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Mini Coopers are great cars!

2013 MINI Cooper Base

I really like my car. It runs well on gas, and it's very reliable. I get an oil change about every 6 months depending on how much mileage I use. The car gives updates on what needs to be fixed or maintenance. It is very comfortable because I am a small person and my car is just the right size for me. For someone who is taller, the sit goes far back so you'll be fine as well. The only issue is that the car is very low to the ground so depending on where you live, the front of the car may get scratched.

- Marissa G

My vehicle is a light blue mini cooper and has held up very well.

2013 MINI Cooper S Coupe

My vehicle has great gas mileage and drives smoothly. The only problems I have encountered were due to flat tires and the belt coming loose, all of those problems were easy to fix. It is expensive to maintain everything. The last time I got it inspected I had to pay a couple hundred. It drives well in bad weather except it will occasionally get stuck in snow if there's over 6 inches. I love the color of my car and the fact that I do not have to spend much money on gas each month.

- Cassandra J

Great gas mileage, fun to drive, and it is a really good recognizable car. People will often come up to me and ask me about my car.

2013 MINI Cooper

I like that my primary vehicle is compact and yet large enough to help me get through my day-to-day activities. I also like that the car is fun to drive and sporty, as well as the fact that the car is offered in a standard/manual transmission. My only complaint is that it is sometimes too small of a car for longer trips or for transporting things like furniture, but this is easily overcome by asking for the assistance of a friend or family member.

- Emma D

A lot of fun! A lot of maintenance! All totally worth it!

2013 MINI Cooper

My car has hit basic maintenance needs such as new spark plugs. I have had issues with who can change my oil. I have had issues with a crack in my windshield that came out of nowhere, meaning my whole windshield had to be replaced. I have had to replace my tires 2 times in the course of 30, 000 miles with no clear reason. Nothing seems to be wrong with the tires or alignment and I rotate them regularly.

- Hannah R

This brand products very intelligent cars in terms of design and included features but they are very expensive to repair when things go wrong the same way BMW, the owner of Mini Cooper and Mercedes are.

2013 MINI Cooper

I love the twelve foot length and slightly more than five foot width because it is a dream to park this car anywhere and at 3000 pounds it is also extremely steady on the road. I hate the maintenance costs after 4 years and do not believe things like the front suspension, battery, and exhaust pipe should have failed early in year five with less than 30,000 miles on the car.

- Howard T

Mini cooper ratings and complements

2013 MINI Cooper S

My vehicle is great. It is reliable and gets great gas mileage. I have had to replace the tires which are expensive. The brakes have also been replaced. I don't have any other problems. The mini cooper convertible is turbo and is very comfortable. The features on the car are fun. I have a fundometer. That is when you let the top down and it is fun.

- Tiffany W

Vehicle Mini Cooper summary.

2013 MINI Cooper

I love my Mini Cooper hatchback. Comfortable seats, great instrumentation, and amazing gas mileage. The fold down back seat provides the capability to transport a considerable amount. The car is very peppy. The only comment the car can burn oil a bit more frequently than other types of vehicles although does not cause serious issues.

- Rose H

There are lights that come built into the car that you can change colors.

2013 MINI Cooper Base

Since mini coopers are so low to the ground it bottoms out a lot and it makes getting into the driveway hard. I like how smooth it is and the look of all of the features in the car, although they are placed very differently than other cars. Other than that it a very cute, reliable car that I love driving.

- Rachel S

Love my mini cooper convertible.

2013 MINI Cooper

I love my car. It is a convertible. I live in the city, so having a small car is great. It has great pickup and in my opinion gets good gas mileage. I bought it used two years ago and have had no problems but regular maintenance. I love my dealer and would definitely buy another mini cooper convertible.

- Jane B

Mini cooper strength and weakness review.

2013 MINI Cooper Base

Car spare parts is expensive, need a lot of repair after 5 years used, turbo mode is the best experience ever. This car is very stable in the windy situation and it is gasoline consumption is lower compared to other cars. The only weakness is this car is only suitable for two people maximum.

- Johannes Y

Mighty mini perfect in big city!

2013 MINI Cooper Base Coupe

Living in Los Angeles, the mini cooper has been the best vehicle. Maintenance has been super easy in the 2 years that I have owned the car. I have never had any major issues or complaints! I would highly recommend this car to anyone. As long as you do not live up north - not good for snow.

- Amber B

It's bigger than it looks – many think it's tiny but looks are deceiving.

2013 MINI Cooper

Compact car that is easy to park and drive without much hassle. I dislike that the key can't stay in without pressing the Start button before it flashes a battery warning at me. However, it has a variety of features and warnings to alert me to car troubles earlier than my other car.

- Gretchen K

I have a baby blue 2013 mini cooper with beige and white interior.

