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Do not buy this car it will only give you issues.

When I bought my car it was used, but had just come out of the shop. I only had it a year and I got a notice in the mail stating the heaters in the seat have been overheating in the model of my car. I have had to replace my battery twice because when it goes from hot weather season into cold weather season my car would not start. Both about the same time last year and this year. Also for no reason the heater stopped working and nobody could figure out why. I had to go all winter with only cold air working until I was finally able to find someone to fix it. Only now only warm air comes out and I can't turn off the heater at all, so I have to go all summer with warm air. Also, my check engine light is always on for no reason. Have head it checked many times and never able to find the issue. I should have shopped around more before buying the vehicle.

- Deja R

I have 2 dogs (corgis - savannah and jasmine). They enjoy riding in the car. .

My car is a Mercedes SUV. It is very comfortable and has served me well since 2006 when we bought it new. I am the only driver (99%) of the time and the car is in my name. It has a sunroof and a number of different ways to communicate with others if you need help. It comes with mbrace which is a perk - you can use it only when necessary, or if you wish, they have a concierge who will get tickets to events, make reservations, etc. The real drawback is that maintenance and repairs are very expensive, so I tend to let things slide until a problem arises.

- Janet R

my experience with my 2006 ml350

the car drive smoothly. Driven it a long road trips and the car was great. My only problem with the car right now it has a leak somewhere in the car that it burning oil. A full tank of gas gets me around 350 miles. wish it had a built in Bluetooth instead of a Bluetooth that comes out of car. And for navigation it has a compass instead of an actual map. Wish it had that instead.

- edith C

The seats and seat belt are much more comfortable than any other car I have ever ridden in. That's very important for people that spend a lot of time in their car or travel a lot.

My vehicle is very comfortable for traveling. We have had the vehicle for 11 years now, and it is still running very well. The only complaint we have about the vehicle is that it is very expensive when work needs to be done on it, and we usually have to take it back to the dealer for any work that needs to be done.

- Autumn H

Best vehicle for a comfortable safe ride.

This vehicle is safe and reliable. It has many features to make driving safer and comfortable including the seats, navigation. In the winter, I find that this vehicle has no issues overcoming snow and ice conditions compared to other cars. It is not only a good looking vehicle, it is a complete one.

- Danielle N

2006 Mercedes Benz ML350 all leather interior, 5 wd.

The left side of the AC does not work as strong as the right. The gear shift is near the steering wheel which is odd at first. But you quickly become adapted. Love the leather seats although I wish this model has heated seats. I love the sunroof and ability to roll all windows completely down.

- Angelique L

Comfort. Value for the money . Interior design . Reliability . Performance.

I have always wondered why people went gaga over Mercedes; until now. This is an a car it is another plane of existence! This car is silent, ult smooth, and makes you feel as though you've been removed from the world. It is not noisy, lots of power, and the handle of great going uphill.

- Razan J

The best car I have ever owned.

I love this car! I have had a few issues with the power steering fluid leaking occasionally but other than that I have had no problems at all. My husband comments all the time that it is the smoothest car he has ever ridden in. I love the sunroof and heated seats for added comfort.

- Madison R

Is comfortable. Is safe and security.

Is good car. Never happen something wrong. Is very comfortable and reliable. I have my SUV for 12 yrs. and never problem just chase oil and maintain. My Mercedes bend is very comfortable for my family. We can drive safe and security. Is very good deal. I love it.

- Jennifer R

repairs are expensive and the older the car gets the more things need to be replaced

Great driving, but the repairs are expensive. since it is an older vehicle with 140k+ miles on it, we are thinking about replacing it. We will get a new GLE though.

- Marcel t

The constant maintenance need sucks.

It is very expensive to keep up with even the most simple repair. It is constantly needing service(a.,b,c,or d). It is not worth or the maintenance that is needed.

- Tana C

It's a beautiful vehicle and performance is second to none.

This car has been a reliable staple of my fleet. I have enjoyed doing it in the snow with complete control and stability in the worst of conditions.

- Josh W

The most important thing about this car is how accommodating is if for passengers.

I like how roomy and comfortable the car is. I like how smooth the car drives. I like the feature of bringing the back seats down. I dislike the MPG

- Patrick N

It is excellent family car.

Expensive parts but very reliable. Has kept up with all the running around I do. Transmission problems are the only one I have really had.

- Nikki D

It is a very sturdy car. I feel very safe when driving it.

I love how easy it drives. I also feel very safe. It is a heavy car. I just wish it didn't have some of the problems that it does.

- Madison R

It is the most expensive piece of trash I have ever owned.

It is too expensive to keep up on maintenance. The gas is also to much. It looks pretty but is actually just a moving trash box.

- Ana R

It has very few issues. I love the dependability. It's easy to drive long distances/comfortable.

It is a good winter car. Plenty of space for easy hauling. Compact for an SUV.

- Marta A

It has a very smooth ride and feel safe in the car

It is very dependable it is safe Don't like the premium gas

- mary s