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I love design and comfort. Urban parquet SUV car.

Generally I have no problem with my car. Feel comfortable to drive to long distance and short trips. Sometimes displeasing 3 issues. 1 - when I have to make an u-turn quickly in 2 or more attempts I switch transmission forward and back. When I push gas pedal to move back it drives not immediately it is like thinking before to move. 2- windshield wipers works not bad but sometimes when it is rain or snow I need 1 more option between very fast and medium speed.

- Elena K

The SUV everyone should own!

I love everything about my SUV. The color is unique, not like any other on the road. The vehicle itself is made like a tank, no need to slam the doors. The interior is plush, the seats are the most comfortable I've ever sat in. You can adjust the seat, the back and the headrest. Then lock it into the memory. It's very roomy both in legroom and headroom. Some vehicles feel like the roof is brushing your hair, not this one! It has all the bells and whistles!

- Carol K

Fun luxury car to drive. Highly recommend.

The 2012 ml350 is a comfortable ride with a powerful engine. The only issue I have had with the car is cracking on the wood trim from heat, lug wrench that is too short to get enough leverage to loosen lug nuts to change tire & wear in the leather bin the driver side seat from getting in & out of the car. Otherwise this is a fun car to drive. Easy maneuverability. Great gas mileage. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Kate P

My Favorite Car After 2 luxury, 2 sports & 2 sedans, Mercedes is the best!

My Mercedes-Benz ML350 os a great SUV. I normally buy a new car every four years but I have kept this 2012 MB because I love it! It's spacious on the inside but small enough to get any parking space I need. It has quick pick up when I need it and it is very comfortable. Even my 6'4' husband fits comfortably and enjoys driving this car!

- Terri H

There is a cup heater) and if u cannot find your phone just use the car phone.

Always has check engine light on:( comfort galore my favorite is heated steering wheel and heated seats. The heat system can be individualized driver can have hot heat on passenger might want low to no heat. There is also individual screens and DVD players behind the head rest for passengers in the first beach seat.

- Jean A

It is a dependable and world class car.

It is a safe car especially for snow or sleet ice because its 4 wheel drive. It is features are amazing like the blind spot alert, lane assist and climate control. The car itself is beautiful and I love the memory seats, built-in GPS, Bluetooth and the camera which helps in backing up or parking.

- Evelyn R

The Mercedes Benz is a mid-size luxury SUV that is very safe and dependable.

The Mercedes Benz ml350 is a great luxury midsize SUV. The car is fully loaded and comes with all leather and wood grain interior. No major issues with my vehicle. However, regular maintenance is pricey so be prepared. The car has great features such back up camera, and blind spot alerts.

- Wilson W

Affordable Luxury for the entire family!

My vehicle is luxurious, customizable, and safe, the interior of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML 350 offers families a home away from home. With ample cargo space and seating for up to five occupants, this upscale SUV effortlessly combines lavishness with real-world practicality.

- Ann M

I love my great 2012 Mercedes.

When I have to get the car serviced it cost too much money and when there are issues they seem to be major. It was in very good condition when I bought it which is great. I love the size and the features, as well as the style not changing. I hope it last a long time.

- Annie D

The engine is high performance and it has an excellent ride.

The leather seats are comfortable. Dash is tech friendly. What comes standard in the Mercedes is luxury for most vehicles. The performance is excellent. Had problems with tail lights but the dealer repaired it and had no problems since. Overall it is a great vehicle.

- Leonie W

Great fast reliable road car.

It is very fast and handles really well. It takes turns very easily. It is very comfortable and very reliable. It is a great road car too. Service is expensive but thankfully I have not had any problems so I only have to take it in for scheduled maintenance visits.

- Jeannette G

It is classy and well made.

It is incredibly classy and I appreciate the kind of elegance and reputation Mercedes entails. I also like the feel while driving, it is very smooth. I dislike how quickly the cupholders broker however, as well as much of the other interior pieces of plastic.

- Raj G

It is easy and smooth to drive.

It is super easy to drive and drives very smoothly. I love that it is large but does not feel overly big. The backup camera with extra lines makes it really easy to parallel park. It is large enough to be a mom car but does not feel like a minivan.

- Katherine R

Make sure that you have a bumper to bumper extended warranty

Do not by a Mercedes, unless you have an extended warranty. Repairs are very costly. Each oil change will cost you $100-$125. Comfort level is a 10, has all the bells & whistles, excellent stereo system

- Marc M

The smooth ride and easy steering. I don't like cars that drive really right. The steering is more loose but easily controlled at the same time.

I like it's sleek exterior, the high quality interior and like the size for myself however, it's a bit tight between the front and back with 3 car seats in the back. I also like how smooth it drives.

- Gabrielle P

This car has pretty good gas mileage.

I like the style of this model. I like the fact that they haven't changed the body style so my 2012 is still a relevant style. I like that this car is reliable. I dislike the costs of repairs.

- Michelle G

I haven't felt more safe and comfortable in any other vehicle in its class.

It's a smooth ride and provides ultimate comfort. Safety features are hard to beat. Elegant styling to the exterior and interior. One feels like royalty owning and driving this car.

- Candice S

It is unique and special! It has great mileage and is very comfortable.

I love the heated seats. I love the comfortable seats. I love the way the seat belt tightens when i put it on.

- Morgan M

It has seat belts that adjust to one's body once the car starts and the seat belt is locked in. I like this feature because it gives me a sense of security.

I enjoy the self lift trunk feature. The size is comfortable for my lifestyle. It's sleek and practical.

- Abby P

normal maintenance on the car is necessary and can be pricey. But well worth it

It is luxurious with most of the safety features we want as a family.

- Johnny h

Safety rating and all the air bags to protect your family

Love the safety of this vehicle. It's very roomy for a family

- Megan F