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Parking is easy and the gas mileage is a plus. I wish it had was heated seats.

This is a sturdy and reliable vehicle. Because of its size, it is easy to drive and parking is easier to find. My mat is standard, so sometimes when going to san Francisco it can be overwhelming. The original stereo installed in the car had no AUX cord, I had to install a stereo with an AUX cord. The miles per gas IN. This car is around 25 mpg highway and 20 city. Overall, I enjoy driving my car.

- Maria P

Have already done this part.

No big problems some are with air conditioning and heating, others are comfort, it's a little too bouncy, steering is very good it gets great gas mileage,radio and speakers sound good, it is fairly quiet when driving, the car has good pickup and breaking. The instrument cluster is in good visual for the driver. It has ample storage for the size of the vehicle.

- ed L

It is a fun little car to drive.

The car came with low miles, but within the first few weeks I had a lot of trouble with the clutch system and the cooling system. Clutch had to be replaced, and cooling system had to be almost fully replaced. Those things work well now, however I am starting to experience a lot of electrical issues. Door locks are also not working right on the driver side.

- James B

2002 mini cooper thoughts.

My vehicle is very compact. Due to its age I have a lot of mechanical issues with it. They are very expensive to fix. I dislike that there is no trunk space. Drives horrible in the snow. It does get very good gas mileage so that is one thing that I can say I like.

- Austin W

They are speedy and weave through traffic easily.

I like how well my car handles. It is great to drive through big cities because it is compact and easy to maneuver. I do not like the noise that the power steering makes, and it has a recall on it for steering.

- Emily K

Used 2002 blue mini cooper. Runs well with a few issues here and there.

It is a used car so it is kind of beat up the moment. I love the model and make of the car, I just wish that there weren't any problems with it.

- John O

It's expensive to own and keep up, but fun.

I love that it's fun to drive. I hate that it's really expensive to fix. Don't buy a Euro import. They're a pain.

- Allison W

DOn't buy a car from ohio lol

got a lemon and have had issues with it since day one. I like minis overall, just got a bad one......

- Brian H

It's fast and handles great. Easy to park and plenty of room

I love the Mini Cooper S. Fast, handles like a Go Kart. Great fun to drive.

- John U