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It's not a good winter car.

It's a light blue mini cooper s, Its a 6 speed standard. It gets about 22-23 miles to the gallon in gas. I love my mini! There are a few things I don't like about it though and they are Its only a 2 door hatchback, and It's hard to get in an out of the back seat. It is an awesome little ride for the summer but if you live where you get snow than it does not do good in the winter, Its front wheel drive, but it sits so low to the ground that you rub on the snow or ice. It's got new low profile tires all the way around, It's been sitting for about a year. I've been starting it, oil has been changed and It's even now got a rim less spare tire. It needs the stereo hooked backup, it needs a new bumper also because of the snow. But I really do enjoy my mini, id just like to get a 4 door an a better color.

- Michelle W

Great mpg, needs cosmetic repairs.

My biggest issue is with controlling an oil leak. At the age of the car, outright replacing the parts does not really feel cost effective given it is potential remaining life span. Additionally, I need to do several cosmetic repairs that are not strictly necessary, but make the car less comfortable. Both of the front seats need to be replaced, particularly, the passenger side is stuck in the reclined position from the release to let people into the back seat. . It's a great car, and gets great mileage, which was a huge draw for me, and it is 20 inches shorter than an average 4 door car so it is easier to parallel park.

- Meghan K

Perfect for a typical young college student

It is amazing in terms of gas mileage despite its old age. It is made to last a long time and I haven't had to replace anything major despite how long I've had it. The small size also allows me to get through traffic easier. I love the seats because of how it seems I'm protected rather than just sitting on a cushion and the fact that I can push the back seats down when I need more space to move things (and trust me, it surprisingly fits a lot). It responds readily and has been the most reliable vehicle ever. Perfect for my college student life and getting around.

- Breanna E

Mini cooper is 14 and still kicking.

My 2004 mini cooper has been an extremely reliable vehicle over the years. Lately it has encountered some minor issues such as valve and gasket leaks, as well as more costly issues such as air conditioning malfunction, stereo amp not working, etc. Living in Florida makes the lack of a/c a huge issue and not having a radio makes my commutes rather dull. For a 14 year old vehicle I believe my mini is still in great condition as far as reliability, but the comfort features are definitely wearing down. I would definitely buy this car again if given the chance.

- Alex A

2004 mini cooper hatchback.

Excellent gas mileage around 35 mpg hwy and 30 mpg in town. My mini can park anywhere! It is a smooth ride and the gears shift effortlessly (it is a 5 speed manual). Sunroof of nice on a cool day down at the beach. Sporty look with comfortable leather interior. The speedometer is in the middle so it took some getting used to. Minis tend to run a higher rpm, 3000 at 60 miles per hour. The speaker system is excellent, good sound quality. I have not had any problems with her to this point except the cigarette lighter quit working.

- Angela W

Has great gas mileage, car seat anchors, and storage space.

2004 mini cooper is such a great reliable car! It gets great gas mileage it only takes about $35 to fill it up, I was worried since it is a small car I might not fit that well but I am 6’2 and I fit comfortably, the storage space is limited but you can put the back seats down and it gives you plenty of room I really like how this car has car seat anchors and it is easily accessible. It drives nice and smooth the only thing I don't like is the radio it does not have Bluetooth or a AUX but that is to be expected because of the year.

- Cassidy S

Decent car: easy to drive.

Sometimes the transmission is kind of weird and jerks when I start/ stop. That could just be because it is an older car. The fact that the car only has two doors is really inconvenient when I am trying to carry passengers. However, the car's size makes it really easy to drive and park, and I really like how unique it looks. As far as gas mileage, it is pretty decent, and the seating layout is comfortable. There is no center console so I made use of having a small bin on top of my parking break which served the same purpose.

- Rachel S

My Super Expensive Mini Cooper

Its extremely low to the ground scrubs everywhere I have a hard time coming in and out of my driveway. They also aren't cars that you can work on yourself. Pretty much every repair has to be done by a mechanic because everything under the hood is so close together it gets very expensive for even the simplest things.

- Lucy H

The r52 engine is the last engine mini made that does not burn up gaskets.

It is a fun little car, great on gas mileage. I have issues with steering pump. It bottoms out if you drive over speed bumps more than 5-10 mph. Those are the only real issues. It is quick around bends and corners. You can park nearly anywhere. Not a whole lot of storage area.

- Travis B

Small but roomy and fun to drive!

I absolutely love my mini cooper. I don't know a lot about cars, but I know it handles really well. I learn how to drive stick with it (very forgiving for a beginner). Everyone makes comments about how small it is, but believe it or not, it is quite roomy inside.

- Ashley S

When air conditioner is on you can not do jack rabbit starts.

I like that it is small It's is easy to park, I can get out of tight jams and since it is so small it keeps me from buying to much stuff when I shop. And even after all these years people tell me that they love my car.

- Cheryl M

It is fun to drive, handles corners like it's on rails, and can get you out of most trouble you get yourself into

It's a fun car that handles well, runs well, doesn't give me too many issues. Can accelerate quickly if needed, and has good brakes. Can be expensive to repair, but I don't see me having a different car.

- Jan L

It has a lot more room on the inside than you would think.

I love the look and style inside and out of my car. It's also very good on gas. I don't like that the parts are expensive when something goes wrong. But I like the attention the car gets.

- Paul K

It's a reliable, versatile, and very convenient car!

I have had no real issues with my car. I love how small it is and easy to drive. It's very comfortable and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a small car.

- Taylor V

Good on gas. Street legal go kart. Small car. Unique.

I like this car because the size of like a go kart. I don't like is replace a new transmission. I love this car because small enough to make a uturn.

- Julia R

It's fun to drive around town.

The mini gets good mileage and is sporty. It has served well on the freeways of Los Angeles. No real complaints for the car that it is.

- Scot L

It runs well and I feel safe.

I like that it is fast. I like that it is good on gas. I like that it is low to the ground. I do not like that I have to buy premium gas.

- Michael B

My car great on gas mileage.

My car has a great engine and wonderful on gas. The windows are tinted to enjoy a less hot experience with the leather seats included.

- Anna H

Sporty mini cooper with racing stripes.

Small, sporty; reliable. Great gas mileage and great stereo system. Love the run-flat tires, moonroof, and heated seats.

- Jane H

It is a great little beautifully designed driving machine.

Love the beautiful design and the speed and the way it feels to drive it. Dislike the lack of trunk space.

- Jane W

I hate driving it around and I feel like a nerd.

Expensive to maintain and not very practical for my situation. It takes premium gas and it is rusting.

- Robert O

It's super expensive to fix anything that breaks in it.

It isn't reliable. It shakes and idles rough. The gas mileage isn't great.

- Christen R