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Fabulous features and rock solid ride.

The ride is smooth and comfortable. The vehicle picks up speed on a dime. All of the features are amazing like the automatic windshield wipers, changing lane detectors, etc. The very upside is the vehicle is comfortable for all passengers, front, middle and back. Plenty of leg rooms, adjustable seats in the middle, by the way in the middle 3 passengers fit without sharing space. The middle seats automatically fold down to access the 3rd row. Push a button and they do the work for you. The hatch area has buttons to push that fold the 3rd row seats up and down for you, one of my favorite features. The vehicle is very reliable and fared amazingly well in a rear end accident.

- Melissa H

The interesting thing about my gl450 is can handle the turn well.

The SUV is fuel efficient. The SUV is very roomy inside. It has a nice sunroof. The front seats are very comfortable. The back seats are very room and comfortable also. The problem I had with my gl450 is the individual suspension. I had to replace all four of them. The job costed me over four thousand dollars. The SUV is big and it is easy to handle and the performance is great. The features are good also. I really like the seat warmer in the winter.

- Young W

Mercedes GL550 with many, unique features

The Mercedes GL550 is a very comfortable car to drive and ride in. The seats and air controls, massage chairs, coffee warmers, third row seating, etc are of great quality and are easy to use. The car practically drives itself, the steering is so easy. The only thing that I dislike is the navigation system. It requires you to use a knob, as opposed to a touch screen, and it is a little dated. Other than that, it's a great car and I would recommend it.

- Rebecca H

Not only is it visually appealing but it gets amazing highway gas mileage

My vehicle is an SUV that runs on diesel fuel. It gets in credible highway gas mileage. There is a built-in navigation system. It also has a built-in back up camera which makes for a much easier parking. Since I've gotten the car the only issues I've had are with the adblue sensor which I got replaced. And now works great and I don't have any other issues with the vehicle

- Rayna S

2013 Mercedes Benz gl 550.

Expensive to repair, poor gas mileage, burns premium gas, expensive tires to replace, air suspension needs a lot of service, great ride especially on long trips, safe and reliable comfortable well built powerful engine great for trailering great resale value 3rd row seating.

- Joe R

A great ride in every way possible.

My Mercedes Benz gl450 is reliable and has safety features that I need like brake assist, lane assist, parking assist, and more. The seats are extremely comfortable. Ambient lighting is very calming. The vehicle has suspension that can be raised for off-road use.

- Jane F

The gl is deceptive in that it looks and drive smaller than it is.

This is my first Mercedes. So far, I love it. I would definitely recommend this to friend. This SUV is extremely plush and easy to drive, park and navigate. It is stylish, strong and very comfortable.

- Amanda M

Feels like you are riding on air.

This car is very reliable and rides great. Feels like you're riding on air. It is very comfortable and spacious. I love the third row seating. I have had no problems with this vehicle.

- Meghan A

The options are very nice leather heated & cooled seats 3rd row is nice option.

The vehicle wears on tires incredibly bad. It is a very heavy vehicle and not many tires are made for it. Lack of choices.

- Jamie B

Good value for the money and comfortable.

Like the comfort and style. Like the finishes. Hate the cost of repairs. Hate the price of gas and needing premium.

- Laura K