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Mercedes gal 450 pro & con review.

I absolutely love that this car has Bluetooth compatibility, I love that I can answer the phone without having to dig in my purse for it! The navigation is wonderful however it definitely needs an update. One thing that sold me on this car is the amount of legroom in the third row, it has so much room that my 15 yr. old man child who is 6ft tall can sit back there & have plenty of room! (major selling point for us) a few cons for us, the middle row that folds has to be folded manually, I personally wish there was a button for that, I did lose some trunk space & having a big family I could use more however we got all of that leg room in the third row, so if I had to sacrifice somewhere it was going to be the trunk space. I absolutely love the way it handles in both sun & rain, & we've had lots of rain lately. Another con is that the leather seems to be on the thinner side which means it shows more wear & tear, especially on the drivers seat, but the rest of the car is so great!

- Candice K

It is very spacious and comfortable. A beautiful car I feel safe driving.

My car is very spacious and comfortable. Been in a couple of accidents where the cars hitting me from behind where totaled and my car had not a scratch on it. It drives very smooth and is quite. Minus is that when something breaks it's very expensive to fix, but if you want a good and safe car it is totally worth it!

- Alice S

Airlift suspension malfunction.

Recently discovered issues with the airlift suspension system malfunctioning seems to temporarily be fixed with new fuse but mechanic says that fix is temporary and the next time repair with be several thousand dollars. After doing some research this year make and model have a history of suspension issues.

- Amanda A

High class vehicle. Smooth ride for children. Great make and model.

My car drives smooth. It has a 2 sunroofs. 1 over the passage and driver set and 1 by the back seats. The back seats fold down for more truck space for large objects or grocery shopping. Three rows. Very spacious and roomy. High tech rear view camera, for backing out of parking spaces.

- Denise G

Very roomy and reliable SUV.

None at all. I love my SUV. Very reliable, strong engine, solid performance. I will be replacing it with a newer model in about a year or so. Its very roomy, fits all my son's sports equipment ( football, lacrosse) and his friends. It has a third row which is very convenient.

- Dario E

Repairs are expensive and you will most likely need to take it to a dealer.

This car drives like a dream. It is an extremely smooth and comfortable ride. The interior is high-end and quite roomy. Two adults could sit in the back third row without much of an issue. The sound quality of the radio is excellent.

- Michelle B

The reliability of the vehicle because of build quality

likes ride stability, ride quality, automatic climate control, safety features, navigation. Dislikes not many other than multiple air suspension repairs and issue with blind spot assist

- Sam G

You pay extra for luxury vehicles, but they truly are nicer.

Love the performance and quality. Also like sitting high in a large safe SUV. I hate the outdated electronics Bluetooth system. It has never connected properly with my android phone.

- Kristen D

It is very safe and I feel very comfortable driving it.

I love the size of my vehicle. It comfortably fits my family and extra passengers. It is powerful. The safety features make me feel secured. It is a solid car. It drives very nice.

- Tammie F

It's a quality vehicle, dependable, but is expensive to own, maintain, and is a gas hog. Beautiful to look at and drive.

it is attractive, rides smoothly, latest technology, runs well and have had few maintenance problems since owning the suv. Rices great in the snow, gas mileage is disappointing.

- michael s

It is well prepared in case of an accident.

I love the smooth ride and the luxuries that my vehicle has. I also really appreciate how good it is on gas (for having to use premium).

- Terri S

It's very safe and fun to drive, I always feel in control

I like all the safety features, the spaciousness of it, as well as overall handling

- Nisha H

It is a very safe vehicle.

It is very comfortable. My car drives very smoothly. I feel safe driving my child.

- Ivy T

Really reliable in every situation. Lots of safety features.

Lots of room. Mileage is not the greatest. Good in winter weather conditions.

- Melanie C