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Smooth riding, comfortable and classy 3rd row seating!

With being a mother of four children I did not want to join the minivan Clan. So I came across the Mercedes R350 and it had four seats in the back Intuit front fit our family perfect it's spacious there are 9 volt plugs at every seat cup holders with every seat the seats fold down completely. You can easily Hall 10 foot PVC piping and two by fours with all the seats completely folded down. The seating is comfortable and lots of legroom. The stereo is incredible as well. It's also very easy to program your garage door opener to the car. It rides super smooth and quiet and air shocks suspension makes for a very smooth ride no matter how survey the road is. If you're looking for a large vehicle to fit large family this is the vehicle the panoramic sunroof is a heart view for the children to see out. And when.you don't want it open, you can close the shades completely. The children love watching the shadows of trees when we go under them. With the wide limo style doors you can easily fit 4 full grown adults in the back 2 rows. The middle row has 2 captain chairs and the back 2 are side by side. The middle row folds forward to allow the back row people easier entrance and exporting of the vehicle. All in all a very roomy, comfortable smooth ride and also has all wheel drive!

- Lacy W

Very comfortable, rides smooth and is very roomy.

I love our Mercedes-Benz. I usually do not like using cruise control, but I love the way it is set up in this car and I use it all the time. I also have satellite radio, which is something I have never had in a vehicle before. The car itself rides like a dream, it is so comfortable and smooth! There are so many small features that make this car comfortable for everyone, even the backseat passengers, for example, they have their very own temperature controls and each side has their own DVD player. It is also very roomy with very generous seat adjustments. I often travel to see my parents, which is a 12 hour trip, and this car makes the trip so much more tolerable! I love it! I will definitely keep it as long as I can, and when the time comes, I will buy a new one!

- Tracy D

The Mercedes Benz R350 has a very smooth ride wood grain and nice features

My Mercedes Benz R350 is very clean and beautiful, TV's in the headrest, leather seats and dual sunroof. The car have about 150,000 miles on it but still running very smooth and hardly give me any trouble. I think if anyone with a small family is looking to buy a Mercedes I highly recommend the Mercedes Benz R350 very reliable car has lots of legroom and space the car is just beautiful I love my car and my kids love it also

- Edward H

2006 Mercedes Benz, this car has amg customizations that will blow your mind.

I love my car. The leather interior is amazing. Unlike a other cars I set my heat or air conditioning by temperature, not high or low. Extremely comfortable. I feel like a major boss when I am driving it. Keeping it up is very important. Trust me, once you get this car you want to keep it purring like a kitten. Make sure you are getting your oil change and inspections are required.

- Annie F

Very cool looking; great size; amazing family car; so comfortable and luxurious;

Has lasted many years with minimal problems; doesn't use too much gas; tire pressure holds up well; interior and exterior still looks good; Mercedes holds up its value over the years; still looks good and drives very well; smooth ride; luxurious car; still looks like new; could never tell it's from 2006;

- Tanya K

All the frills of a luxury car, made for a family

I loved the vehicle when I bought it. I had additional kids to carry around. Large enough but it's not a van. Lots of room. A LOT of legroom in the very back. I bought it used and didn't know for a while that it leaks oil. Now my air conditioner has stopped working. It only has 70,000 miles on it.

- Karen B

R350 Mercedes Benz - great foreign vehicle

My R350 is reliable, comfortable and hands down the best vehicle I've purchased so far. I love the navigation features, rear-view camera, sunroof and leg room it has for myself and my children. The three-row seating is a plus as well.


Computerized maintenance is annoying. Must go to the dealer for special parts

I like that it's roomy....there's lots of legroom in every row. I love that seats can fold down for extra storage. I hate that the third row is so hard to get to.

- Diana E

This car has been wonderful. Very limited amount of repairs.

Extremely reliable and comfortable. Plenty of power and luxury. Does great in all weather conditions. Awesome car still at 13 years old.

- Douglas T

Expensive to keep up unless you can do can do the repairs yourself.

Had CHK ENG LITE. HAD EGR PROB. Has plenty of power and is fun to drive to be a van.has 112000 miles but still drives and rides good.

- Jerry P

It is spacious with loads of comfortable seating

I like the comfortability of the vehicle. I like how the vehicle drives. Like the handle of the vehicle

- K k

It rides extremely smooth!

Is in great shape for the year. Love the sunroof/moonroof! Cozy ride

- Becky L