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I love my cute blue Mini Cooper!

I needed a car in a hurry after I totaled my previous car falling into a ditch and I wanted to buy a car with the insurance pay out and not have car payments. I spied this blue Mini Cooper in the used car lot and fell in love with it. The Carfax showed no problems and it had only 75, 000 + miles on the odometer which I thought was great for a 2005. The steering was stiff and creaky but the dealer promised to fix it. However after several attempts by his mechanic he sent me to a Mini dealer who diagnosed a strut problem which I have yet to fix and the problem has diminished over time. It runs great for a 13 year old car. One thing I was concerned about was the small trunk space, and that it is a 2 door, but by folding down the back seats I can load a lot of stuff. I was unaware that Mini Coopers were made by BMW when I bought it and that all maintenance has to be done by the Mini Cooper dealer because it requires proprietary tools which other repair shops find not cost effective to purchase. However despite all that I love my mini and will buy another when this one "dies" but next time i'll get a 4 door.

- Hilary H

Mini coopers are reliable, safe and easily affordable.

The vehicle's performance is very well when kept up to date. Gas mileage is amazing! It only takes about 25 to maybe 30 dollars to fill up the take and you can travel about 400 miles without having to refill maybe once. The only thing I see as a problem is that you can't really work on the vehicle yourself. You have to take it into a shop to get fluids filled and changed. I prefer to do that by myself. The vehicle is very reliable. I have a 2005 and it has not let me down yet. Changing out parts on the vehicle like a cv axle was fairly easy and had no problems. The vehicle itself is comfortable. The seats are able to be adjusted and put how you would like and still be able to fit a babies car seat in the back with room. The features are a little basic but that is because I did not get a fully loaded, all out expensive mini. The sound system is great even though it is stock.

- Angelica D

I love my 2005 Mini Cooper Convert

Overall this has been a very fun, reliable car! I have the convertible model and have had no issues with the top (no leaks, tears or malfunctions). The only thing that I have had an issue with is the regulator arm on the small rear windows. The piece is plastic and over time breaks. It is a pretty pricey repair and since the convertible top functions along with the two year windows once those go out you cannot use the convert feature until you have them repaired. No other complaints. I love my car!

- Candace J

Fun zippy chili red 2-door mini cooper.

Fun to drive, people ask me about it, zippy, 5-speed manual transmission, low to the ground, good gas mileage, needs to use high octane fuel for best performance, hatchback is great for loading and unloading, sunroof is great, little things are starting to go wrong - cannot open driver's door from the inside, cup holder on console fell off, just put in a new battery, new wiper blades, comfortable seats, good stereo speakers, headlights need to be cleaned/replaced.

- Jean S

It is really fun to drive, can't remember to use the manual mode, not just the automatic mode.

I love the handling of the car (it is like a race car.) I l love the overall style (it is a convertible), the hot orange color, and that the roof opens part way. I enjoy that it can be driven in manual mode as well as automatic. I dislike that acceleration is poor in automatic, that it does not have power seats, is noisy, and the stereo is not wireless. In addition, being a 2005, it does not have all of the new safety and "self-driving" features of newer cars.

- Lisa M

This is a backup vehicle. Strictly a point-a to point-b car only. I am over it.

Everything is falling apart. The ac compressor fell out, so it is not repairable. The stereo does not work. The makeup mirrors have both fallen off of the visors. And the ceiling liner is falling out. There are many creeks and random noises while driving. I can feel every bump on the road. The back seat is completely inhabitant with adults in the front. And although it head ok has mileage, it only takes premium. So it is still pricey!

- Ronny S

Recommend later mini models.

Power steering pump needs to be replaced and mini had a recall on this issue but my year was not included on the recall. Had a recall on the passenger side airbag and took it to a mini dealer and they have me a loaner and fixed the issue with no problem. This car drives great handles great. Stick shift gives it more power. It scoots.

- Grant M

Love my 2005 mini cooper, you will too.

I love my mini cooper. It is quick, corners like it's on rails, and stops on a dime. It's comfortable and fun to drive. It's been really reliable and is great on gas. I upgraded the stereo system with aftermarket touch screen DVD stereo, speakers, amplifier and subwoofer in a custom built enclosure. For me, it's the perfect car.

- Brian L

Still makes me smile when I get in.

My mini coopers hugs the road due to its low profile. It handles like the German-designed car that it is. Because it is the s model it is very responsive and accelerates quickly and powerfully. The car has two issues that I do not like, the uncomfortable front leather seats and the lack of space for a spare tire.

- Dee F

It is very fun to drive and handles a bit like a sophisticated go cart.

I love how the car is low to the ground and makes turns well. I have a lot of control over the steering. The seats are very comfortable. I love the way the interior looks and how easy the dials are to read. It is difficult to have the car worked on since it is an import and not everyone has the skill set.

- Mae J

Fun to drive, defines me personality.

My car is 14 years old but it still looks beautiful. I have had some problems with it. I had to replace the clutch and the fan. . This car handles so well. It is like a go kart. It is a 6 speed and so fun to drive. I find it to be comfortable to drive, however any one in the back seat would beg to differ.

- Barbara V

Mini Coopers are great cars.

The power steering pump went out. And lost the clutch. Beyond that, I love my mini. It handles nicely. It gets great gas mileage. They're hard to work on and can be expensive to maintain. Its fast. Fun to drive. Its really cute. If you mind any replacement parts being super expensive, they're great cars.

- Lynne C

2005 mini cooper with superCharger.

Coolant holding tank from factory is molded 2 piece plastic and can tend to leak at seams. Sensors in wheels for antilock brakes can be challenging to change and reset. Other than a few things great car, great fuel mileage and easy upkeep. Onboard computer tells you when it needs to be serviced.

