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My vehicle is safe and I love its look and comfort. I will lease it again.

The most important thing I can say about my vehicle is how safe I feel in it. There is plenty of room for 5 passengers and the seats are luxurious. I sit higher up then many other vehicles which gives me a clear view of what is up ahead. I have a camera which gives me a full view of how close I am to other cars or things I need to be careful of when backing out or pulling in to spaces and my garage. I think this is an indispensable feature. The ride is not completely smooth, however I do not feel like I am in a truck. I enjoy my heated seats in the winter. I feel safe when driving in rain and snow. Absolutely a combination of great look, comfort and safety.

- Stacey Z

Mercedes Benz is one of the best vehicles on the road today.

I love my Mercedes 350 gle! I feel like I could just get inside and go forever! It is sturdy, powerful, reliable, comfortable and has mid level features. I love the double glass sunroof. The back hatch has plenty of room to tailgate for the weekend and haul all our supplies. The upkeep on this SUV is minimal. It gets great gas mileage especially on the highway. It is truly a joy to drive and I will most likely be a repeat customer. I highly recommend buying a Mercedes.

- Cindy S

Mercedes-Benz gle: a fantastic SUV that I would definitely buy again.

I love my Mercedes gle. It is beautiful outside and inside. The drive is smooth and it turns on a dime. The back seat is very big with plenty of room for three people. The sound system is great and I love the heated seats. I have had my car for two years and so far haven't had any mechanical issues. I got the wood trim and upgraded steering wheel and I really like it. I also go the full sun/moonroof and it is really cool. I would definitely buy this car again.

- Bridget M

I love the logo that is projected on the ground when I open my door.

Love the car. Very comfortable. I love the large screen. It is high up and easy to drive. Can be a bit bumpy of a drive sometimes bit overall it is smooth and comfortable. The size is great can fit my whole family but isn't too big where I feel alone by myself. The seats are comfortable. Steering wheel comfortable and love the clean cut of the black leather seats. Seat heater is a must.

- Emma M

Mercedes Benz SUV diesel (white).

Our SUV is a diesel and very fuel efficient. We sit up high and the night lights are excellent for driving on dark roads. The back-up camera is excellent and the lights/noise that warn of a passing vehicle are very helpful. The SUV is a little top heavy so we have to be careful taking sharp turns.


Mercedes Benz 2016 gle SUV.

My vehicle is great I love it. I would recommend it to anyone. It has a backing camera. I wish it had a front camera to help with parallel parking. It has warning signals when changing lanes. That is a great safety feature. It handles the road well and it is a great car for long distance trips.

- Isa L

Wonderful car with all kinds of feature and awesome looking.

The car I drive most is the Benz gle 450 of year 2016, which has very smooth and powerful acceleration and comfortable seats. Automotive seat adjustment by simply touch the button. Very large struck that can store a lot of things. It is a wonderful vehicle that is good for all kinds of uses.

- Alex T

Style and comfort together.

Great quality and comfort will be reliable and luxury has everything I need in a vehicle good service and stylish has all the technology innovation that I am looking for will go out of my way and makes everyone jealous with envy cannot ask for too much more than what it has.

- Sandy M

Turbo power is great for power and speed.

Love the amg model, very comfortable, power is good, average gas mileage, insurance may be higher than average because of the amg model due to power of engine good safety features. I feel very safe driving the Mercedes gle43 amg 2016 model and would recommend its purchase.

- Carrie V

Luxury ride that has an impressive sound and feel with a comfortable interior

Drives ok but don't like the floaty ride could have been smoother if it had smaller wheels. Don't like the design of the side panel where I can't tell how close to the curb when turning right. Redundant buttons to access the menu. Like the look of the car from the outside.

- Ann M

It is so cool with its black wheels & white car.

The triangle on the mirror helps you clear the lane when changing. Seat warmers & lumbar support & cup warmers. If a lawn mower is coming directly at you but wouldn't leave the curb the car thinks your about have an accident & it hits the brakes.

- Michele R

Mercedes GLE 350: Safe, Comfortable, and still Sexy!

I have a mid-size luxury SUV. It is the perfect size for me and makes me feel safe on the road. The extra cameras and safety alerts are amazing and should be standard on all cars. I really don't have any complaints about my GLE

- Dawn D

2016 GLE 450 Black on Black

My vehicle is very reliable and comfortable for the driver and passengers. I have not had any mechanical issues; only 2 flat tires since I have had the vehicle. At high speeds it feels as though you are cruising 35-45 mph

- Adonai H

It is very safe. From blind spot assist to park assist to 360 degrees camera it makes driving easy and safe.

It's fun to drive and pleasure to own. It delivers a smooth ride and maximum interior space. I cannot imagine not having keyless entry, blind spot assist and park assist. I consider it very safe too.

- Aysun B

my vehicle is modern and have good quality

I really like my vehicle, it is modern and very comfortable, I am very happy with my vehicle, all vehicles need regular maintenance to run efficiently.

- lorena P

Mercedes, does great customer service.

No problems. It rides smooth. If you can afford it, look into buying one. Great on gas miles. Always has enough room for any situation.

- Malik M

I love the ambient lighting and the panoramic roof

The car is very reliable and I have not had any problems with it so far. It does go through the gas tank pretty quickly though.

- Natalija K

Luxury sedan in an SUV body.

This is the most comfortable SUV with all the modern technology. It drives like a luxury sedan, quiet easy to park.

- Joan G

GL350 is a good suv,but it could be way better.

Not as fast as I expected. Very comfortable cabin. High quality materials. Economy could be better. 8 out of 10

- Leonel P

That it's a great car to drive, whether in town or on the highway

It drives well, it's comfortable, has nice features like fold-in side mirrors, backup camera, etc. No dislikes.

- Cindy B

The one most important thing is to be a car comfortable

MY car is very good . I love it . I recommend to my friends and my family because he just needs maintenance

- Justin J

Drives great and is very comfortable.

Drives great! Like. Luxurious! Like. Lots of options. Do not like noisy air conditioner. Poor gas mileage.

- Robbie H

Mercedes Benz GLE 350 is a fine vehicle.

A good solid vehicle. Ride is smooth. It accelerates well. Back camera works well as do the electronics.

- Michael L

It is a very safe Sport Utility Vehicle and comfortable to drive

This Sport Utility Vehicle is overall quite comfortable. I especially like the safety features and.

- cic k

it's a Mercedes and it's not that expensive as far as suv's go

hate the color like the a/c like the roomy space in the car like the gas mileage

- ron s