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This car is the most amazingly comfortable and quiet car I have ever owned.

This car is tops on comfort. The ride is quiet and smooth. I feel that there is great attention to detail on the design and function of this model. My complaint would be that some of the car�s features are not used frequently. Another complaint is the seemingly complex air suspension on the vehicle. We have had to replace the pumps on both the front sides. Also, the cost of car insurance is quite a bit higher than other SUVs we have owned. A small quirk is that our car wash sticker placed inside the windshield that gets scanned as we enter, cannot be read. Apparently, Mercedes windshields are impervious to scan readers.

- Angel H

Perfect for large family with kids.

Car is perfect for a big family. Enough space for everyone with option of 3rd row seat. Sunroof is perfect as well as moonroof. Drives really smooth and does not feel heavy when you are driving it. Only negative feature is the gas mileage. I find myself filling up the tank 2 or 3 times a week depending on where I drive to. Seats are comfortable. The truck tells you whenever anything is wrong including when to replace headlights. Perfect vehicle for a large family.

- Melissa T

If you are buying a Mercedes, make sure it comes with a warranty.

Hydraulic issues. Leaks air from the bags. Had to replace compressor. Also it jumped time and the pistons cracked the engine. Had to replace engine. Very pricy maintenance. Also hard finding someone who will work on Mercedes. While it rides great and is a luxury vehicle, I do not recommend personally.

- Cassie C

My dream ride. A good comfortable ride on long road trip. Lots of charges.

The Mercedes gl class is a nice luxury vehicle. It has heated seat. The steering wheel adjusts to my height. The Mercedes has third row sitting. The Mercedes is very roomy and 7 to 8 passengers comfortable. With the gas prices at least $2. 50 a gallon it cost less than 70 dollars to fill it up.

- Carolyn H

Mercedes Benz pros and cons.

I have had audio issue with the car the radio just stopped working. It drives impressively smooth and the seat are very comfortable. There are two beautiful sky lights in the car, one opens the other acts as an sky view for the passengers in the rear of the vehicle.

- Stanley C

Safety, can go for 300k miles so it lasts years only needs 1 oil change a year.

Drives nice luxurious style type of features. Has 2 headrest DVD players gets at least 2 weeks on tank of gas due to being CDi.

- Danielle H

too expensive to maintain

it is now a little bigger than what I need. It's too expensive to maintain. The gas mileage is terrible


It is the most comfortable auto to drive and one of the most expensive to maintain.

This car is comfort from the word Go! It is very expensive to maintain and repair.

- Pam K