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Worth the money. Luxurious and economical.

Great car. Didn't have any issues yet. Quietcomfort. Holds its equity. Leather and wood are still in great shape. Love the car. Great mpg for the size, great price with all the incentives. The nav interface has to be taken back to the drawing board. The search function is frustrating. The voice recognition is average to poor. Other than the electronics, I love the car. It is easy to drive, handles well and has enough power to merge onto a busy highway.

- Elena M

It's safe and comfortable. Very dependable transportation.

I love my vehicle! It handles nicely and is comfortable to ride in as a passenger. It has features that are easy to use, and electronic prompts when something needs checked. The gas mileage is good, and it only requires oil change every 10,000 miles. I have never had a maintenance issue other then normal wear. The size is perfect for 4 adults. The seats lay flat to give plenty of space for hauling items. It also has a tow hitch. Love my vehicle!

- Crystal P

Changing my Mercedes? Only for another one!

IT is a reliable vehicle, very comfortable, economic and with appropriate power. There is enough room for the family and luggage for short-range trips. It handles really. The sunroof works very well and the AC cools and heats up very quickly. The controls are in good positions and the panel has just the right information I need.


Practical review for a younger person who lives in their car.

The car is a gas guzzler but is constantly running in all wheel drive which is great for when the weather gets bad and the roads get slippery. The SUV is high on maintenance and goes in every 6 months so its costly. The leather has held up and interior is nice. The seats go back all the way down and is great for cat naps.

- Liz O

2010 Mercedes ML350. Overall, the vehicle is great.

Maintenance is extremely expensive. Drives great, and the steering is very smooth. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to others. I love the heated seats and how comfortable the seats are. One complaint would be it's lack of pick up. It doesn't seem to want to take off quickly, especially when you need it to.

- Patricia O

Mercedes ml series SUV. Great features and awesome feel of handling.

Vehicle drives very well. Inside is roomy and very comfortable. Controls are easy to use and sound system is awesome. Feel very safe in winter driving with anti-lock brakes and the type of tires. Love the color, shows really well. Size of the SUV is just perfect., not too small and not the size of the larger SUVs.

- Jennifer P

Constant electrical problems.

Constant electrical problems. Lights always going out, indicators always going out, brake lights too. Constantly fixing them and then one year later it is out again. I would not purchase this car again. I think I bought a dud because my family owns other Mercedes cars and they do not have problems like I do.

- Kimberly S

Car is running great even being 10 years old and over 100k miles.

Performance is great, lil issue with the transmission and light issues with the front low beam light and the back brake lights. The comfort in the car is good. Just do not like the service that is needed to be done on the car. Overall is a great car with a few minor issues that need to keep your eye on.

- Carlos G

Great vehicle just pricey.

The car is great, runs smoothly, and it is large. The main complaint is that it is a gas guzzler. I have to fill up so often. The reason for this though is it is in all wheel drive all the time. That is a great safety feature just an expensive one. I definitely would buy again though very reliable.

- Lilly O

Review of 2010 Mercedes Benz ML350.

The only issues are the tire air sensors in the winter. The sensor comes on frequently and you're always putting air in the tires. Smooth riding car with great shocks. When you drive, you barely realize your going fast because the ride is so smooth. Other than that, great car and very reliable.

- Ron B

That it is reliable and it is good looking.

It is a very reliable car. It is extremely comfortable for someone my size. It is a luxury vehicle. This has been my car since my sophomore year in college and this has to be the best car I have owned. It has had little to no mechanical issues and if there were they were quick fixes.

- Earl M

It is a very solid, dependable and stylish car.

I love the size, comfort, and extras. The only thing I do not like about it is the "paddles" on the steering wheel. It is very easy to accidentally change gears.

- Denise K

very reliable and respond very well, I feel safe driving it

very reliable, great performance and respond greatly, some accessory inside the car are flimsy and break very easily like the door windows keys.

- Mazen A

My car is reliable. I never encounter any major issues, and it's regularly maintained. It's just a gas guzzler.

It's a good car and never encounters any problems. Unfortunately, it's a Mercedes so it costs a lot to maintain. it also uses too much gas.

- Tom L

Benz SUV going on 9 years old.

Old, has normal wear and tear. Expensive to fix. Not great on gas. Not a bad SUV, just there is better ones out there.

- Shawn G

Expensive to repair and maintain. Even repairs such as new brakes can cost multiple times what an American car would. Service is awesome though.

Rides and drives like new. Can handle most any terrain. Handles and drives like a car, not a truck. Gets good mileage.

- Greg S

It was well taken care of.

Love everything about it price is a little high but you get what you pay for has great features and a lot of style.

- Cheryl B

All around good car. Really do not have anything to highlight.

No problems really. Had a few issues with flat tires but I think that was because of the special rims.

- Jennifer D

This is a fantastic car and I would recommend it to anyone.

I love the style of the car. It is reliable and stylish. I love that it is a suv and a luxury car.

- kristie m

it is very sturdy, reliable, dependable and hasn't had any major problems that I've had to deal with over the past 8 years.

Although it's initially expensive, this car has lasted and is very affordable to maintain.

- joe b

It's a very reliable and safe vehicle that has lasted for several years without any problems.

Love the safety. Dislike the gas mileage and cost of repairs. Love the reliability.

- Ann H

its comfortable, is a great size for the family and drives well

it's a great size, looks great, runs well. It's a nice car but not too nice

- jennifer r

Classic Stylish,high class and powerful and competent with others car

So far no complains.I am in love in with my car.Stylish and classy car

- Shweta A

Expensive to maintain. But feels very safe to drive.

Feels sturdy and well made. Expensive maintenance. Good in the snow

- M W