2013 MINI Cooper Base

I absolutely love my mini, I have only had one mechanical problem and that was a misfiring spark plug. Mini's are known for costing a lot of money because of maintenance issues but mine has been great. I have had it for 2 years and have taken many road trips with no problem.

- Beth C

You can park almost anywhere.

2013 MINI Cooper

This is my second mini. My first was totaled and I am okay, but I love this car so much and felt it was solid that I bought another. Maintenance is expensive so get a plan. This car is fun and you will not be asked to move furniture! Every day I look forward to driving.

- Pam W

My 2013 Mini Cooper is named Minerva.

2013 MINI Cooper

I bought my mini used in 2015 and aside from one small issue the first week, it has not given me a moments trouble. I only have to have an oil change once a year, and I get incredible gas mileage. The back seats fold down and give me a surprising amount of cargo room.

- Jennifer E

Sporty fun 2 seater! Fun to drive, reliable, makes heads turn.

2013 MINI Cooper S Coupe

I love this sporty, 2 seater coupe! It is nice to drive. A solid car that looks sporty. Handles curve great with it is sport button feature. Has Bluetooth for hands free phone calls. I have had it for 6 years and no mechanical issues. It is a 6 speed and I love that!

- Eileen K

I love my mini and do not have any negative things to say about it.

2013 MINI Cooper S

My mini has lots of get up and go. I get around thirty miles per gallon mileage. It has a great turn ratio. It is very easy to park. There is a lot more room in it than it looks like, when the seats are down. It has additional storage in another area in the trunk.

- Kathy T

My mini cooper is super cute, jam packed with personality, and so easy to drive!

2013 MINI Cooper

I love how sporty it is. Very small, but I enjoy a smaller car. Backseat is very small, but it is a 2 door so that is expected. I love being able to zip around no matter what I do. Also love showing off the speed to friends when the time calls for it.

- Courtney S

It handles as well as a BMW without the BMW price tag.

2013 MINI Cooper

I love my Mini Cooper. The two biggest things I like are the small size (perfect for parking spots) and the great BMW engine that really accelerates quickly. For anyone wanting a small car, I totally recommend it.

- Matt S

It is a zippy little car and cute

2013 MINI Cooper

I love the car - I hate the way other drivers on the road treat me. When a car follows closely, it feels a lot closer in this car than in my previous car. I don't feel as safe in this car due to the size of it.

- Roberta J

Others should know that my car is really fun to drive but it is also safe, despite being small.

2013 MINI Cooper

My car is small and fast. It's fun to drive and I love that I can fit into parking spots that other cars can't. It's a great city car. I like the features inside the car as well. It's sporty and comfortable.

- Emily D

It looks small but it can hold anything you need! The regular trunk is perfect for groceries without it moving around. Once you fold down the seats, it's like an SUV.

2013 MINI Cooper

I like that it is small and compact. It is easy to park in the city. It fits into our 2 car garage easily without blocking the washer and dryer. It is fast and fun to drive, and can hold a lot in the trunk.

- Asia F

I get great miles to the gallon. Can go about 2 weeks before filling up.

2013 MINI Cooper

I get great gas mileage. I love the size. . Can park easily. Love that I can only carry 2 people. Great trunk space. don't like the unlock system for getting into the trunk when I am on the outside of car.

- Sandy W

You will spend a lot on repairs and it probably won't be worth it for you to try to do them yourself.

2013 MINI Cooper

It's the nicest/newest car I have ever owned. I don't like how expensive it is to repair it. Also, there's no haynes manual out for it yet and since it's so compact it's difficult to work on yourself.

- kendra e

Surprisingly practical sport

2013 MINI Cooper

Gets great gas mileage and rides smoothly; can be uncomfortable on long rides given the level of support in the driver's seat. Surprising amount of space especially with the back seats put down.

- Rebekah B

It's reliable and safe, despite the tiny size and toy look.

2013 MINI Cooper

I love that my vehicle is a mix of chic style and safe performance on the road. It's perfectly sized for me, keeps me stress-free on the road, and I love it so much. No complaints.

- Elizabeth S

42 MPG overall and a blast to drive. It is very distinctive and easy to pick out in a crowd.

2013 MINI Cooper

I love the handling and drivability it has. The short wheelbase makes steering very responsive. I can park almost anywhere. My only complaint is the ride, but it is very light.

- Jacob P

Mini cooper s is a fun agile quick but pricey toy

2013 MINI Cooper

The mini Cooper is a fun, quick little car. It accelerates and brakes fast, takes corners quick and is very responsive. Only real problems are the cost of maintenance.

- Kim F

Gas mileage is outstanding. Fun to drive. Great pick-up.

2013 MINI Cooper

The mini cooper has been extremely reliable and its gas mileage is great - often over 40 miles per gallon. It has great pick-up, in the stick shift version at least.

