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Interesting car review! 2003 Mercedes, great car, bad gas mileage.

Great car, amazing pick-up, however it takes premium gas which is expensive and it has bad gas mileage. It has a sunroof and automatic windows which is very convenient, and heated seats which makes the winter easier to bear. Also, the oil tends to be more expensive which a little inconvenient since I am a college kid and have to pay for the gas and oil myself.

- Kate M

Summarize of my vehicle experience good and bad.

Serpentine belt popped twice but other than that dependable car. Not great on gas but it is a fast vehicle. Inside is spacious for the size of vehicle. Part like tires hard to find and expensive. Pulled trailer long distance very safely. Overall my family and I have enjoyed the vehicle. It's too bad that the gas is way too expensive to continue driving.

- Irma W

Great Mercedes Benz car review.

This car drives and runs great! It has great pickup. My only issue is that it takes premium gasoline which tends to be more expensive; and it also does not get very many miles to the gallon. However, the positive aspects of the car outweigh the negative ones. Also, the car has heated seats and a sun/moon roof; with automatic windows.

- Jane M

My SUV is good to me. . . Heated seats a big plus!

Comfortable reliable luxurious in its own way. Heated seats a favorite feature never a problem new battery and cable in 2018 and 2007. Brake pads 2018 4 new tires 2017 runs beautifully and is very reliable. . . I do maintain it with. Checkups oil changes and general good care.

- Dianne M

This SUV is sturdy and reliable and is quite comfortable to drive.

Comfortable, reliable, never a problem as long as maintained it should run forever. I will probably keep this car forever even after I get a new small car because when weather is snowy and slippery I have all the confidence is this vehicle.

- Brian M

2003 Mercedes-Benz ml350 review.

The car drives great and has amazing pick-up, my only issue is that it does not get great gas mileage and takes premium gas which is expensive. Also, getting an oil change tends to be pricey.

- Alexia M

The cost to fix the car is very expensive if it breaks.

I like the way that the car feels when it drives. I also like the interior of the car. It is expensive to fix but that makes sense since it's a foreign car.

- hunter s

Durability and performance.

Fuel consumption, performance impeccable, reliability absolutely realistic, endurance off the charts Mercedes builds the most durable and dynamic vehicles.

- Richard A

It is comfortable and easy to drive and it looks nice

Dislike that seat position setting is not automatic for different drivers. Also would like automatic back hatch closer and side mirrors that fold in.

- Vanessa E

Mileage is poor. V8 engine is not fuel efficient in any way.

The only thing I dislike is that it never met a gas station it didn't like. V8 is poor for fuel economy, but great for towing/hauling/getting places.

- Roberta M

The 5-liter and all wheel drive capability for all weather, all terrain driving.

I love the power it has. It's very spacious for traveling & storage. One downfall is I'm too small to see out the rear passenger side in reverse.

- Kimberly S

2003 Ml320 SUV. It has a slap shift which is nice.

It is extremely well rated for safety and it's comfortable. The bad part is it is expensive to maintain and fix plus the stereo system is faulty.

- Elisha F

It's very durable,, strong and very safe.

It's very good, only problem is it takes lot of fuel intake and its costing me money. If it was not a v8 maybe ill.. Dave money on fuel.

- Ros M

That the gas tank needs premium gasoline.

I like that my car is safe, and heavy when driving. I do not like that my car is expensive to fix, and difficult to find cheaper parts.

- Maria C

Dependable and safe; With a name you can trust

It's a solid car. My family and I feel safe when we drive it. These days, though, the engine is not as powerful in driving uphill.

- Jojo K

Leather seats, 7 passenger, compact,

Great dependable vehicle that is good for a large family, is compact and reliable. Gas mileage is good as well


In good condition no problems

Is in good condition but the bumper is off drive good automatic 4 wheel drive black is well nice to have

- Taylor P

My car is good on gas and travels far on a full tank.

My car is reliable and dependable when I need it to be

- Landy H