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An interesting detail about the mini is that it has amazing gas mileage.

I drive a mini clubman. It is a sport and a stick shift. I absolutely love this car, it is my first car and I do not think I will want to drive any other car brand. It is a really fun car to drive around especially if it is a stick shift. It is super cute and although it looks small you can fit a lot in it. For example, I am able to fit two blow up paddle boards in the trunk without having to put the back seats down. Also, you may think that it is too small and you are too tall or big for it but my brother and dad are well over six feet and can fit into the mini easily without any problems. This car also has amazing mileage. Sometimes I can drive around for 2 weeks without having to refill the tank. However, you have to fill the mini with premium gas and it can be pretty costly, sometimes over $50. But it is well worth it to pay that because it will allow you go on perfect trips and unlike most cars, almost all the time, you will never have to stop to get more gas. Furthermore it is a really safe car. A while back I was driving and got hit by another car and I did not get hurt whatsoever. I would really recommend this car to anyone since it is the perfect car, not only is it a safe vehicle but it has great gas mileage and it has plenty of room.

- Marine S

Cute and fun but expensive.

This car is very high maintenance. I love driving it but it requires constant upkeep. I am constantly checking the oil and it will occasionally start smoking from the exhaust. The cost of maintenance is very high as well. Luckily my father is a mechanic and can do repairs. But I love being able to find my car in a parking lot with lots of other cars and being able to fit into almost any parking spot. I find my car very cute and I enjoy having it.

- Des H

Compact size and fun to drive!

My Mini is my first manual shift vehicle and I have greatly enjoyed learning to drive with it. The compact size is perfect for me and I find the dashboard very easy to understand and navigate, and it has some useful features that notify me when something needs attention, such as low tire pressure. However, I have had some issues with the engine that have led to expensive repairs.

- Caitlin H

Lots of space in the clubman

My car is safe and holds a lot of groceries. I love the clubman style because it is so easy to pack up.the car to travel or with groceries. The only weird thing is to open the back doors you.have to.push a button on the remote which is not accessible if you have the key fob in the ignition. The back seat is also very roomy, just a pain to get into.

- Cara M

Fun but high repair bills.

The mini cooper clubman is a very fun car to drive. It makes driving in a traffic a breeze and is easy to park. The only downside is that fun comes with high repair bills. Other than the repair bills it is a great little city highway and mountain car.

- Linda D

Expensive to repair if something goes wrong.

The mini cooper is a safe and fun car to drive. It is contact and loaded with many features to include Bluetooth, leathers trim and a stylish body style. It is reliable, and vest off all fully functional for the daily commuter.

- Michael B

I call it the micro-machine.

Love the handling, mpg is amazing. Fun to drive. Unique, comfortable, and fun. Does not come with run-flat tires like older models, but with a spare.

- Lacey S

The car is dependable and is good on gas as old as it is.

The main concern is cost of repairs. But live it overall. Works get for hauling things in back even though it is small.

- Linda D

It is pretty sometimes when it is working.

Cost of maintenance is awful. Finding someone to work on them is difficult. I would not buy one again.

- Grayson J