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Not conducive to many car seats. Do your research and buy the right seat.

Good handling. 6 speed manual gives me great control. Last mini was in an accident and my family remained safe due to good design. Seats are adjustable and allow a lot of room despite compact appearance. Excellent gas mileage. Most expensive issues are xenon headlights (opt for regular to save a lot of $). Two flaws with this car are the mirror covers fall off when you open them (on the visor) and that the roof is more narrow than the width of the car a the base of the windows on the door, so when you roll down windows in the rain, the rain comes straight in the door. That is the most and only annoying problem I can find.

- Julie W

Super tiny, super cute mini cooper!

I have only had my cooper aka "white truffle" for about four months now. It is a 2012, purchased in 2018. I was very lucky, the previous owner kept the car in great condition. The seats are immaculate, the carpets and dash still look new and all of the know labeling is still in tact. This is great when you are talking about a 5+ year old car; sometimes the little cosmetic items suffer a bit. The acceleration is not so great, but it is to be expected - the car is tiny! Once it picks up speed, however, this little thing gets up. Overall, I love this car. I am a total hippie and it suits me perfectly.

- Angie G

2012 mini cooper - great for city living, but repairs can be tough.

The mini is great for city living, I can park anywhere I want and it is very easy to drive in traffic. However, the car is not very comfortable for 4 people for a long period of time. In the last year, I have had brake and engine issues and not every shop can work on the mini or has the parts available. This can make getting repairs done more expensive or take longer - or both.

- Sarah C

Fun vehicle to drive. However, be prepared for content and costly repairs!

The car is fun to drive and has nice features. That is the only positive thing I can say. It is loud and uncomfortable. There is always something wrong with this car. There is no minor repair with this vehicle. It is really expensive to maintain, parts are ridiculously expensive, and repairs are very labor intensive. It would never purchase another mini.

- Carol H

Mini cooper - a fantastic ride!

Love the vehicle. Excellent power and pick up. A true go-cart on wheels. Driving is super fun and the car is small so get up and go is quick and easy. The color selected is no longer manufactured so that is extra special. Maintenance is very minimal and really easy. They always reserve a loaner car so we are not without a vehicle ever!

- Joe V

Mini convertibles are fun to drive and they look good too.

My mini is a convertible. The top is really easy to take down. You can even partially open it for the skylight effect. It is really fun to drive, gets good gas mileage. The color is unique too. What I do not like about it is that the back seat is so small. It is not comfortable for an adult to sit in. The mini has been reliable so far.

- Amy D

The pros and cons of the Mini Cooper.

The mini does not have much space or room for additional passengers. The look is sleek and very European looking. The sport mode feels like the mini has a turbo in it without the price tag attached to it. The brakes can stop the Mini Cooper on a dime which can save a life. One issue would be figuring out the controls and the buttons.

- Anastasia A

It is a fun little car to drive around town and gets good mpg.

Fun car to drive around town and very easy to park. On the highway does have quite a bit of road noise that can bother some people. So far it has been a good vehicle but is getting ready to go to the shop with a problem with the heater blower motor. Might have a different thought about vehicle after I pay for this repair.

- Gary H

Mini overview with general driving and maintenance details!

It is a very fun reliable vehicle with great handling and has a fair amount of zip. Good gas mileage and has a pretty good amount of space for shopping and transporting items.. Not really that expensive to maintain as long as you do the regular things on time. Basically a very fun car to own and good for road trips.

- Crystal P

Mini and the price of maintenance

Mini Cooper is really fun to drive, great gas mileage, surprising amount of space inside. Maintenance is EXPENSIVE though. The only reason my next car would be anything but a Mini is the cost of maintenance, nothing is cheap. Staff is moderately friendly and customer service is decent.

- Heather S

Speed Racer loves her mini. . . Miles of smiles.

After 112, 000 miles I still love driving my mini. It could have a little more horsepower and brighter headlights, but other than that it is a great car. Fun to drive, good gas mileage and reliable. I have only done maintenance, nothing else. One of the best cars I have ever owned.

- Jeanne F

The mini cooper model s is an extremely reliable car. It gets excellent gas mileage, and can pick up spread very quickly. The convertible top and sunroof are very helpful during the warmer months, and add a sensibility to the car. I absolutely love it in the shade forest green.

- Daphne T

Perfect and comfortable car to move around easily.

Small and comfortable car with enough - plenty space to travel, save luggage, etc. It moves perfectly and really easy to park anywhere. I am very happy with this car and would definitely buy it again. I usually recommend it to people when they ask me for a recommendation.

- Karla V

Handles well in the snow but is in now way handle like an all terrain vehicle.

Zippy close to the ground has a sporty look to it and feel. Not bad on the pocket book. Def a car 2. But good for going to the train station or doing a little shopping done. My one complaint is that you have to bend down in an award position to look at traffic lights.

- Jonathan S

Up to 60 mpg highway. Great looks. Ample leg room for taller people

The 2012 Mini Cooper uses a toggle switch design to operate internal lights, fog lights and other accessories within the vehicle. The downside of the vehicle is you have to use at least 89 octane fuel. Synthetic oil is a must. Drivability and fuel economy is amazing

- Carmine F

That it is extremely safe to drive. It has a total of I think 6 airbags in total.

I like the seating capacity, it is very roomy. I like that it has a navigation system built in. I like the back door/ trunk opens up like barn doors. I love the fact that it is considered a race car. I love how it handles on the road. I love the safety features.

- Judith T

Mini Cooper - very efficient.

