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The Classic Family Made Mercedes

This vehicle is reliable, but maintenance can be costly so keep that in mind when buying foreign cars. The look of the car is somewhat dated so I would keep that in mind when comparing to other vehicles. Keeping that in mind the interior of the vehicle is beautiful and the faux wood surfacing is nice and creates a luxury feel. This car will burn fuel for fun, so keep that in mind when buying the vehicle. The mpg in the city is 17 and the highway is 21 I believe so again this plays into the car burning fuel for fun. It takes plus fuel so whenever I do fuel up the total cost is around $60. The seats in the front are heated, while the back seats are not. All four windows are controlled by the center console located in between the driver and passenger seat, however the buttons are cheaply made.

- Sydney P

It runs really well. The engine is in great shape.

This vehicle has a great engine ( no problems) but may need some brake work (rear) in the not-too-distant future. The passenger door on the driver's side has some damage due to a minor collision, which makes that door inoperable. Because of the door damage, the inside passenger lights will not turn off except manually. I love driving this car and it is smaller size makes it very maneuverable. It features a sunroof, electric seats, leather interior, and ample cargo space ( especially with the passenger seats folded down).

- Barbara T

Smooth, quite, good on gas.

Very reliable! Does have a power steering leak somewhere, very smooth still has her up and go. The sunroof leaks, which drives us crazy. The controls to move the seat stopped working before we bought it. The screen was never fixed right. Sonko GPS or any that a Mercedes should. I do not like the body style. We have driven the car probably 14, 000 those last 2 years with minimal problems!! But it is over all a pretty dang good car.

- Krystal C

I love my SUV- a sunroof is included.

Very reliable and easy to drive. I like the fact that it is a bit higher up than a regular car. It gives me a better view all around my vehicle. Less blind spots. Built to last. All I have ever had to do is regular oil changes and tune-ups. A great engine. It has plenty of "git-up-and-go" when you need it.

- Barbara T

Age is beautiful with a Mercedes.

Too small of a gas tank. The cup holders are in a bad spot; hit them with knees quite often. . Love the right turning radius. It turns on a dime. The visibility is great. The trunk fits so much and love the height. Very reliable vehicle, very little problems. Mostly new batteries living in the desert.

- Kane S

2001 Mercedes 320M review- comfortable, reliable vehicle

Great gas mileage. Extremely comfortable during long trips. Sturdy. Minor mechanical issues with locking mechanism in back passenger door. I wish the cup holders were adjustable because I've had drinks fall out. Plastic fixtures on sun visors, seat adjusters, and window buttons break easily.

- Blair G

Great car for a college student.

I bought my car used and for the most part it has been really reliable. It has got a ton of space so I can take stuff for camping, going to the beach, or just helping a friend move their belongings to their new apartment. Overall, I love my car and the fact that it is great for long haul.

- Rey N

You'd Never Guess It's Age

My Mercedes ML320 is reliable and performs well with 188,000 miles on it. Most everything still works, including the electronics and air conditioning. The back seats fold down for extra storage in the back. The paint has held up well over the years. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Rick B

Nice and spacious family vehicle

My vehicle has held up considerably well for its age and mileage. I've just recently had to replace the radiator, but other than that no problems. It's comfortable and spacious. Rides quite smoothly and I feel like it's going to continue holding up for years to come.

- Stephanie G

2001 Mercedes-Benz ML320

I absolutely love my ML320! Not only are the seats extremely comfortable, it sits really high up so I can see all of the road in front of me. It's basically like driving a tank. It's super durable and incredibly reliable in awful weather such as snowfall.

- Danielle P

First aid kit located in the left panel above the tire. Also it is a very heavy car.

New owner-no real problems. However,the manuel is very complex and this car has more buttons and switches then I am use to. So I am having to read and reread several times to learn about how everything works.

- John N

It is built on a truck chassis and is meant to live a long life.

The ac is broken, power steering has broken twice. Recently the brakes seized up and is having numerous issues. However it is a great car and will run for thousands and thousands of miles.

- Sam P

I think the most important thing is the built in cat carriers instead of a passenger seat. I can now transport 6 cats at a time and still have them within petting distance

My vehicle is really nice. I like the firework launcher module mounted on the roof. I also like the whisk bam pooter on the dashboard. Super snazzy stuff on this ride.

- Billy P

Has a four wheel system I love.

This vehicle delivers top performance in extreme weather. The parts and maintenance are expensive though. Ideal as a work car and weekend getaway to reduce gas debts

- Enoch S

My car although has high mileage, runs like a new vehicle.

My Mercedes Benz ML320 is a small 4 wheel drive suv. I bought it used. My Mercedes serves my family well. I would like it better if it had a third row seat.

- Marleen A

it has been a very good and dependable car it is fun to drive

I enjoy driving my car it is easy to park and to get things in and out of it. my only complaint is that the moon roof has never worked right

- Pat H

7 seater, even though you cannot fit an adult in the back.

The doors have had so many recalls and sometimes do not call. There has always been an issue with the fuel gadget. One issue after another.

- Preet R

Is dependable and you can always count on it to start when you go out with your.

I love the smooth ride. I love the gas conservation. I love the windows and the sunroof. Cost of maintenance is extremely high.

- Bertha C

Do not buy unless you are prepared to pay dole for every single thing.

Repairs and maintenance are costly bought used for good price but was unaware of the cost of normal maintenance and repairs.

- Teresa B

The driver seat feels very spacious.

It is old. The radio is out of date of course. The cup holders are weird.. It needs a lot of maintenance work as well..

- Kiara S

it's the one safest cars out there. and its best high quality car to have.

i like that everything is high quality. For being 18 years old it still runs great. Its safe and fun.

- grissel o

If you don't maintain the tune up or oil changes the it eats gas

I have had bad luck. The paint peels easy. It is a gas guzzler

- Ashley S