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The automated driving system is a great feature that is underrated, particularly in areas with dense traffic patterns.

I'd like to preface this with - wow, a lot of work for a survey worth a couple hundred points. German cars in general have a refined driving experience, when compared to Japanese cars (I've driven both). It's something you can't really relate to, until you've driven both. I dislike the maintenance costs associated with German cars - Additionally, the buying process is more complex, as upgrades are typically piecemeal together rather than offered in 2-3 simplistic packages (as with Japanese cars). If you are prepared for the difference in the buying process, the benefits outweigh the negatives

- Michael J

The alerts for changing lanes.

In the year that I have owned my glc300 no problems have occurred. The car is reliable, drives smoothly, has many drive options including eco, sport, etc. The seats are very comfortable with many options to fine tune the comfort. The car is spacious allowing for ample room for groceries, tailgating, moving kids in and out of school dorms. The rear seats easily fold down. The hatch is adjustable for people that cannot reach the buttons to close/lock the back. The Mercedes glc300 is the perfect size for my family. It has clear site lines for both highway and in town driving.

- Kim F

The Mercedes-Benz GLC vehicle is very comfortable to drive.

This vehicle is quite comfortable to drive in, including reliable temperature control, heated front seats, and leather upholstery. The built-in GPS is remarkably up-to-date and there is a lot of storage in back. However, the car has had a number of recalls in the 18 months or so since I bought it, and I have had problems with the sound system twice, which the mechanics at the dealership are not always able to fix easily.

- Meghan K

Great vehicle for ride, comfort and gas mileage. Also excellent service.

The glc is amazing. It has a very comfortable ride and a luxury interior. It also has great visibility. We are getting over 30mpg. The seats are very adjustable and comfortable. Things that need improvement is the GPS, it is not great. Also we have had to get new tires at 25, 000 miles as they are flat run. Very surprising. Also the cup holders in the rear seat should be improved.

- Kate L

Glc 300 = good looking car 300.

I have issues with the tablet screen that is in the car now, sometimes it freezes and I have to turn the car off and then back on to fix it. I feel like there could be a little more space in the trunk. I think the center console would look better if there was not a dial in the middle since it could be better placed on the media interface.

- Brie B

The car has safety features which make it a relaxing ride. The visibility is great and the rear camera is fantastic. There was no front camera option at the time we purchased; only front sensors.

I like some of the self driving features such as adaptive cruise control. I also like the exterior styling of the vehicle. I do not like the gps system it is not intuitive. Also when we put the car in reverse the brakes often squeak even though we have taken it to the dealer twice for a recall on this issue it is still not fixed.

- Den J

An excellent, trouble free, comfortable car.

My car is a very comfortable vehicle. I have not noticed any problem in it so far. It performs equally good in all weather conditions on all sort of road surface conditions. A very reliable car, never failed on the road. It needs very little periodical maintenance. It has all the modern time features. A must try car in its class.

- Muhammad R

I love the way the car is shaped and the wheel looks amazing.

The car is great works proper and gas last a while car drives very smooth long lasting the color choices are amazing and help with eye catching good car for teenagers medium size not too small nor too big I am in love with my car if you are looking you should really consider this car love the driving.

- Bob S

Like butter, this amazing car.

Smooth as silk and so comfortable to. Drive, I love this car. It actually purrs like a cat. The seat warmers go fast, and it has great safety features like collision warning and blind spot signals. I like the thunk sound the door makes when I close it. It is an amazing buttery drive.

- Lori H

Can't be stopped now; in a very worthy road-trip vehicle!

An SUV which is the very useable type for work and play. Comfortable, well-appointed with upgrades in infotainment, cabin comfort and safety. Stylish, powerful and bold, with a subtle growl on the road. Has run-flat tires which are a detriment, as spec.

- Elly G

Amazing SUV which I would highly recommend to anyone!

I love my car. It is very elegant, drives smooth, super comfortable, lots of space. I really enjoy the heated seats, the ambient lighting and moon roof features. The car is certainly worth looking into for someone that wants an SUV from a luxury brand.

- Brit R

Mercedes-Benz gulch-class coupe.

This vehicle has the perfect gas mileage. There are absolutely no issues with this vehicle either. It is very reliable with an oil change required once every 3 months. I has comfortable leather seats and all 2017 car features.

- Rohan H

It is fast and responsive for a 4 cylinder.

My Mercedes Benz glc is a luxurious sports car and crossover combined. I love this car. I love driving this car. It is fast and sturdy. It is the right size for me and my family. Could not be happier.

- Beth B

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC fuel economy is average for its class

Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class captivates crossover types with its lush cabin and its plush ride; there's AMG power on tap if you must.Lush trim, a good driving position, and fine space all around vault

- Bruce S

No spare can ruin a vacation. My Ford has a better remote start system.

It performs well and is comfortable. It rides very quietly. However the remote start system is horrible. I do not like to use it. Also, for the price there should be a spare tire.

- Wayne S

You need this vehicle especially if you are like me, kids, shopping, pets!

Had some recalls but overall love the vehicle. It drives smoothly and is comfortable for my family. I have had other suvs in the past and this hands down is the most comfortable.

- Zara V

Luxury with a twist, that won't disappoint

I love the way it rides, it's very smooth and you don't feel any bumps. I have trouble sometimes with my phone connecting and the Bluetooth music.

- Maria O

It is good, luxury SUV with great technology. The body style is sleek and fit in parking spaces well.

I like the technology in the car. I dislike the service that Mercedes Benz provides. I dislike the button to pop the trunk.

- Erica L

safe, yet fun to drive, luxury vehicle

nice solid suv in a luxury class. drives well and fuel efficient for Its size. fun to drive while also very safe.

- brian C

It is a great priced luxury vehicle.

Stylish vehicle and comfortable. I like the entertainment system. I do not like that I have to use premium gas.

- Stacie C

Power, elegance, and beauty in one car

Very reliable. Shows elegance and luxury. Drive power very impressive. Fuel efficient and very comfortable

- Kevin C

It has all the latest safety features for safe driving.

A very stylish made vehicle. It has all the latest safety features. The interior is very comfortable.

- David C

Heated seats and the way it drives. Handled well and the technology

Love the drive. Do not like the low ceiling color and technology

- Jennifer K