It drives really smoothly, the interior is really easy to keep clean. Sometimes space becomes an issue so if you are looking to hold a family of more than two it can get cramped really quickly. It gets really good gas mileage, although it does take premium gas.

- Cheyenne M

I love my mini, and why you should too.

I love my mini. It goes well in the snow, is good on gas and is fun to drive. I enjoy how it handles curves and has enough zip to be able to pull onto a highway easily. The only disadvantage is having the dealership more than an hour away to have it serviced.

- Mary Jo D

It matches my personality to a tee - cute, unique, and hella fast.

It's a mini cooper that's bright blue. It has amazing pickup, rarely has engine problems, and is very defined in style. It's adorable! I do wish it was less specialized - I'd rather go to any old mechanic than need to bring it to a specific shop.

- Gillian L

The Mini is fun to drive!

The car is generally fun to drive. However, the suspension is super tight which is fine of quality roads but not so great when the city has been less than good about road maintenance. I like that is is a convertible and the handling is great.

- Jasmine S

The gas mileage of a Mini Cooper is fantastic and will help with your budget.

It has great gas mileage. It is fun to drive a manual. Since it is small it is easy to fit almost anywhere. I don't like the location of the window operation buttons. If I have a drink, it is in the way of the controls.

- Maureen K

It has more space than it seems to.

My car is really good on gas. The space inside may look small, but there is a lot of room especially when the seats go down. I really enjoy Bluetooth, seat warmers, stereo systems, and AUX cord with the Charger.

- Angelica A

Down to earth and very nice looking.

It is very stylish and cute. I like how it handles very well especially around corners and in bad weather. Due to its small size, its not great for families or driving around multiple people.

- Anna V

Even tall people can sit in this miniaturize size car!

It's a speedy go-kart. The wheel is loose enough to allow you to gently rough and change lanes. Dislike is that I'm so low to ground that debris hits and chips the hood.

- Lee C

It has a small trunk and it does not come with an alarm stock.

I like the gas mileage and performance. It is easy to keep up with all maintenance but just a little pricey. Great winter and summer car and quite spacious.

- Jamie C

It's fun to drive if you like to drive and inexpensive. A lot of car for the money.

It's fun to drive and it's one of a kind. It's very easy to park because it's so small. It's hard to see in traffic though because it's low to the ground.

- Nicole H

This is a great, reliable and fun car. It's got more room than it looks like.

I really love this car. It gets great gas mileage and it really catches people's eye. People always ask me about it and it is a very reliable car.

- Scott S

It looks pretty but after 3 years it starts breaking down.

Maintenance is expensive, engine issues, had to get a new one, ac problems, overheating and check engine light on even with regular maintenance.

- Brittany D

it uses oil and it shouldn't. I have maintained it according to vehicle specs and these are notorious for engine problems.

The cars get more cheaply made each year and seem to have repairs and replacement earlier than other makes of cars- with much higher expenses.

- Tiffani S

Very reliable with minimal repair costs.

It is fun, it is cute, it handles well, fits into parking spots. A reliable car, but pricey to maintain and underpowered. Did I say fun?.

- Jeanne M

It's fun to drive and is very unique. I love driving my MINI and would easily get another one when I need a new car.

It's stylish and is perfect for driving in the city because it's easy to park. It's decent on gas and has all the features I need.

- Elle S

That it is a gas saver! I get over 600 miles to a tank

It is super cute and fast. It feels like driving a fast go kart. It is definitely my favorite car I've ever owned!

- Mary M

Handles great and is so much fun to drive!

I hate that the window up/down buttons are in the center behind the drink holder. And repairs are SO expensive!

- lisa C

For a small car it does not feel small when you drive it on the highway.

I love that my car is small. Because of this I can fit into many parking spaces.Also, it gets great mileage.

- Jeanette G

It will go way faster than expected.

I always get compliments. It has a very unique design. It is very fast. Nothing bad to say about the car.

- Jessica B

My vehicle is red and I love it's sunroof

It is an amazing car! A little expensive for repairs, but not many issues with it in general. Love mini

- Joe L

The Mini Cooper is a super cute, fun car for people who love to drive.

I like that is very cute and fun to drive. I don't like that it is expensive to service and repair.

- Julie N

Reasonable price for quality car, that offers a great ride with great options.

Love it. It fits me. Convertible and fun. Easy to maneuver in and out of traffic and easy to park.

- Michele O

Gas mileage. It has very good gas mileage and is good for the environment.

I like how it is sporty. It handles well. But it is very small and repair prices are high.

- Zach M

the one thing others should know about my car is that it's super cute.

super cute. easy to drive. service is expensive and you can't just take it anywhere.

- Nota Real Name J

They are very fun to drive, very economical, but definitely have their quirks about them

Mini is a fun car to drive. The Mini is fuel efficient. The mini is paid for!

- Margo C

Fits everything and everywhere. Super cute and fun to drive

It's small. Good city car. Drives well in the snow. Inside could be nicer.

- Denise P

I like that it is fun to drive but it is rather small to have other people come along. It also has a lot of road noise since it's so low.

It's great on gas and fun to drive. It looks cute and has been reliable.

- Nicole W

It's beautiful little car easy to use I love my car

I like it cuz it's cute one thing I dislike coz parts is expensive

- Vilma P

Great, spunky car. It's a blast to drive, handles amazingly and gets great gas mileage. It has personality, performance and practicality wrapped into a tiny orange.

It's small but mighty! Mini coopers are the best cars

- Laura C