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Great vehicle, headlights need work.

I really do not have any complaints, I love my gle! It is comfortable, drives nice. Great for long road trips, even the kids agree. Lots of technology, more than I can wrap my head around. Only negative are the headlights which can only be upgraded by buying into an additional package. Mercedes should really have current headlight tech as a standard option.

- Niki S

Great family car with spacious trunk!

Great car. Company will not change my air filter until 20, 000 miles and it stinks. No other issues with the car. Drives incredibly smooth and quiet. Trunk space is perfect. I like that the latch system for my car seats are easily accessible. I do not like the interface too much. Seems silly the screen is not touch activated and using a knob is annoying.

- Patty G

Our Mercedes review of headlights.

Our gle is awesome, drives nice, very comfortable. Service is always easy and they provide comparable courtesy vehicles. The only negative about this vehicle is that we would have had to upgrade an entire package level to get upgraded headlights. We didn't want or need that package and the standard headlights are old school not current technology.

- Ni S

It is extremely safe without losing great looks like some other vehicles do.

I love how safe it is and how comfortable it is. There is plenty of room and has all the options I need. I am however not as happy about the smooth driving when slowing and increasing speed as well as acceleration from a stop. It's seems a little jumpy

- Beth C

The seat heaters are stuck on!

I paid way too much for this car. It has been in the shop countless times and I cannot afford to keep up with the expense of fixing it frequently. It's actually quite comfortable and the features are nice. Also it drives well, just kinda a rip off.

- Nick H

Beautiful riding vehicle. Amazing performance in many different driving environments

It is the smoothest riding vehicle i have ever had the pleasure to drive. Like driving a cloud smooth and quite. So far it performs wonderfully in all weather types and hopefully will continue to do so. The only downside is expensive maintenance.

- David M

Great size and very comfortable.

I love the size of this vehicle. It has good storage space without being too big. The technology is great and gives warnings when something is not quite right. It is very comfortable and smooth driving.

- Melissa G

It is a good car at low speed in the city or higher speed on the road.

I love the cars’ operation, it is stamina and appointments, except the navigation. It is annoying to operate and actually gives the driver wrong directions. The hatch storage space should be bigger.

- Joseph S

Nothing really because it has everything a new SUV features has.

It's a very good reliability and comfort SUV. I love it but I do wish to upgrade it soon to a new one. Because the 2017 Mercedes Benz gle350 isn't a touch screen. But other then that I love this SUV.

- Bee E

it is a comfortable ride for long distances. I do not have any problems with the travel.

It is an SUV. It has a comfortable ride and seats multiple people. The biggest selling point however is the location of the seat controls on the door and not on the seat.

- Danny p

It is not only beautiful, it is safe, comfortable, and reliable.

No problems, just usual maintenance needed. This is my second Mercedes SVU and will not be my last. I will certainly consider Mercedes again.,

- Lindell J

its quality. You get what you pay for. All the components are quality However, if it breaks its very expensive to fix

The overall quality. I like everything about it. The interior is superb. The ride comfort and overall feel is very high quality

- dena s

Its a Mercedes Benz. The best or nothing.

I like the gas mileage. I like the color. I like the shape. I do not like the color of the seats. I like that it's rare.

- Rene H

It is fun to drive and safe.

I love the way the car drives. I love the way it sounds and looks. I dislike the cost of the car and the gas mileage.

- Dawn C

Has a great look, great wheels and a comfortable interior.

It's fast, fun to drive, has the AMG engine and gets good gas mileage. Very fast and looks like a million bucks.

- Scott B

Mercedes Benz service is 2nd to none.

Great service. Good looking SUV. Powerful car. One negative is that it really needs to run on premium gas.

- Ray C

The service has been very good and informative.

The gasoline tank cap must be tightly closed or the car detects an engine problem due to lack of pressure.

- David F

It is well built. It is safe.

I like the style. I like the performance. And I like the reputation of Mercedes Benz.

- Michael D

The car has many interesting features and that engine purrs

It's a very nice vehicle and it gets the job done.

- Alex G