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The sprinter van has a tight turning berth despite its size.

My sprinter van has been very reliable in the two years I have used it. I have a twelve-seater passenger sprinter with a grey exterior. What I have really appreciated about my van is the space in the interior. In addition to having three rows and ten seats in the back, there is also a spacious trunk for luggage and extra storage. The Bluetooth is very easy to use, and the steering is smooth and tight.

- Sarah B

Looks like a Mercedes Benz on the outside but no luxury here.

I needed a van I could stand up and move around in. This van fits the bill. However, in spite of the Mercedes Benz emblems, the van drives like and has the comfort and interior of a Dodge. It is very disappointing. Unless a buyer needs the model with the high roof and/or extended length, they could find more luxury with just about any other make.

- Christine F

Multipurpose sprinter van.

Have had very few problems with my sprinter. It runs very reliably. I am amazed that although it is a large van, it drives like a smaller car. It takes turns with no problems. And the ride is very smooth just like a Mercedes. I would buy another one if needed.

- Sylvia S

Unfortunately, my beloved SMART car - made by Mercedes -Benz- is NOT in your choice drop down, nor is there a selection for other! I do LOVE my SMART for TWO- it's a 2013 purchased used in 2015.

economy in gas, much more space than expected AND the seating is higher than any other small car - it's like sitting down on your dining room chair! PLUS it is CUTE as can be!

- Anne C

It has plenty of hauling room.

It is a work horse and I you use it everyday. There is plenty of room and the ride is amazing. I would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Billy M

I love that it has great storage space and the power is through the roof.

It's got a lot of power. The tires are great quality and it's got a lot of storage space.

- Doug H

AWESOME vehicle to recreate with

I dislike it being black and getting so hot on the inside.

- Craig L

it is a company car that I have access to 24/7 even on weekends

it is diesel, drive like a car but is high off the ground

- joe d

it's gas efficient and very convenient

it's spacious and comfortable, and economic on gas

- Daria W