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Air Suspension proving difficult

The safety rating drew me to this vehicle. I read about a man who got in a head on collision with a bus, he lived - everyone on the bus died. Then I drive one: outstanding stereo, solid cabin, no rattles, no wind noise, even at highway speeds - though it gets loud at 180km/h. Very good safety features that don't distract you from driving (unlike some other German cars i tried at the time). The children love the glass roof and heated seats, and keep them reclined all the time... It gets amazing mileage on road trips, it is fast off the line when you need it ( though there is a slight delay with the diesel)... But the suspension is expensive and annoying to fix. My biggest gripe is the wasted time having it sit in the shop knowing another 1500$ to $3000 bill is coming. You need to really love it to keep it, because every bill will test your faith and make you wonder if you should have bought a Lexus. But at the end of the day, nothing feels as solid and sure footed, and at 5500lbs you know you'll walk away from any ancient without a scratch. This day and age, with all the distracted drivers out there, you need to make safety yourfirst priority.

- Bernie J

Mercedes-Benz ml-550 4matic.

Very satisfied with my purchase, love the horsepower of the ml550 and the control that 4matic gives. Great on the road, and when it snows, especially! Superb feeling of safety and quality, as you would expect from a Mercedes-Benz. Only wish I would have gotten the tire protection plan and extended the maintenance prepayment plans. Services are a bit pricey- would be nice to have had them prepaid. And I had 3 flat tires in the first 2 years of having this car (bad luck), so would have been nice to have not had to pay to replace tires. But love it overall, and the mbrace service is the best!

- Dana A

Mercedes Benz m-class Auto bright lights, heated seats, car app, keyless start.

This is about my 7th Mercedes Benz and I absolutely love my car it has never let me down, I have traveled to Florida, to Oklahoma, Texas and never had an issue with it. My car has all kinds of wonderful features, from heated seats, it has a app on my smart phone that allows me to lock and unlock my car, but it does not have the ability to remote start that came out after my car. I can look up a address on my phone and send it to my cars navigation system, it has auto bright lights, auto park which I do not know how to use lol. It is a great car and I cannot see myself owning any other car.

- Terry P

The luxury midsize SUV - Mercedes Benz M-Class

Mercedes Benz ML 350 is an amazing vehicle. A smooth and comfortable ride. High tech sound system with all the luxury of leather seating, seat warmers, Bluetooth capabilities for controlling the radio as well as speaking hands free. It has a keyless entry for convenience. The M-Class is a decent two-row luxury midsize SUV. It boasts a posh interior and a comfortable ride. Inside, the M-Class is attractive, and it features user-friendly tech and provides a lot of space for people and their gear alike.

- Lori W

Mercedes ML350 Exceptionally Safe & Luxurious Vehicle

I love this ml350 for many reasons. Reliable, super safe features that I didn't even know it had. I've been so close to slamming into a car And it breaks for me. Or gliding into another lane and it gives me warning. Love how spacious and airy it is. Just easy to drive even long distance from NJ to Boston. Car is 6 years old and still drives as if brand new and looks brand new after car wash. Love it so much I don't want to trade up for a newer one yet. I keep pushing it off!

- Rosie H

My Mercedes - your Mercedes!

Leather seats peel, issues with the tire pressure lights coming on when pressure is sufficient, air has gotten in the gas tank but was corrected by dealership. Still rides as if brand new. Tire size is not common, have to special order tires if not being purchased at dealership. This is my second Mercedes Benz, my only car of choice, the older they get the better they perform.

- Tracey H

Very reliable and high performance vehicle with many safety features.

This is the second M-350 I've owned and never had a problem with the cars. Very reliable and comfortable. Both cars had the sports utility package and the 2013 car has the lane changing warning feature which is a great safety feature. I also like the air conditioning and heating can be placed at different temperatures for the drivers and passengers seats.

- Stephanie A

Impressive, fun to drive.

Thing I do not like on my SUV is that when I use the defroster, it blows hot air, affecting the ac, very hot in summer. This feature should be corrected. I love this SUV, easy to maneuver, handles well, easy parking. However, servicing is expensive. Has a fabulous rear view backup camera. Spacious, wonderful features, mine is loaded with features.

- Dee H

Comfortable, easy ride with good gas mileage.

Itis a very comfortable car, easy to park, & gets great gas mileage. I have taken it on several long trips. I enjoy driving it. The navigation is a little difficult to manage. The voice activation often times does not understand. The storage is great. The seats are easy to put down for more storage.

- Carolyn C

Safety is the top priority for my Mercedes-Benz.

I love how safety is the top priority of my car. If I get too close to another object or car my car will make a sound. Also, if I am going too fast and there's a car in front of my, the break system automatically slows me down. I do feel like the tech is a little outdated, but overall I love my car.

- Jennifer C

Mercedes Benz a classic automobile

The car is very reliable have had virtually no problems in seven years. Car performance is strong and it runs like new. I would recommend this car to anyone who can afford it. The only drawback is the expense for gas and maintenance. Parts and services are quite expensive

- Robert C

Mercedes SUV review of features.