- Joseph P

Comfort to drive and it easy to maneuver into smaller parking areas/garages.

2013 MINI Cooper

I love how it drives. It handles well and the turn radius is great. It is easy to parallel park. It is a manual transmission and it is so much fun to drive.

- Danielle J

That it's a manual transmission.

2013 MINI Cooper

I like that it's small, so it gets good fuel mileage. But, being small means I can't transport a lot. I like that it's manual, except when I'm in traffic.

- r S

Love my mini, a few minor reasons I could love it more.

2013 MINI Cooper

I love my mini, my only complaint would be the electronics. They are very sensitive and often go off. It does cost a bit more for repairs.

- Christina B

That is a gas saver, easy to parked. Not too expensive

2013 MINI Cooper

I like the car it saves energy, is easy to find parking, is compact. Gas is a saver, eve though is recommend for the most expensive to use

- Karla r

It is roomier inside than it looks.

2013 MINI Cooper

I love how cute it is. It is dependable and reliable. It is quick and fun to drive. When I replace it will be with another mini.

- Dawn R

best car that I've owned!

2013 MINI Cooper

never had any major problems with the car. have had to replace the windshield but besides that only routine maintenance.

- Abbey R

Parts and servicing cost a lot with this car if you go through the authorized agents

2013 MINI Cooper

The car is trendy and cool. However it isn't very practical. It also isn't very fast. Parts for it tend to be expensive

- Jonathan G

Great gas mileage 38 per gallon.

2013 MINI Cooper

I like the size, the trunk has a lot of space. It has sent warmers. I prefer older vintage cars and convertibles.

- Nicole G

Rainbow indoor colored lights

2013 MINI Cooper

Love the mileage and it's cute. No problems just keep up with maintenance. Parts cost a lil more then some cars.

- Eva G

Burns oil quickly due to being a high performance vehicle.

2013 MINI Cooper

Amazing all around, drives like a go cart! Great service from mini too. Much bigger than you would think inside.

- Lauren D

it handles quite well in bad weather.

2013 MINI Cooper

i like the fact that it is a manual transmission. it seems that the headlights burn out way to fast in my mind.

- dave R

It has great gas mileage.

2013 MINI Cooper

It is good on gas mileage. It has good power. But the heat and air conditioning is not the best in my opinion.

- Logan W

it has an amazing amount of headroom. th gas mileage and size is unbeatable.

2013 MINI Cooper

i love everything especially how roomy it is. its small but powerful. it has a lot of get up and go.

- cliff s

Very safe in an accident.

2013 MINI Cooper

I love it. Runs great. Good on gas. Very reliable. Small size. Very low to ground. Hard to get out..

- Brittany S

Gas! I can travel from DC to NYC with just 30 bucks full tank.

2013 MINI Cooper

Perfect car for a city. I can find parking easily; my car is compact and convenient and is so cute.

- Tiago S

Will it work for your present but also for your future

2013 MINI Cooper

I like that is is quick and cute. It is fun to drive but I wish it had more space and 4 wheel drive

- Brandi S

FUN TO DRIVE - why have a car that you dread getting into every day? When I am feeling down, tired, sad, worn out, driving my MINI increases my happiness factor every time!

2013 MINI Cooper

automatic transmission - prefer 6 speed Other than that, LOVE IT ALL THE TIME heated seats - LOVE

- Em M

I do not have any issues with my car. I absolutely love how small and cute it is and the gas mileage is definitely amazing.

2013 MINI Cooper

Do not try and over use the sport mode, it will wear off the tread of your tires faster.

- Natalie M

The gas mileage of the car is great, much higher than what I had in the past. The AC and radio both work well. The color is ice blue which is also good.

2013 MINI Cooper

It is very low comparable to other cars which is an adjustment but not a major issue.

- Jessica J

The mini is very cute and fun to drive. I live in an area with curvy roads and the mini handles well. I do not like the expensive repair bills.

2013 MINI Cooper

It appears to be small and fragile, but is very safe according to crash tests.

- Linda S

well-made but parts are expensive. Fast and many options. Love it.

2013 MINI Cooper

fast & cute but parts are expensive & I wish there was a closer dealership.

- Sammy H

It requires mid grade fuel

2013 MINI Cooper

It is compact. It is cute. I don't like driving it at highway speed.

- l m

It drive bumpy. The suspension is tough.

2013 MINI Cooper

I love that it's so fast. It looks great. Takes turns like a champ.

- Chris B

The Mini Cooper S is a sporty and fun car to drive, especially the model with a manual transmission.

2013 MINI Cooper

It is fun to drive. It is easy to park. It has comfortable seats.

- Patricia K

I like its design. But the price is a little bit expensive compared with other vehicles. Also, the car is not that comfortable to drive in.

2013 MINI Cooper

Even though price is high, size is small, MINI is cute.

- Jason S


2013 MINI Cooper