love the comfort of the interior. I love the size. There is really nothing that I dislike about the car

- Chris r

My Mercedes is the most luxurious car I have ever owned.

My Mercedes Benz E-Class is the most luxurious car I have ever owned! I highly recommend it. It drives very smooth and handles great.

- Jennifer K

It's really pretty, roomy, and drives smoothly but not great in the snow.

My car is snow white and has two doors. I love that it has Bluetooth and drives smooth. I don't like that repairs cost a lot.

- Aliyah M

Great style and comfort for any kind of driving.

My vehicle is classy, runs smoothly and is a comfortable car. I recommend it to anyone. I would buy a Mercedes again.

- frank b

That I like it and it is a good car for me to drive.

I like that my car is a good size for me. I like how the car drives. My only dislike is that it takes expensive gas.

- Joanna B

It is a mercedes e-class 2015

It is really comfortable and practicable. I do not have any complain about its performance and it has plenty space.

- angela h

For the price, there are better cars out there. It doesn't seem like it was worth the money.

It is difficult to get in and out of since my husband is disabled. Some of Its features don't work quite right.

- Vivian E

The car is easy to drive and comfortable for the passengers.

The car feels right. It feels like every aspect of the car was well thought out and designed. No complaints.

- John S

Reliability extremely safe.

Great ride safe car great features extras leather interior control spacious trunk Bluetooth camera alarms.

- Monica a A

Keeping the style and CLASS always and all the way.

Luxury, CLASS and prestigious. The best of the cars in general. Superb technology, style and engineering.

- Mariyan H

It is a beautiful machine

I love my Mercedes. It is comfortable, responsive, quiet and classy. I feel happy when I drive my car!

- Amy U

There is an economy option to be able to save on gas by cutting the engine when you stop.

I like the styling and the quality. I don't like that it rolls back a bit when you put it in park.

- Paula g




its safe and fast and stylish and comfortable and cool

I don't dislike anything about my car. the style and speed and comfort

- sara m

the tank is full and gps is working

lane depart and parking assistance is my favorite

- hadi M

It's very reliable and great

All I can say is Amazing and has had no problems

- Larry C