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Great bang for the buck!!

I love my Mini Cooper. I chose the base model because the S model has turbo issues that would be expensive to repair. It's very comfortable for it being a 2 door. Spacious and cozy. It travels cross country well and has excellent fuel economy. Gets about 40 miles a gallon. It is a fast accelerating car and it's a 6 speed manual transmission. Definitely a good bang for the buck. Only hard thing is doing household repairs with how tightly compacted everything is under the hood. Overall, good reliable vehicle.

- Elisha E

Its one car that is recognized as ours because of its color.

Drives on no-flat tires, low maintenance, saves on gas and easy to park, looks good and easy to spot because of the unusual color and that it is one of that kind when we bought it. . According to the dealer, it was the last one of its kind to be made by BMW as it is some sort of a vintage car. . . Good enough for the two of us. .

- Cristina R

Not a car I would recommend.

Oil problems, had engine problems, had a seat belt malfunction, too many things to list. It is a really good car for long distance, but might need to check the radiator and the oil once in a while. I have own this car for about 3 years, got it used in what seemed to be good condition, but had problems from the start.

- Darby S

mini cooper convertible, fun to drive.

I love that my car is small and fun to drive. I love to drive with the convertible top down when the weather is nice. It is also very low maintenance and cheap to drive. I wish that it had a little more trunk and back seat space. I also wish that it was easier to find repair shops that would do maintenance on it.

- Emily W

Manual Mini Cooper, blue-grey in color

Always has something wrong with it, no matter how many times I get it fixed. Drives well. Good gas mileage. Good size car, I have the two door, but wish I had the four door. Hard to get people in the back of the car since it is so small. Other than these few problems, it is comfortable and fun to drive.

- Emery C

Mini cooper is a great buy!

Reliable fun to drive car, with classic looks! Love the dual panoramic sunroof and sports seats. Great mpg. I get as high as 40 miles per gallon on the highway! Mini is a classic and reliable car, that comes with a great extended warranty. The cargo space is surprisingly big. Buy yourself a mini.

- John Z

Mini cooper meets all expectations!

I have always loved mini coopers since I was a young kid. I finally got one and the least I can say is, I love it! The only issue I have ran into is cost of repairs. The only actually problem was something to do with the thermostat, other than that it has just been tires and maintenance.

- Nathan L

The year model motor has defective parts and some things have been recalled.

Does not have gauges to see if it is running hot or what's running low. Year model has recall after recall on parts. Weird but turn signal is too sensitive (after turning and hitting the turn signal to turn off the turn signal, I usually make the other side turn on).

- Cody H

2010 mini cooper is joy to drive!

This is a dream car to drive. Handles great and looks so sporty. I did not give it a 5 because it gets uncomfortable on long road trips and only takes premium gasoline. If those two things were different, it would be the best car I have ever owned. Very fun drive.

- Laurie B

Love the Car. Hate the pricey maintenance

I love my mini, it's actually my second one. However, you must be prepared to be responsible for frequent maintenance that includes expensive part replacement. Mini parts are incredibly expensive and exclusive to their makes/models.

- Samantha J

don't purchase 2008-2010 if you are not prepared for repairs.

I love the size for the most part and love I can put the top down. However, the timing belt broke around 80, 000 miles. My husband and friend ended up fixing it, but it would have cost us a least $2000 a mini.

- Gabby J

How well it performs on the road, in terms of handling, braking, accelerating.

I like the exterior and interior styling and design. The performance is excellent, and gives one confidence in driving. One interior design that I dislike is the placement of the electric window switches.

- Daisy W

That is excellent on gas mileage especially with the current high cost of gas.

I like the gas mileage. I like the sporty feel and look. I like the many aftermarket options. Only complaint I have is that there are no preset driver's seat settings to save for multiple drivers.

- Dawna G

The blue color of my Mini is one of my favorite aspects of my car!

My Mini Cooper has served me over 8 years now. Haven't really had any major issues with it, however, stereo has died. Reliability and comfort is fantastic and is the perfect size for me.


It has very high safety ratings and it has a good traction control system.

I love that it is a stick shift. I absolutely adore that it has two sunroofs. It's a cute compact red car. It has its own navigation system in it too. This is all around a great car.

- Lizabeth C

It has a lot of kick for a small car.

I like that my car is small and easy to drive. It is also really cute and I love that it is a convertible. I do not like that it does not have a very big trunk or back seat.

- Emily W

Gas saver. That is the main thing.

I like how fast my car goes, it is very reliable with gas. I recommend getting a mini. You'll save tons of gas. $40 to fill up the tank. Stereo system is excellent.

- Jordan N

It gets excellent gas mileage and is really fun to drive.

It is so cute. I just love it. I have no complaints. It is great of gas, I can park it very easily in small spaces and it really has a large carrying capacity.

- Janet M

Mini coopers are super cute, peppy, feel like driving a go-kart,but are unreliable.

It's not the most reliable car. The other day it lost power on the freeway for no reason. Thankfully my boyfriend is a mechanic or i would not have bought a Mini

- Isabel M

2010 Mini Cooper fun and affordable

Excellent performance and reliability, very inexpensive to operate, it performs surprisingly well in the Michigan winters, excellent all around

- jon j

I take care of it well, so that it will last me for years to come.

I really like my MINI because it's always been reliable and easy to drive. It's smooth, and gets great gas mileage. I have no complaints!

- Alexis B

Best buggy for your budget.

More legroom than you think, fast, fun and sporty. I love my convertible. Easy to clean, love the leather seats. Sound system is amazing.

- Danielle E

The car is a good value for money and has a great service department

Love the speed and how easy it is to drive. Mini cooper has the best customer service. The car only needs once a year maintenance

- Katy k

Good Car minor issues great on gas

It has been a good car but has had some issues with holding oil the way that it should and with various sensors.

- Casey H

It has more room for storage than you would think.

I love the size and feel of the car. It hugs the road. It feels strong. I hate the expense of work done on it!

- Terri G

My car had only 65000 miles and I had to replace the engine.

Vehicle is expensive to own. Maintenance costs are high and repairs I have had to make have been major.

- Alicia G

it's very tiny and is really a great car. it gets excellent gas mileage

i love the gas mileage. i love the compact size. i love the storage in the back.i dislike the color

- Megan D

It's very reliable and can easily be parked in a small parking slot

I like that it's small and fast. I dislike that I have to use premium gasoline.

- Princess K

It's handling and fuel consumption is the most important thing that should be known.

I like the size of the vehicle, also the good gas mileage and the handling.

- Kenneth A

I like that it is very responsive. I also like that it is compact. I wish it had a navigation unit built in.

It is fun to drive and easy to drive. The gear shifting is easy.

- Kathryh H

What I like is that that it doesn't need that much gasoline so it's affordable. I wish it had more room for the back passengers.

It's fast and it's comfortable. The miles per gallon is great.

- Imelda S

It's a cute car but it doesn't go very fast. I like the color as well, it's red. It's comfortable but not as comfortable as other cars I had. It suits girls mostly.

It's not meant to be a race car. It doesn't go fast

- Sahar A