The input of driving directions is easier than touch screen and you can do it while you are driving. The gear shifter is something you have to get used to because you have to use it to change gears like windshield wipers. Smooth ride maintenance is expensive.

- Amanda H

This car is super awesome and fully equipped with many amenities.

I really like the backup assist, which helps me with parking in tight places. I really like the lane drift alert which helps during long out of town trips and when driving home from a long day of work. I really like the back compartment to throw stuff in.

- Tristan D

Big really safe SUV with guts

Great vehicle with 60K miles, gets close to 20 mpg in city driving, must use 91 octane with this 6 cylinder engine. This costs about 25 cents/gal. more than reg. Really safe feeling SUV. No mechanical issues.

- Dave E

Safety, beef, good looks, back up camera and color.

I love the power, handling and space. Do not like the need to use 91 octane fuel. I also like the large fuel tank and range that offers. The visibility is awesome and the fit and finish is the best.

- David T

It won't let you down and you'll love driving it! You may never buy another.

It is a very comfortable and reliable car. It drives well in adverse weather and is quiet on the highway. I have had no issues with it as long as I've had it.

- Phil B

It is fun to drive. It has proven to be a leader in safety and reliability.

It is my dream car and I love driving my car. It is reliable and safe to drive. I will keep it until it no longer runs that is how I love my car.

- jobil m

It is expensive to maintain and gas is expensive.

I love how the vehicle handles the road and the interior features. I do not like the cost to repair and how easily the vehicle can be scratched.

- Willie B

That the car is very safe, and it has never let me down it has a great warranty.

I like that it is safe and reliable and it has all the bells and whistles. The only thing i would add is being able to start it remotely.

- Terry S

Comfort, Performance and good safety features. Handles well on icy roads. Good family car.

Like performance and handling, dislike seats. Good Vehicle, and comfortable. Handles well on icy road. Good safety features in the car.

- Vijay S

Black cool wheels Mercedes-Benz.

It is comfortable, pretty, all black, with cool wheels, no problems that I know of, has fine space inside, sunroof, does good in snow.

- Jessica A

Mercedes ML350, a Great value for a high end SUV.

I love the Mercedes reliability, the performance and design. The fuel economy is outstanding. The creature comforts meet my needs.

- William W

It is a great family car for long trips and is mid sized.

My vehicle has smooth steering, cruise control, heated seats, and many other features. It is a great family car and is mid sized.

- Lily L

ML350 is the best family car

The ML350 is very comfortable, I felt safe driving it from the moment we bought it and comfortable with it being our family car.

- Jessica S

It is a very safe, well handling vehicle.

No complaints. I like that it has lots of pick up and handles curves easily. I do not like the expensive maintenance required.

- Jeannette G

Auto wipers, navigation, cruise control

Love the way it drives and handles the road. I wished it had the auto start but it has all of the other bells and whistles.


Have engine tranny a/c brakes radiator is complete.

Like the smooth drive.. Like the rear view camera.. Like the park sensors.. Like the park assist.. Dislike the slow takeoff.

- Ady M

That is has all the latest safety features so you feel safe when you drive it.

Love the smooth ride and all the safety features it has. Love the size and the comfort level. Do not like the price tag.

- Nancy M

It is the ultimate dream car.

I like the backup camera and blind spot detector. I also love the silver color. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Lisa K

Mercedes Benz is very reliable, fun to drive and most importantly it's a safe car.

I like my vehicle because it's stylist, safe and feel good to drive. I dislike the cost of maintaining my vehicle.

- Hanh H

Maintenance is not cheap, however it is fairly maintenance free.

The vehicle has a smooth ride. Built in navigation and nice stereo system. Nice body style with smooth lines..

- Karen M

The safety features in this vehicle are phenomenal!

This is the best vehicle I have owned. It is luxurious and comfortable. I love all of the features it offers.

- Belinda P

Safety when drive on the road

I like it because it's safe and comfortable and roomy. I don't like it because it's expensive to maintain

- Chivonne h

safety and good performance.

I like it because it's safe, good performance and reliable. I dislike the high cost of maintaining it.

- Irene W

It's my second Mercedes. It's expensive to maintain but I believe it's worth it.

It's a fun vehicle. It's big enough for my outdoor adventures but still has a sports car feel.

- Mason E

Very quiet road vehicle. Great load capacity and has all the bells and whistles.

I love the size and capacity of this car - drives great and is a very good road vehicle.

- karen s

Safety and reliable. Takes me places with confident

I like my car because it drives nice and safe. I dislike the cost of maintaining it.

- Gracie L

Very low idle, car will not reverse until you press the accelerator. This means if u are parked on a slight decline and u want to reverse u will need to put one foot on brake and press accelerator before letting off the brakes...otherwise the car will move forward

Lacks power, console buttons hard to press but ride is comfortable

- Patrick P