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Panorama from the roof while driving.

The car is really easy to drive, and roomy without feeling huge and cumbersome. The dashboard is attractive, but not overwhelming. There is a lot of legroom, for both front and back and separate connections for phones, electronic devices, etc. The screen navigation etc. system is at eye level, and not a distraction. It has power, and responds very quickly both braking and acceleration. There is a signal if you are using your turn signal that lets you know about traffic, etc. in your side vision. The only drawback I have found is the rear window does not open. You need to open the tailgate to get to anything in the back.

- Diane S

Mercedes GLE 350 Lacks on Some Major Features

The Mercedes GLE 350 drives very nice and is a safe car. Things I don't like is that there is no touch screen in the car. If you want to change anything on the screen, (such as radio), you must use a mouse pad type thing. This can be very distracting while trying to drive. The navigation system in the car is also not great. It does not show you the next step on your trip until right before you have to follow that step.

- Heidi D

It is a well made vehicle with a brand that can be trusted.

I love and trust the Mercedes brand. I am excited about the warning lights in the mirrors that monitor my blind spots and let me know when I am crossing into another lane. The vibration keeps me alert to my vehicles position. The park assist is another nice feature. there is a cool automatic mirror closing feature for parking lots and just parking next to other vehicles. I am loyal to Mercedes.

- Felecia C

Love my car, definitely recommend it to anyone getting an SUV!

Love it- it is a great SUV, very comfortable. Even sitting in the back is comfortable. Plenty of trunk space. Rides great. Perfect size, no problems ever. Stereo is great, car handles awesomely. Love the interior, the panoramic sunroof, the interior color - light tan and coffee brown interior.

- Cindy S

In love with my gle 350 with the midnight package.

I have not had any problems as of this time. I have owned the car for two years. The vehicle is very reliable and very comfortable. I look forward to driving it daily. The vehicle rides smooth and is very spacious. I feel safe while traveling. I love the interior design.

- Kelly D

Reliable safe comfortable ride with excellent gas mileage

The Mercedes Benz GLE series is a comfortable car with precision steering making for a smooth ride. No issues to date & great gas mileage. Plenty of legroom front & back seats as well as storage area

- Carol T

Nothing like a Benz! Built to keep you safe and last!

My only gripe about the vehicle is that it only has a one CD slot player, but I understand many mfgs are eliminating CD players altogether. However not everyone listens to music on their Iphone

- diane a

It performs extremely well and I expect it to last a long time.

Easy to drive, steer, park. Parking camera is superb and I can make sure I will not hit anything in crowded garages. Comfortable to drive and ride in. Very pretty.

- Carrie J

It requires a special charger that you can plug in to your garage. This is the common charger for electric vehicles, and may take a lot out of your electricity bill.

The vehicle is great. It uses electricity and is very efficient in Its energy usage. The interior has leather seating and the user interface is very easy to use.

- Jason V

It is one of the best Luxury SUVs out there. It is so nice that when driving it, you feel as though you and the car are one.

The ride is so smooth and quiet. I have lots of storage space. It is big enough for me and my female friends to hang out in without feeling cramped.

- Trish F

It is made by Mercedes which builds a solid car. It has a great reputation.

I like the way it handles. It feels like a lot of car around you as well. It has plenty of amenities. It is ideal in the snow.

- Gene P

it handles great! it is a great driving car both suv and luxury at the same time all of the bells you could want it parks itself

it is a great car it handles wonderful I have driven this model (ML) since they came out with it many years ago!!

- mark s

lots of safety features, backup camera and blind spot monitor

new, lots of safety features, backup camera, blind spot monitors,360 view of vehicle

- Vicky Y

It has the latest technology and handles well! It's the perfect size not too large and not small either.

It is very practical for my lifestyle. This SUV is sophisticated and well equipped.

- Donna T

It is an extremely safe automobile. I love all of the extra safety features.

Love everything! Handles great, rides great, absolute lushness.

- kasey c

safety and build quality are great

i like the utility. no ery fun to drive

- dan r