- Kathryn C

Transmission problems very expensive fix.

Great car. Very small but great gas mileage and fun to drive. The cvt transmission has given me many problems. It doesn't shift properly. I have maintained the car very well. Very expensive fix. Everything else on the car is great. Would recommend a model that does not have the cvt.

- Kimberley K

Mini cooper convertible is a great car to own.

I love the fuel economy that the mini cooper provides. Though they are very small vehicles, they provide ample storage for a couple. The car rides very well for its size. Most of all it is very reliable. All in all, if you are a family of 3 or less, I would recommend this vehicle.

- Eileen K

Fun car to drive, just not practical for wintery areas.

Some problems. Performance in cold weather is poor. Maintenance is ok, sometimes major issues such as fuel pump. Overall, car is reliable and enjoyable to drive. Gets good gas mileage. Runs well overall. Have had some issues with locks in doors- which is a pain to deal with.

- Ashley A

minis are more than a car.

My car is sporty and really fun to drive. minis have a sort of family in that people personalize theirs and there are club activities for other mini drivers. It is a wonderful car. It has been very reliable and zippy. My kids love to point out other minis on the road.

- Kate R

Mini cooper and its uniqueness.

Oil leaks (typical for most minis). Small gas mileage. Not much interior room. Great performance after some modifications. Stiff ride but great cornering. Unique body and overall style. Power windows a/c run-flat tires. Small in stature makes zipping around very fun.

- Dan L

Mini cooper is to small for somebody with a baby.

I really do like my mini cooper. It is a gas saver and very convenient if you want to save money on gas. One thing I don't like about my car is that the trunks is pretty small so It's kind of difficult when I go grocery shopping not a lot of space for groceries.

- Michelle C

It is fun to drive around town in.

I love how the mini handles. It's great driving a small vehicle that can make small turns. It's fun to have a convertible! The heated seats are a plus in the winter. The back seat is very small, however, and isn't comfortable for long trips for adults.

- Sara W

Why my car is so amazing-.

My vehicle is very great. It is an off-white car. It is very cool. I love it so much, I simply cannot imagine myself without it. All my friends say that it fits me so well. I have no complaints at all!! It is very comfortable and reliable.

- Ashley R

Very fun to drive; some comfort / practicality tradeoffs involved though.

Car has over 60, 000 miles and has pretty much been trouble free. Very fun to drive; some may find the ride too harsh, although this improved quite a bit once I switched to regular vs. Run flat tires.

- Jason H

That it has awesome gas mileage on the highway.

I like my car because it gets great gas mileage. It is cute with the convertible and I like the color. I do not like it because it is a standard. Also because it has problems and is expensive to fix.

- Tayler M

Red MINI Cooper 2005 2-dr. Hatchback

Good long lasting vehicle. Came across some issues when I was trying to fix things myself as some of the parts can only be accessed by certified technicians but otherwise great vehicle.

- Joshua B

It's a great combo of fun and practical.

I love that it's small, cute, and responsive. The main thing I dislike is cost of repairs. I also dislike that the current models have a strange change of appearance to the front.

- A W

Safe and efficient car for those that like a little powerhouse

I love it. Roomy, yet compact. Plenty of power for take off and passing. Very fuel efficient! I love the 360 degree air bags and steel construction. I feel safer on the roads

- Kristy A

it's not a girl or guy car.

it's fun to drive, it's quick and handles great. i don't like that i have to use premium gas, and it doesn't get great gas mileage. also, it's somewhat noisy inside.

- manuel s

Th care is fun to drive and reliable. It is a BMW product so repairs will be costly.

It is fun to drive. A good size for me. Low maintenance. Easy of gas. Reliable. I'm only had one major repair in 13 years. Getting it in reverse is hard.

- Eugene L

It is reverse gear is close to the first gear, rather than the usual.

I like the look of the vehicle. The engine is very powerful. I like the manual shift. The car has a friendly look. It can be pricey to fix.

- Jennifer S

Great car while it lasted.

It lasted me a long time. After awhile I started to have more and more issues that were impossible not to take to a specialist to fix.

- Josh B

It's a great commuter car that's very fun to drive. Not a whole lot of trunk space if you have kids.

It's a fun car to drive. Performance was great when new but has deteriorated over time like most cars. But still a reliable vehicle.

- Michele L

It handles like a go cart, which makes it really fun to drive.

I don't like how small it is. I like the power and torque that it has with the supercharger. I like the Harmon Kardon sound system.

- Spencer F

The car has been really fun

Good car, extremely suitable for a first car, not had many problems with it since buying and have had a lot of fun using it.

- Seb G

It is durable and reliable.

It's fast. It's cute. It's fun. It's suits me. It gets decent gas mileage. It has a good stereo. I like the body style.

- Kari R

The gas mileage is awesome, but power is very limited

Convertible top does not work because of a broken cable. Very expensive to repair and seems to be a common occurrence

- Tim H

It is great on gas and is great when you want to find a small parking spot.

It drives great, just not enough space. I love the turbo speed. Great car for just myself, not a great family car.

- Haley G

Mini cooper two doors vehicle

Not bad, parking is easy with a small sized vehicle. It is not suitable for a family with children on two doors.

- Wilson L

It's very fast and handles amazingly well.

Excellent gas mileage. Very stylish. The most fun I've ever had behind the wheel.

- Ken B

fun to drive, great performance, fast, great cornering

likes: style, performance, size, color dislikes: gas mileage

- dan l

I disliked that I didn't have cruise control or a sunroof, but loved the handling and gas mileage of this car. It was surprisingly spacious.

It is old, but reliable and still gets awesome gas mileage.

- Michael A