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Heated seats, stereo system, navigation, comfortable seats.

It is perfect size vehicle. Not too big, not too small. I love the safety features. It is engine is designed to drop down in case of a head on which is designed to protect those inside the vehicle. I know someone who had this happen and it saved them from harm. I love the automatic stick shift so easy to navigate going up and down the hills and saves my brakes and conserves gas. I love the comfort level inside as well as the stereo system, navigation always a plus. I love the sunroof, lots of window visibility, I love the burlwood console. It has few minor drawbacks such as the cup holder design will not allow you to safely keep a tall cup without it spilling over. They designed a short Mercedes cup that is optional for you to use. It has been the best car I have ever owned. It has only had normal problems which are not as expensive to repair if once the warranty is up you use a reputable independent Mercedes repair shop. Yelp is your friend. I love the Mercedes m class!

- Cynthia H

Find a mechanic you trust!

Purchased my vehicle in 2000 and it is still running 18 years later. It is very dependable however when things do break - the expenses are high. My suggestion is to find a repair location who specializes in your specific car brand - and build a loyalty with them to be your top mechanic for your car. My mechanic was actually my service manager at my Mercedes dealership. It is a win/win for me.

- Rosie B

All cars have blind spots but I feel like this car doesn't have many blind spots

I have a Four cylinder so of course it doesn't have much power in the beginning but it runs like a champ. Great on gas. Rides smooth. Sound system is great. It gets me where I need to go. Only major issue I had was with my spark plugs & coil ignition other then that everything has been fine.

- John T

A comfortable, stylish, high performance vehicle.

The performance is amazing. It is a powerful reliable vehicle. The only problem is the maintenance is rather expensive, even if you do the labor yourself a standard oil change still is about $100. It is very comfortable, although I don't like how the air vents are right behind the cup holders.

- Marilyn M

This is an ML55, AMG, SUV

This vehicle is almost 20 years old. Most people are amazed when I tell them. It still is in great condition mechanically. Very dependable. I experience issues with the digital readings however. They are almost always lit up, even when there is nothing wrong. The bumpers are super fragile.

- Pilar A

Great mid size SUV with all the details and options and love my Mercedes Benz.

Love Mercedes and the only problem I have had is the air conditioning. It rides very well and very comfortable seating and has all the options including the panoramic sunroof. Has always been reliable and has lots of space in the back. Seats five very comfortable.

- Jamie S

Beautiful reliable all wheel drive Mercedes.

It is a bumpy ride sometimes, but that is because it is basically an off-the-road vehicle. It is not easy on gas, but worth it. Every feature and luxury available on a mid-luxury vehicle, fast pickup, convenient design. Beautiful car and holds its value forever.

- Danielle W

Mercedes-Benz ML430 SUV 4 door V8.

I love my Mercedes-Benz ML430 SUV. But the car repairs are so much money. And not every mechanic knows how to work on it. And the dealership is way too much money to take it to. But I do love the car. It�s fun and makes me happy. My wife loves it too.

- Angelo B

I love my m-Class Mercedes.

It's reliable, extremely safe, very comfortable. We've been hit by other drivers and our car has come out fine while the other cars have not. You do have to be aware that maintenance is higher than other cars but I still would buy another one.

- Elena A

I love the seat warmers! And it it handles very nicely!

I love the body style and the fact that everyone loves the fact that I'm in a "Benz". I am worried about the cost of repairs though I haven't had any issues yet but I've only had the car a few months

- Pamela K

Dependable and always gets me anywhere. Would love to buy a newer one soon. .

Very reliable despite the age, love the size and style. Will always trust the Mercedes name and hope to buy another one at some point in my life.

- Kari C

ML320 body rust at 10 years

ML320 body rusts in about 10 years of operation. Window regulator has been replaced three times in the life of the vehicle.

- Susie C

It is a very safe car and user friendly and gets fairly good gas mileage.

Love the size, visibility, easy to drive, always in 4 wheel drive. Easy to maintain, I feel safe in it!

- Janet R

Safe luxury. We wish we could buy again.

Safe dependable. Roomy Up high My wife loves it. It have saved us

- Fred H