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Reliable compact car with upgraded features, great gas mileage, & parkability.

I like numerous things about my Mini Cooper including how easy it is to park, the speaker sound system, heated seats, gas mileage, and the sport mode feature. I would actually prefer to have a four door vehicle with more space. The other challenge I have realized is the difficulty I experience as far as smoothness of ride especially on roads with potholes like Chicago or Detroit. I have had to have the air conditioning fixed on the vehicle so far and a tire replaced due to hitting a pothole. The heated seats are almost too warm on the highest setting and there is not really any type of center console space. I do like the mood lighting feature in the cabin however and the ability to put the rear seats down to gain extra room.

- Katie N

I get better fuel mileage than they said I would.

I was thrilled when we found a small car with a full manual transmission. I love the sound of the turbo kicking in as I accelerate. It's just plain fun to drive. I also like how easy it is to park, due to the small size. My main problems come if there is a sharp angle ramp into a parking lot or speed bumps. The mini sits pretty much on the ground so I have to be very aware of those things and go super carefully over them.

- Ginger L

Fun to drive and city friendly.

I love my car and it drives great! I love the size, has great gas mileage, and is perfect to get around the city in. I have had issues with it though. I had to replace the fuel pump because it was malfunctioning. The fmr module went out as well and had to be replaced. It is s high maintenance car so be ready to spend money on the car to keep it going. But if you can afford it, I believe it is worth it.

- Jessica M

Mini cooper is a fun to drive car. Easy to park.

Mini cooper is a very fun to drive car. It is easy to park because the car is small so it will fits in a tiny spot. Also very easy and take less time to wash. Although it may consume more gas than Japanese made car but it is worth to own one. The trunk space is big enough for a baby stroller and the seats can also fold back when you need more trunk space.

- Nat J

For the love of a Mini Cooper!

Its a quick zippy little car. The steering wheel is tight and it's not a super smooth ride, but tons of fun. Maintenance is a little tricky because every mini is put together a little differently so find a reputable mini mechanic. Great gas mileage, over all sporty and fun! And don't forget to wave at other mini drivers, we are a happy family!

- Aby M

Small reliable car for people who don't need anything too fancy.

Reliable little car for quick grocery trips and day to day errands, great gas mileage, I have owned it since 2011 and the only issues I have had has been a flat tire and dead battery. Comfortable interior and nice simple features, not too fancy or complicated. Great car for people who don't need so much room.

- Marley W

Mini cooper secrets that the dealership does not tell you.

Fast car European made steel frame unfortunately it burns oil extremely fast and therefore requires oil changes every two months. Also there is synthetic oil required which typically is more expensive. This car has okay mileage and a 14. 2 tank which means lots of gas money needed.

- Kathleen S

Cute, curvy and a blast to drive!

This car is cute, fun to drive and gets great gas mileage. The large sunroof is so much better than a convertible as it has a bug screen and a shade, so you can enjoy fresh air and sunshine and still be shaded. It is small, but I can still fit 4 people in it comfortably.

- Holly M

Amazingly reliable Mini Cooper.

My 2011 Mini Cooper has been super reliable and just an all around great car. I've been able to keep up with my service schedule and the car has given me no problem at all. I would suggest that everyone at least research the car and company. They are simply amazing.

- Dante R

Mini cooper small problems but great car.

I have had problems in past, had to get battery changed pretty early on. There is this glitch every so often where option to play aux does not appear so I cannot listen to my music. Grill fell off of car and trouble putting back on. Other than that great car.

- Ariel N

Mini cooper: expense vs comfort.

Performance is great, love go-kart steering. Maintenance is an expensive pain as miles rack up. Compact size is perfect for driving and parking around the city! I love the car but am torn with how much money I have to keep pouring into the car for upkeep.

- Meg M

Great driving cars, a driving experience.

Fun car to drive, great handling, fantastic gas mileage. Drawbacks are the cost to repair. Maintenance can be expensive and should be done by dealer or a mini trained technician. Very safe cars with full cabin air bags. Technology in car is advanced.

- Joe T

Mini's are fun cars to drive that are affordable; everyone that has been in my car loves it.

I love everything about my Mini Cooper. It's dependable and is cost efficient ....especially when it comes to gas. My car rarely has any issues. I like having to get the oil changed only once year. It's a cute car!!!

- Michelle A

Others should know that my car is not too great on gas!!.

