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The best part of my vehicle is the convenience of all of the features.

I absolutely love my vehicle. It is always easy to tell when I have an issue with the car. The car is very safe and rides very smoothly. The tan leather seats are extremely comfortable and resilient. It has heated seats which is a very nice feature during the winter. The double sun roof creates a wonderful view for any persons in the back seat and allows more natural light to enter the car during the day. The radio is very nice and has many different forms of media. The car allows the driver to listen to the radio or plug in your phone to the AUX and listen to your own music. Also, the car offers Bluetooth which creates a safer environment by allowing you to access your phone without using your hands. The car also is very practical due to the amount of space in the back. You can also put down the back seats to have more room if you need to transport something larger in the back of your car. The car is also a push-to-start which makes starting your car much easier. You do not have to always find your key before using the car. You can simply always have it in your purse and the car will detect that the key is inside the car. The handles also have a small indentation where you can swipe your thumb in order to lock the car. As long as you have the key next to you, like in your pocket or in a purse, the car will lock by you putting your thumb on this place. It is very convenient and easy.

- Reagan E

Everything in the car, can be adjusted so that your always comfortable!

I have purchased a Mercedes Benz for 35 years, it is the dependable car l have ever owned. The customer service is excellent. I recommend it to everyone, especially women. I have been stranded on the highway during rush hour, it took the service person 25 minutes to get to me. Once there, he repaired my tire within fifteen minutes and l was on my way. The annual service, Mercedes Benz brings me a loaner to my home, then they take my car in service it and return my car to me. I have never had any down time due to my car, l love Mercedes Benz, l will never purchase anything else!

- Catherine E

Great car, durable and reliable!

I absolutely love my Mercedes glk. It runs great looks great and is a durable car! Everything works well and is a great car. My only complaint, wish it got better gas mileage and I hate that the painted switches chip. There always seems to be little cosmetic things to fix with the paint chipping interior switches, steering wheel buttons or stereo buttons. Nothing major but it is annoying that the interior finishes are not as durable as the rest of the car! Anyway it pales in comparison to the reliability safety and quality I get from this car.

- Shay W

This is the best, dependable car ever!

The only problem that I have had in the 5 years I have owned the car is within the last 6 months is the leather seats started to rip and come apart. It is very reliable and dependable. The comfort of the seats in the car is amazing. The car never really has problems. The dealership is good about taking care of any recalls in a timely manner.

- Sarah S

2012 Mercedes glk class SUV.

I really love my car. It is comfortable, roomy, good on gas mileage. Dual temp control, seating for 5. Nice sized cargo area. Easy to see control panel. Has GPS, radio, satellite radio available. Almost maintenance free. Smooth ride. Great color. I do wish it had a sunroof would be the one thing I would change.

- April M

Car review for my Mercedes Benz.

I have had my car for awhile and have had no major issues. I love it and it is very comfortable while being very reliable. The interior is very sporty and also gives me enough room to have friends in the car with me. The car also gets very good gas mileage and takes the top tier of gas.

- Kelsey I

My great car that still runs great

I really love my vehicle. It's about seven years old already but still runs great. Other than maintenance I have not had any problems with my car at all. It's a great car and really comfortable. The only thing that I would change is that I would prefer to have a backup camera in it.

- Magda J

Great ride with nice features.

I love that is not too big or too small. I love that is it all wheel drive. I loved the leather seats that are adjustable & has memory options my leather seats are heated which is good for winter. It has GPS capability & lots of trunk space. Smooth ride with nice sounds.

- Jasmine J

love the fact that its a 4 door

this car was perfect for me. The sun and moon roof was what attracted me the most to the car. Comfortable adjustable heated seats and adjustable steering wheel. Great on gas mileage approximately 25 mi per gal. very spacious on the inside and a very nice size trunk.


Use of Mercedes and durability.

Car has been solid. Not as quiet as I would like. Rides smooth. Easy to operate. Have had no issues except airbags and front lights seem to last only a year. But I have been able to replace. Would recommend this car. Like all cars it does not hold value.

- Barbara M

Haven't found the value for money on this one.

It has performed ok but service is expensive and it goes through a lot of tires. I also do not like that I must use mid to premium gas. Ordered direct from Germany and windshield came looking like they had been sandblasting near it.

- Patti B

That it gets great gas mileage.

My car is a mid-size SUV, so it is very easy to drive and very safe. I love the leather heated seats, and I love the backup camera. I also love the design of the car, and the color (white with tan interior). No complaints at all.

- Laura K

You don't have to be rich to own one, but if anything ever goes wrong with it, it will be expensive to fix and you'll probably have to get rid of it.

It looks nice, hasn't had any problems, has good power. Even though it was inexpensive, people think if you drive one that you're rich, LOL! The only complaint I have is that the headlight bulbs are constantly going out.

- Valerie M

Love my Mercedes Benz as it is extremely reliable

There have been no inherent problems with this vehicle. I bought it in 2014 and I have done routine maintenance and changed the brakes a couple of months ago. It has been totally reliable

- Tina M

A review on the Mercedes GLK 350

Engine and service is extremely reliable and the interior is very comforting in color and style. My one complaint is that it seems as though the leather seats wear to easily.

- Parker B

The safety features and good looks.

I like the safety features, looks, ease of using the cargo space, the turning radius, and the solid feel of the car.. I do not like the car's pickup and gas mileage.

- Gregory K

The performance of the car.

My car was awesome because it was so fast and very smooth to drive, interior is very nice as well as the exterior. . And best of all it has a fuel saver.

- Ramon L

It's safety features. abd comfort for seating four passengers

I like the size. I like the safety features. I like the appearance. I dislike the engine pickup. I dislike that it only seats 4 comfortably.

- Gregory B

Very versatile vehicle with power.

I like how smooth the car drives. The paint job looks great and the car looks slick. Lastly the engine is powerful.

- Peter C

It has a sport car mode, a sunroof and heated seats plus a great turn radius.

The car has a lot of power. There are no blind spots. I like the radio. It has heated seats.

- mike T

It is comfortable and drives smoothly

I like that it drives smoothly. I do not have any complaints. I like the nav system

- Rachel S