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Unique automobile with a unique history.

I love the unique styling of my car. I love the manual transmission. I have heated seats which are a must for any car I buy. I love the natural wood detailing on the interior. The seating design is very comfortable. The sound system is very good. I have the great option to hook up my iPod to my stereo system. The drive is a little rough because the car has flat run tires. But that is a plus if you happen to have a flat tire you can drive 50 miles on a flat run tire.

- Lisa L

My car is a stick shift, which I prefer, but many can't drive anymore

My car is so me. It's got these funky unnecessary features like full cabin RGBs on a switch and mechanical looking switches. It's got that classic mini pizazz that I've always wanted, and it's just as fun of not more fun to drive than my old 3 series BMW, with far better gas mileage. Plus it's still a stick shift, which I LOVE. The only thing I dislike is service and repair costs

- Kristin S

Mini clubman is very spacious.

This car is very dependable, and low maintenance. It gets very good mileage. I feel like I got a very good deal. The interior is surprisingly spacious for a person who is almost six feet tall. It can also carry a lot of cargo. Plus, it looks great too!

- Heather M

Everyday Comfort, Sporty, and Fun

The MINI Clubman is the perfect size for any city dweller. You can park it anywhere. It is fast and fun to drive, but also provides plenty of trunk space, super comfortable front seat, and passenger space for a couple small kids.

- Sarah G

You get much more than just a car when you buy a MINI!

I love my MINI! There are only 50+ in this country, so it's rare. Its reliable and I get great mileage. It fun to drive and comes with an entire community of friends and family across the globe!

- Jacquelyn H

It doesn't just look great, it handles great too.

I like the handling most of all, it just sticks to the road. It's very comfortable, even for tall people like myself. It gets great gas mileage, and is low maintenance. All around great car.

- Mara j

This car is only good for toddler sized children and up.

It has a surprisingly good amount of space for a mini. The third half door come in handy for getting my child in and out. It is got great gas mileage and runs amazingly.

- Jo Y

Its quick and the parts are expensive.

It is breaks down so often but it's comfortable and compact easy to park. I also do not like how small it is and that it no longer fits my lifestyle.

- Niki S

I love it and it is perfect.

I got a great deal on my car. It is low maintenance and gets great mileage. It handles well, and looks great too!.

- Mara M

It doesn't just look great, it's dependable and affordable too.

I love my car. I got a great deal on it. It gets great mileage and handles really well.

- Mara H

handling capabilities of the MINI

I like it because it is fast, handles well and is just downright good looking.

- Jeff S

That it is cute and suits my personality, good car without being ostentatious

I like the handling and the size. Would prefer better gas mileage.

- Beatriz C

Love my mini. I love everything about it. It is a great size & so fun to drive.

- Patricia C