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Luxury Style SUV With All The Right Features, Leather Interior...

My vehicle is a luxury type SUV that is really practically brand new because the person that owned it before me didn't really drive it, and they kept it in their garage which helped to keep the exterior in excellent condition. The color of my vehicle is a pretty pearl white. The interior is also still in good condition, and has very low mileage on it. I, love it!

- Helicia D

I love everything about this car!

I love my GLOCK. I've owned it for only a couple of months but so far there have been no issues. I love my backup camera, Bluetooth system, heated seats, and panoramic sunroof. Keyless entry and push to start are added bonuses. The blind spot detectors are a lifesaver - I'll never drive a car without the detectors again.

- Savannah B

The Mercedes GLK 350 is amazing

Very reliable I have taken it on multiple 16 hour trips without issues. Since I bought it pre-owned the frame was already bent but otherwise it's okay. The back passenger air vent isn't too powerful so if you live somewhere cold rather than hot it will be better. It's a very great car, it never disappoints.

- Caitlin E

Great vehicle that will easily last for 200,000 miles or more.

Have not had any problems mechanically, but it does not feel as sturdy in the undercarriage area as I expected. Performance is great, acceleration is quick and precise, it has a very comfortable interior. The ride is great and there is very little road noise. It is a little small!

- Maria S

Performance and style meet.

It rides very smooth; it is spacious; it is safe/sturdy; there is ample trunk space; the GPS is not great and the truth is I do not use it; the music sound is good; the gas mileage is reasonable. In addition the color is lovely; the seats are comfortable; the car is stylish.

- Lidia G

Sleek, stylish and comfortable

Love that my GLK 350 is an SUV that drives like a car. Very sleek, stylish and comfortable to drive. Cons to owning this car are the higher prices for maintenance and if something breaks. Worth it though and I feel safe and like I have plenty of room in it.

- Katherine S

My car is stylish, comfortable and has great technology.

Very comfortable with adjustable seats that can be slightly inflated or deflated to contour the back. Great technology such as Bluetooth, navigation and automatic windshield wipers. Reliable, compact and easy to park. Stylish. Gas consumption is average.

- Lena K

It uses higher grade gas but at least drives well and has a rear camera.

It's a black suv that drives pretty smoothly but uses higher grade gas. It can connect to phone via bluetooth but only for calling. It would be nice if it could play another types of audio with bluetooth. I like that it has a rear camera.

- ben v

Performance and speed and reliability.

Beautiful car. Reliable high performance. Has excellent turning ability. Can make u-turn in very small space. Has excellent engine and gains speed quickly. Has beautiful dashboard and interior.

- Sandra G

My car has good gas mileage.

I like that it is a smaller SUV but has a lot of room. It is fast and reliable. I have not had to get a lot of service on it. I dislike I chose black because it shows dirt very easily.

- Rosemary S

I will buy another one when my current vehicle reaches the end of its useful life. And, that will most likely be a long time.

I have had no problems with the automobile. It has more than adequate power and the ride is very smooth. Gas mileage is 20+ mpg, which is not bad considering the size of the vehicle.

- jerry r

It runs really well, handles like a sports car, high visibility. Great on gas too! Cargo space is a bit smaller than the BMW X3 but a better built car

Love everything, height, size, looks and styling. Even a factory trailer hitch I miss a heated steering wheel and mirrors that don't adjust back with the seats in memory like a BMW

- Eric G

It has a high maintained cost.

My vehicle drives very smoothly and reach high speed in just a matter of seconds. The interior is wood like with a polish finish. The vehicle is very spacey with leather seats.

- Michelle B

If you lose a key or the key starts to malfunction, A replacement key is about $400. You have to go to the dealer and there is no way around it

Nice size SUV. Rides fairly smooth for SUV. Got free trial period for SIRIUS which was pretty cool. I know maintenance will be high but that's the price you pay for luxury

- Keiyana L

A great small SUV with luxury features for everyday and special trips.

This is a well designed SUV. It is quiet and comfortable for short and long trips. Accessories make trips easier because of the GPS, satellite radio and spacious seats.

- Gary v

Easy to drive around for an SUV.

Not enough space in between rows to fit a car seat and passenger in the front. . Trunk cover does can not be removed causing it hard to load big items into the car.

- Casey M

The safety rating is exceptional.

Likes - comfortable, spaciousness, sits higher than a sedan. Dislike - no back up camera, it can tell me when to take a break but no back up camera.

- Mandy J

It is so easy to drive and park.

I like gas mileage best on the car. The least thing I like is too small for our family. It drives smooth and parks easily. Just needs more legroom.

- Stephanie P

Driving on a sheet of glass.

Like driving on a sheet of glass, reliable and roomy. Excellent service department but costs a lot to fix when something breaks.

- Nicholas N

It gets above average gas mileage.

The vehicle is kind of small. Needs a few more features, such as lane departure. . Maintenance is overpriced for what is done.

- Greg J

It's comfortable and reliable, great for road trips and everyday driving.

My vehicle is comfortable for two passengers, but the back seat is small. Drives well and has plenty of space in the trunk.

- Sarah V

A good ride and reliable.

Smooth ride, comfortable. Great air conditioning, good stereo system. No maintenance headaches so far.

- Jerry R

Nice Mommy & Doggie Mobile!

Drives well, good power, feels solidly built, just wish it had a little more legroom for passengers.


The eco feature makes it very efficient.

I do not like the eco feature. I enjoy the comfort level. The car is multi-functional which I enjoy.

- Kate P

Fast, efficient, and luxurious.

I chose my car because it was something I really liked. Now I like the surround sound system.

- daisy a

Diesel motor can go forever and has great gas mileage!

I love the diesel engine. I get great gas mileage. the care is comfy and a great smooth ride.

- Diann M

I like how smoothly it rides. I love the large amount of trunk space. I like that it is easy to maintain. I think the gas mileage is good.

My Mercedes Benz GLK is extremely reliable and safe.

- Donna G

I'm proud that it has quick acceleration. Expensive maintenance.

The trunk space is small. Maintenance is expensive.

- Liza N