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The glc 300 is an, elegant car that captures the essence of affordable luxury.

The design itself is sleek and elegant- I get compliments on it all the time. The mileage is decent, as in I can go a week driving an hour each way without having to refill my tank. The start/stop feature can be a little quirky sometimes, but nothing that is concerning. My parents love it because it has a lot of safety features that are highly rated and effective. It feels very lightweight which can be concerning on some open highways as I live at the bottom of a valley when I am not in school and gets very windy but my tires help with that.

- Sophie G

Review of Mercedes Benz glc300.

I love the vehicle. The service on all Mercedes vehicles is expensive and the manufacturer's warranty is shorter than others but other than that it is great. The vehicle drives really well. The new 4 cylinder with turbo gives it a lot more “get up and go” than other vehicles that are a similar size. Curb appeal is sporty yet sophisticated. Drives like a sports car but has enough space for 5 people to sit comfortably.

- Catherine S

My Mercedes - safe and comfortable.

Love the comfort and ease of sitting and driving my vehicle. So many safety features. Love the rear view camera, the blind spot indicator, the driver assist to make sure I am staying on the road and in my lane. The headlights are excellent and bright. Nice features like automatic bright lights, wipers that respond to the level of rain on their own. Plenty of legroom and storage space.

- Ann D

This vehicle is wonderful to drive!

I love my vehicle! If I had to complain about one thing it would be the lights inside the car. I do not think there's enough of them and sometimes its too dark inside to see anything:/ other than that, I love my vehicle. It has so many great features like; automatic wipers, automatic lights, navigation, Mercedes me app. Just to name a few.

- Kimberly J

Benjamin the Mercedes Benz.

The Mercedes is a fabulous car to own for a mom who wants a flashy yet spacious car. We own many horses and use this car to travel quite frequently. It is a great car to travel with because it can fit a great amount of luggage and other necessities. It does take a bit of gas but it is a great car over all with a smooth drive.

- Abby R

Sporty, classy and safe luxury car!

I love my Mercedes! It is the perfect size to maneuver in all areas while being big enough to haul items in the back. It gets great gas mileage and has performed well. The inside is sleek with clean lines. I also love our local Mercedes dealer- they are always kind, professional and efficient. I highly recommend the glc SUV.

- Ellen M

Three words, worth the money!

The most comfortable car I ever drove. Mercedes is huge on customer satisfaction. Their customer service is always outstanding! This car has all the comfort you could ask for, so much safety features and the best part is that it does not eat as much gas as other SUVs do! Worth the money.

- Violet T

Best all around buy one for yourself today.

My car performs better than any other vehicle. It goes fast. It has never left me down before. It has every feature you could imagine. It has heated seats and Bluetooth . It's the most amazing thing ever. This car has everything you could dream of. Buy one for yourself.

- Taylor S

This car is easy to operate.

There have been no problems with this car. It is cute to look at and can almost drive itself. It feels very solid on the road. I would like it better if it had a bit more room in the middle of the car, so I guess it could be wider. It seems kind of tight on long trips.

- Alice G

Mercedes glc honest review.

No problems. I wish it had back up sensors and not just a backup camera. The car drives beautifully and the look is nice. Gas mileage is good too. I like German cars. The heated steering wheel does not get very hot, I wish it were warmer. Overall, a very nice vehicle.

- Nikki Z

Very comfortable to drive.

Great exterior styling. Very fuel efficient. Good acceleration that makes it fun to drive. Downside is that it is very expensive to have routine maintenance done on it. Some automated interior features like the radio and phone interface are poorly designed.

- Steve S

The best about my automobile is th3 comfort and excellent gas mile@ge

No problems. Love vehicle Car has plenty if room, comfortable to travel long distances, Very classy look Gas mileage is great although I don't like to pay premium gas prices

- Linda G

It is a very nice, high quality car.

It is very stylish and reliable. It is comfortable and high tech. I am not a fan of the navigation system, it is not very user friendly. I love the dealer service.

- Laura C

It is perfect for a small family.

I like the look and roominess of my vehicle. I dislike the trunk space, but I notice that most Mercedes' have small trunks. I also really like my sunroof.

- Ebony L

It is dependable and trustworthy. It is an exceptional car.

It is very large. It is nice and luxurious. It has great gas mileage and it is reliable. I trust my car to get me where I am going safely.

- Taylor Z

The shifting of gears is different and took a while to get used to.

My vehicle is amazing. The only problems I have had are recalls that were quickly taken care of. It is fun to drive.

- Kathleen S

It has a very comfortable ride and is responsive but gets decent gas mileage.

I like the comfort and ride. I dislike the brakes squeaking when I back up. Overall, an excellent vehicle.

- richard k

Safe and very durable feel comfortable driving in it

Love it very much, luxurious,safe, fun to drive. I enjoy driving my vehicle and driving to all my activity.

- Eva L

The smooth ride hug the road great quality great family car

I have a smooth ride it hugs the road lost of room nice ride great sounds: enjoy my family on ride to beach

- Suprena C

you should be knowing the driving functional system before the drive.

this car has good power and many assist function for drive, the problem is waste the fuel than other cars.

- don h

there are seat warmers and the ac works great

it's safe and spacious. the interior feels comfortable and there are seat warmers. the audio is great.

- kin s

stylish and drives great.

love the new design. and it's an suv. and it's new.

- Gee g

It doesn't come with a spare tire because of runflats.

I like the size. Don't like the amount for service.

- Joyce B