It is fast and reliable; the gas mileage is fantastic. It came with bad tires though so that was an added cost. It has some annoying beeping features for when you turn it on and you do not already have your belt on.

- Jenna L

It is a fun car, that is small but still packs a punch. This is great for city driving.

It is a great small vehicle, which fits where I am in my life right now. The one thing that I dislike is the expense associated with any repairs for the car. Overall it is a great car and I would buy it again.

- Kelsey P

Constant hesitating while accelerating and especially while going uphill.

Performance is great! But it bogs out a lot. And I've had issues with the timing chain. When accelerating sometimes especially when going uphill it hesitates and smoke blows out if the exhaust.

- Kylie E

Put the highest octane gas in it for optimum performance.

I love that it is small and that I get good gas mileage. The only complaints I have is the repairs that I have had to put in it already. It is a high maintenance car and expensive.

- Jessica M

How fun it is to drive daily.

My car is fun to drive. I like how small it is making it easy to find parking in the city. I do not like that it is expensive to repair and has a lot of recurring issues.

- Katie K

My car is both practical and has a nice design.

I love my car because it is easy to drive. It is also very economical when it comes to gas. Furthermore, it is easy to get through traffic and fine parking.

- Amanda R

Easier on gas than the older model of jeep I had.

I love the style of my car. It is fun to drive, but the repairs to fix it are very expensive! I do the best I can't keep it going until I end all payments.

- Brenda J

Pro/con of driving in style.

Love driving my mini - go kart steering and small size are my favorite aspects. Least favorite is how high maintenance it is as the miles rack up.

- Meg M

I love my car! It's small & fast. I can park anywhere & it has great gas mileage. I get compliments on how cute it is all the time.

That it gets great gas mileage, is fast, small, can fit almost anywhere, has a great sound system, still roomy enough to transport large items.

- savannah s

Mini Coopers are a good value, but the repairs can sometimes get costly.

I love my Mini Cooper. I have had it for three years, and I still look forward to driving it every day. It is reliable, comfortable, and cute.

- Nicole A

Best car I've ever owned. No question

I love the design. it gets great gas mileage and is fun to drive, yet I feel very safe and secure in it. No complaints or dislikes at all

- barbara B

It is so much fun to drive.

I like that my car is convertible. I love how fast it can go. I really like how compact and small it is. I do not like how bumpy it rides.

- A B

Great gas mileage, and little to no need for maintenance.

Nice compact size, although can be an inconvenience when doing large amounts of grocery shopping. Great gas mileage. Comfortable interior.

- Marley W

Great mileage, fuel consumption is very good.

I love driving my Mini, it's very responsive and sporty. It's good on fuel, good mileage. For a small car holds a lot of shopping!

- Teresa D

Very stylish car, good for a family size. One of the best cars I have had yet

It's a very reliable car but the worst thing about it is that the seats hurt my back and the interior seems cheaply built.

- John S

Will give you good MPG can save money driving this vehicle.

Fun to drive, gets good MPG, is just a little small to get into. A little hard to find someone to service vehicle.

- Gary H

Love the turbo! Makes driving super fun.

Really expensive to maintain. Great car outside of that though. Love the handling and driving. Great gas mileage.

- Alexis M

My cooper as well as others are easy to spot because of its size

I love my new mini cooper for its speed and handling. A bit small for moving stuff but a fun car to drive around

- Lisa K

The mini cooper is reliable and all and all a very save car.

I like that I can feel safe in my mini. I like the colored lighting inside. Everything works perfectly.

- karissa w

it is really fun to drive

i love the way it handles and how it drives. needs more power for going up hills

- john b

Mini coopers pack a punch despite the small size; it's a reliable, hard working car that gets the job done and looks great doing it.

Adorable, great gas mileage, fun to drive, reliable, small size is convenient

- Marissa F

it is very safe, though it is small, gas mileage is outstanding

looks and drives great low maintenance nothing to dislike. it is perfect

- geraldine s

I got it used, but it's still pretty good. The engine is great, acceleration is amazing which is important for me. The sound quality is brilliant also. There's been little problems, but i'm not sure if they're from the car itself or from the previous owner. The biggest problem was the FRM going out (thank goodness it's under warranty) but you have to go to an actual mini dealer to get it fixed. Overall it's a good car- would be worth buying new.

Overall very a very reliable, strong and makes driving fun car.

- Alyssa P

it's fun! i can zip around everywhere with ease

very fun and sporty; not amazing on gas but decent

- abby g