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2003 mini cooper s - huge headache.

I love the look of the vehicle. I bought off of a friend who buys and sells vehicles. He had just purchased the vehicle and thought it was in good shape. Boy was he wrong. The person that he purchased it from obviously did not take care of this vehicle. This vehicle was in bad shape and I had problem after problem with this vehicle. After day 3 I starting having problems starting the vehicle. But they could not figure out what was wrong with the vehicle. It wasn't the starter. And it took them awhile to figure it out. Everything in the vehicle seemed like it was just falling apart. Had issues with the pieces kept falling off. When I say pieces I am referring to trim around sunroof, covers over air the air vents. Handles in the back that helps people get out of the vehicle. Trim/cover around door handle. The passenger window started giving me problems. It would take a while to roll up the window if down past a certain point. Now it doesn't roll up at all. I believe it just off its track and easily fixed. Cigarette lighter/charging outlet broke. Ac stopped working. Compressor is good. Air turns on, it's just not cold. Radio turns on but no sound. Think that may be just a simple fix. Thinking the previous owner may have changed it out and when selling, he may have just put the factory radio back in without properly installing it. There was a huge oil leak. Being that I was not too familiar with the vehicle, so when I tried to squirt water on the windshield. It ended up squirting water on the lights. Apparently this particular vehicle shoots water on the headlights. Well it opened up and squirted the water on the front light. And the cover to that flew off. The trim over the driver side tire fell off. And the list goes on. I am not sure if it is because how poorly these vehicle are made or because of how the owner didn't take care of the vehicle. But I have had nothing but problems with this vehicle. But I do like the look comfortness of the vehicle. I also like the size and control it has on turns. Maybe I just got a bad one. Even after all the problems I have had, I still would consider purchasing a new one.

- Haley M

My favorite Car: The Mini Cooper S

My Mini Cooper is my favorite of any car I have ever owned. It is small and gets great gas mileage. It is easy to handle and has great pep. When the seats in back are flattened, there is an abundance of cargo space. The only thing that is inconvenient is not having space for a spare tire. The original tires are run flat. But if you don't get run flat replacements, you are up the creek if you get a flat.

- Karen G

Mini cooper: my honest review.

Mini coopers drive like go karts. They are fun fast and reliable. I have had a few issues with mine; the headlights have issues, it can be loud, and a side piece fell off during a heavy rain storm. I did however buy it second hand. But if you are considering getting a mini, do it. I do not regret my purchase one bit.

- Natalie R

Great gas mileage. Fun to drive, accelerates quickly. Corners well.

It is fun to drive and has speed. Maintenance on it is difficult due to the small engine compartment. Parts are expensive and so is labor if you take to shop. Great gas mileage even with the supercharger

- Alan L

It's small, and the seats r kinda weird but these are minor issue in the view of what is done right

It's a good car, good gas mileage but the only problem with it was I had to replace just about everything on the car even the engine, everything just started breaking

- John K

Speed shown on the dashboard, two doors, sunroof

My vehicle is a very small car but it actually has a lot of space in it! It runs well and is a very fast car. It is a 2003 but it runs like it is brand new

- Kaliah T

That it is cute and quick and that it is 15 years old and only has 85000 miles on it.

I like the pickup the car has, it is quick. Don't like that it uses mid grade gas, it's pretty small and very low to the ground.

- Bobbie K

mini cooper the small fast fun car

It is a small compact car, that is fun to drive. But the problems are too small for taller people and not a lot of cargo space.

- santino t

Uses only minimum gas about 6 miles to a gallon.

It is small and easy to park in many spaces. Have no complaints since I have had only one problem. That needed repaired.

- Peggy S

Reliable transportation with looks.

It's fun to drive with power from the turbo. Great on gas. Sits low to ground so you feel all the bumps in the road

- William D

My car is fun and efficient.

I love my car but would like something new. As l am getting older l need a higher car not so low to the ground.

- Richard F




This car is safe and built to last

It gets me where I want to go and I have not problems with it.

- Dorothea W