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Very nice car definitely I'm enjoying driving this car

On the road, however, the Cadillac CTS-V impressed with its handling but its transmission and interior were its weak points because the eight-speed wasn't as quick as the new nine-speed unit in the Mercedes-AMG E63 S and the quality of the cabin isn't up to par with the Mercedes. The Mercedes, on the other hand, impressed with its explosive acceleration and handling that eviscerates the road with brute force. However, its brakes aren't consistent, which means it's not as confidence-inspiring as the Cadillac.

- Mohamed A

Mercedes Benz is the King of the Road

Performance is excellent with the Mercedes Benz e300. The inside cabin is so quiet that's it's a pleasure to drive in! The exterior & interior are simply beautiful. My only complaint is that the performance tires are sensitive. They do give you 50 miles to continue driving even when the tire is ruined but they are quite expensive to replace. But Mercedes is one of the best luxury cars on the road!

- Joann A

Love my 2017 Mercedes E300

I love my Mercedes E300 bought in 2017, has new dashboard design differs from prior version. It comes with lots of luxury features plus giving you smooth Interior lighting with high tech gadget to navigate the console. The turbo charged engine provides powerful start but yet a smooth ride. Average 30 mpg on highway and 23 on local isn't bad at all. Overall it's a reliable midsize vehicle.

- James L

The Self-parking is great. You can be hands free

performance is amazing. I love the interior, smooth driving, inside lights, dashboard assistance, speakers, and color. I love the self parking feature as well. The car has two windows in the ceiling. The car also has the Mercedes symbol that lights up in the front. I like the auto braking when you are about to hit something. I also like the alarm when you are close to something

- Jessica W

This car has all the bells and whistles necessary for safety.

It has many features like an had camera, beepers and parking assist. These will make your drive smoother and safer. As a luxury car, the drive is really smooth and the features are unparalleled. Unfortunately, if it is hit then the car will buckle and get severely damaged. Also the car status diminishes with age so it is smarter to lease such a vehicle.

- John K

Amazing sound and navigation!

Absolutely love this car! I think that my favorite feature is the stereo system. The sound that comes from this car is incredible. I also love that you can customize the vehicle. . . Down to the way it drives! It is insane! On top of all of that, there are multiple ways to different "touchpads" to control all of these functions. Overall great vehicle.

- Morgan T

Luxurious safety - beautiful, comfortable, pampering and safe.

It has great pick up and provides a smooth ride I enjoy the interior custom color lights. The seat massage is amazing luxury. I love the side bolster support. The lane change warning signal is invaluable. The back up camera and front and side sensors make parking a breeze. It has a great turn radius. So much more. What's not to love!!

- Mary V

My e-class exploration: finding new features are like discovering a new world.

I truly enjoy my vehicle. I feel safe & secure while driving. The performance, reliability, comfort are all awesome, and expected in a luxury car. As for the features, I must admit that I am still learning the functions as I go along-- excitedly discovering some cool feature when I least expect it.

- Anita B

Had to replace battery in keyless device with car being less than a year.

It is a 2 door which I have never had before, don't like that there is not enough leg room in back; don't like having to slide front seat forward to put packages in back seat, feels claustrophobic in back seat. Smooth drive, doesn't take long for heater or air conditioning to heat up or get cool.

- Erica W

Gorgeous in every way. From front the to back. Simple a work of art.

Very comfortable. Love the different features. The very best in the latest technology. It also has run flat tires and the suspension is surprising comfortable. The paint job was very detailed, very gorgeous black color. The lights inside as well as outside makes the really stand.

- Carl J

The e300 sport is an amazing ride with advance technology.

The car drives great and it is technologically advanced. Only have had minor electrical issues and software update needs. It is pretty comfortable and it drives like a sports car, but in a luxury class. The internal lighting with 64 color options is amazing and the kids love it.

- Tara P

Best of all: mercedes-benz.

I have always dreamt to own a Mercedes because of its luxury status and comfort. It is one of the best car making brand out there. Very reliable and it is safety is outstanding. Combining latest technology, it is best car you can find out there. Love it is customizable feature.

- Ryan J

A comfortable and reliable sedan for the any family.

I love the e-class because of the drive experience. It is especially reliable in the rain. It is like driving on dry ground. I have been driving the same model in different colors for like 12 years. I like everything about it performance, reliability, comfort and features.

- Carol Y

2017 Mercedes E 350 Sport

Mercedes E350 Sport drives like a dream. No problems to report and it is very reliable. Very comfortable and love double USB ports. Pickup is great. It is easy to be doing 100 and not even realize it. Leather seats are quite comfortable. We will always buy Mercedes.

