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Old but gold 2005 Mercedes ML

We love the car it's just the top window always leak when it's raining. It's very comfortable inside all seats are nice and spaced good. It's our everyday car so it's very reliable. The performance is always good even when we're driving a long distance specially out of state. We don't have the latest features like our 2015 model but nevertheless it's still our favorite car.

- Ann D

Overall this is a good reliable vehicle that will last a while. Mine has 250, 000.

I have been dealing with p0300 (random misfire codes) that I cannot get to the bottom of, even after changing all of the spark plugs (12) and coils. Gets poor gas mileage, due to the misfires surely. Parts are way more, like everything. You need special tools as well making it hard to work on it yourself.

- Scott R

Great vehicle overall no major problems with the engine or the performance

It's been a great vehicle haven't had any problems have put 2 belts replaced the brake and calipers runs great for the mileage I have on it now has 246,809 on the odometer. And still running great. Did a tune up on it replaced the radiator tank power steering pump now has a small leak but nothing major

- Daniel C

I will always drive a Mercedes Benz!

The Mercedes Benz is truly a luxury vehicle and is great for driving over dirt roads as well as on the street. It handles very well and is very responsive and reliable. Although this vehicle is fourteen years old, it runs well and is very reliable. The all wheel drive is great because it is automatic.

- Mary S

Maintaining your Benz and enjoying a high performance vehicle.

I love my Benz SUV. It is very roomy and pretty good on gas mileage. It's a great luxury vehicle. Regular maintenance will keep this vehicle running great. No problems so far. My Benz is a v6 but I am hoping to purchase another one soon. It's a great performance vehicle. Reasonably priced as well.

- Renee P

I would recommend the Mercedes ml350 to any of my friends in the market.

I have had no real issues with my car. I did replace the alternator. But the car is a 2005. It drives and handles exceptionally in Colorado conditions. I feel very safe and comfortable. It is roomy enough for my family of 4. And has proven to be very dependable. It is solid and I love it!

- Jennifer S

Buy a newer Mercedes-Benz M-class vehicle, you won't regret it.

The vehicle was initially bought in used condition and was running well at the point of purchase. But after years of usage the efficiency began to drop and the smoothness of the ride as well. Still a great car and would definitely recommend acquiring a newer Mercedes-Benz M-class vehicle.

- Ozzy D

Solid and strong but heavy and thirsty.

Expensive to fix, ac vent actuators break, passenger sensor breaks, engine covers leak. Since the car is pretty heavy fuel efficiency is not that great and it only takes premium unleaded. The body is solid and strong and when everything is well the car is pretty reliable.

- Roberto R

It is a very sturdy and well made vehicle. The size is perfect

I love the size. It's not too big or too small. I can carry a lot of cargo but still park easily in tight spaces. It is very sturdy and has lasted a really long time.

- Maci D

Over 250, 000 miles and still going strong.

I keep getting random misfire codes, even after changing all the spark plugs, coils, etc. Parts can get a bit pricey but overall a great vehicle.

- Scott R

Even though it's an expensive car, the car hasn't cost much because the parts last and only needs an oil change every 10,000 miles which saves money. Best car I ever had/

I have no complaints about my ML. I've had it for over 14 years. It has been a great and reliable car. It was worth every penny.

- Alia K

Ml350 sports SUV. . . Rides firm. . . Actually built on a truck frame.

None other than tires brakes regular consumables. . . Car runs and looks great. Currently having the a/c charged.

- Frank C