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Perfect for a small family.

It may not be a huge car but there's plenty of space, at least for 2 adults. The back seat is no good for adult passengers, but ok for small children. Very little trunk space but the back seats fold down. I have my daughters car seat in the back and leave the other seat down for storage space. Perfect for a small family, or single person. Biggest drawback is cost of maintenance. "Closed oil system" means you have to go to a specialist for simple things like an oil change.

- Sunday G

Reliable car, but has trouble starting sometimes.

I love how small the car is for city living, maneuvering, and parking. The car performs pretty well, but it has an issue with the starter I have heard others with my make and model struggle with. Sometimes I have to move the wheel back and forth while pushing in the clutch to get the car to start. Other than that, it is a good car! I just wish it was a little roomier and had more trunk space.

- Masha F

Cheap yet expensive: mini cooper.

Whenever there is a repair that needs to be completed for my car it is usually very expensive. Despite it being a small car and relatively inexpensive to purchase, it is very expensive to fix because it has a BMW engine. It is extremely reliable and it very fun to drive. I feel absolutely safe driving it and because it is so small I can fit in virtually any parking spot.

- Gabrielle M

That for being a small car, they are built relatively well and are quite safe.

I own a 2008 ForTwo Smart car. Not the Mini I selected as you did not have mine listed. I absolutely love my Smart car. I am able to zip in and out of parking spaces. I wanted one since they first came on the market. I only wish that it were electric, not gasoline. When you are inside, the car does not feel small at all. There is plenty of space inside.

- Brenda A

Mini Cooper city car review.

The mini is a very awesome car! It is small enough that you always find parking, it does not need a lot of fuel and is great for around cities. It has been very reliable. An issue that I see is that repair costs are high due to mini belonging to BMW and all BMW parts are quite pricey. I love the car's sunroof and it is leather seats and seat heater.

- Sandra F

Very reliable and fuel efficient.

I like the 5-speed, fast go-cart pace and that it is small and fits anywhere. I also love that it is a yellow convertible (gets a lot of attention) and I use the sunroof every day. I do not dislike anything but would rather have a digital area on the dash instead of the big round speedometer.

- Amy H

The look of the car is unique in a great way & will get you looks!

Engine has long term issues that need attention in order to prevent. Keep oil level high & add a catch can. Carbon build up is known to happen. If maintenance kept up though, car is great fun to drive! Instrument panels are quite different than most cars & may cause confusion until familiar!

- Mark E

Always take it to a mini repair shop or one that has a mini mechanic.

The only problem that I did not know about is sometimes if the gas cap is not put on securely a icon appears. It looks like a potato with an antenna on top. My local repair shop pretended to have fixed it. But when I took it to the mini place they said it goes away after a while.

- Elizabeth S

One of my best investment so far.

My vehicle performs very well, very good on gas, comfortable and it's very easy to handle the features are nice and is very reliable, maintenance wise parts are reasonable but labor is expensive so please do keep up with wear and tear on vehicle otherwise It's a great buy.

- Dian D

Mini Coopers are fun close to home.

Our Mini Cooper convertible is a fun little car to drive. It is a bit small for long distance trips but it makes the everyday errands enjoyable. Repairs can be costly but we have only had it in the garage once so, we don't have problems that often. The radio is good.

- Mini H

Great gas mileage. . . Is very fun to drive with the top down in ideal weather.

Gets great gas mileage. . . Drives well. . However is very compact. . Shifting all the time gets tiring. . . The visors are useless most of the time and seat belts are a task. . . Also cup holders are ridiculous. . . No one likes riding in the backseat.

- Michelle S

It has more room in it than you would expect. Quite a bit will fit inside the trunk area.

I love that my car is small and easy to park, navigate through town. I also like that it's so good on gas consumption. The bad thing is the warning lights come on pretty easily, especially the low tire lights.

- Denise D

They are fun cars and there are Mini groups that meet and travel together. Get the car for the gas mileage at least.

Mini Cooper is a BMW vehicle and typically has the same issues as BMWs. I like the fun behind owning the car. People underestimate the space inside. I get 42 miles per gallon. I spend $60 a month in gas.

- Kay N

It gets amazing gas mileage. Also, mini's are much safer then people assume.

My mini has issues with burning oil. When you need to get a mini serviced, it is not cheap. Additionally, there are no heating/cooling vents in the backseat, which makes circulating air difficult.

- Sydney B

Save gas feel good drive smart.

I love how simple and compact the interface is on the driving. Bumps on the road do affect handling and do not expect to be in for a smooth ride.

- Caleb F

It requires expensive attention quite regularly.

As a passenger, it is very cramped. It has a lot of very expensive problems. Everything about it is expensive and sometimes difficult to find.

- Sarah S

Style, excitement and speed with great gas mileage

I like the economy - the gas mileage. I love the handling. I like how it is easy to park. I love that it keeps It's good looks after 10 years

- Samantha S

It's a safe car to drive. It's very good on gas. Feels smooth on a bumpy highway. .

Everything is ok. I never had this type of car before. Nice and small. Easy to park in a city. I do get frightened a bit when on a highway.

- Kimberly W

Very reliable: has great pickup and drives nice.

It is sporty. Great gas mileage. Fun to drive. One issue I had was the timing belt broke but was a recall. It was fixed and is fine.

- Carole T

Great running and fun to drive.

Surprisingly comfortable for its size, has been very reliable an the gas mileage is very good almost 30 moles to the gallon.

- Christopher A

You feel safe when on the road and in the snow.

Handles well on the road and in snow. Like its small, compact size. Expensive to repair and stiff seating in the back.

- Ch K

Convertible fun two seater

It's a convertible and lining in Cali I use it all the time. Easy to drive, pickup is good, more of a two seater car.

- Shannon S

Despite the size of the car it is comfortable and feels like you are in a full size car.

Great car and fun to drive. Very few issues although I currently have an engine code showing. Excellent gas mileage.

- William H

It is complicated for someone who does not know how to drive a manual transmission

I love the car itself. The power is a positive. The only negative is that it 10 years old.

- Adam W

it is too small to hold a family in. get a bigger and better car

I hate that it is really small and not that many people can fit inside it like omg

- Skylar M