- David G

Love the park assist (car parks itself with ease)

Never had any problems. Peak performance. Drives smooth, great in snow. Everything about the controls gas pedal steering and brakes are easy and light to touch! Most comfortable vehicle to drive. All controls are close and easy to reach. Feel like driving on a cloud

- Donna L

50 years of Mercedes ownership. Spacious rear seats.

Haven't had any major problems with the car. Have probably owned 20or more Mercedes since the late 1960’s. Very stylish and comfortable. Decent gas mileage. Great on a trip. Service has always been excellent and they always give us a Mercedes loaner at no charge.

- Larry R

Interior space, big enough for the whole family but also to carry big items.

My vehicle has some very useful safety features, like back and front cameras, it is really comfortable for long distance trips, with enough space for all the family. Mercedes is a brand I trust and had buy vehicles from them for many years. Highly recommended.

- Kayla R

It is a luxury to drive in this.

I like that it looks very slick and the design is really cool. The motor is really smooth and you can barely hear the engine. What I don't like about it is that when things need to be fixed, the price can be steep.

- Van N

It drives smooth and it's comfortable.

I love the features. My favorite are the auto high beams, the blind side indicator and the heated massaging seats. The only downside is i have difficulty when it rains. It makes the sensors go crazy.

- Jeannette V

The luxury performance competes with the best of them.

I love the complete package. The handling and all the amenities. I have owned a Mercedes for more than 12 years now and this is the car for me. I feel it represents me very well.

- John A

has an excellent engine and performance in the vis very good behavior in the curves

a car that meets all the necessary conditions to have it at home, very useful for trips, excellent grip on the road, very comfortable, with motor in excellent condition

- david H

Well it's a wagon. Basically an adventure mobile but with more power and performance. Why people don't buy more wagons is beyond me.

It's a wagon! The greatest type of car. It's black fast, and beautiful. It's great for hauling kids around and has AWD for ski trips. No issues with it so far!

- Wayne B

The gorgeous diamond white beauty.

It is amazing and I love the ambient lighting the mos. The surround system in the car is also outstanding. I have the diamond white color which is gorgeous.

- Shruti P

Safe car. Have blind spot mirror.

Very smooth to drive. Good sounds systems. Seat is not comfortable for long ride. Looks great and have a lot of good future such as self parallel parking.

- Tammy K

Updates, mechanical failures and new functionalities.

I like its performance on the asphalt, its design and functionality. I don't like that my car has little compatible with some brand.

- Nicholas N

It's a true Mercedes Benz. Gorgeous

No complaints. Both the interior and exterior look great. I get amazing thrust from a 4 cylinder engine and fuel efficiency.

- Bahman B

It will not let you down. It is nice and quiet. The sleek style really is the best.

I love the interior. The seats are amazing and very comfortable. I love the tech built into the dashboard for my convenience.

- Lily H

It is very fast and smooth and enjoyable.

The vehicle is really reliable and it gets me where I need to go. I enjoy riding around in it and it does not use much gas.

- Ariana K

I feel safe in it. I have on star..

Smooth, safe & efficient fully loaded. Everything is luxury & classy. I love the color & it's a perfect fit for my style.

- Nicole W

only agile people can easily access the back seat. trunk space is limiting

handles well on curves, have had no problems, extremely comfortable, love the convertible top and the color is gorgeous

- Elissa B

Great value for the cost, excellent car with all of the extras

Very reliable, comfortable, safety features are easy to use, spacious back seat, great sound system, sensitive brakes

- Melissa T

It's a great driving machine.

I love the design and the way it drives love the color and all the options including the xenon headlights.

- J E

It is a four seater so that it is not a family car. I live alone so it has enough room for me.

The vehicle is a coupe. It is a luxury car.It is not as comfortable as the last car.

- Alan G

it is a great car and i love driving it.

love the safety features. i have problems with all the extra technical items.

- william B

Craftsmanship and quality of components. Car is responsive, fast and steady.

Amazing ride. Very safe and reliable. Comfortable and roomy

- Frank G

The car is safe to drive in an accident with multiple airbags

The styling is smart. The car is safe. The car is complex

- Edwin J

Very safe to drive because of all the advanced technology

Very reliable,comfortable and drives well. No companies

- Al C

A lot of the commands are voice controlled making it easier to do certain functions without interfering with concentration while driving. The GPS is really good.

I love the look of the revamped inside of the E Class

- JoAnn P