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2017 mini cooper hardtop 2 doors is a really secure car.

I have a moonwalk grey 2017 mini cooper hardtop 2 doors and I really love. The car is really pretty and comfortable. The seats are made of leather and they fit human body perfectly so you always feel comfortable while driving. The steering wheel is thick making it good to hold on to. The panel looks very technological, pretty and it is easy to navigate through and you can change the panel color whenever you like. Even though it only has 2 doors it is easy for a person to get to the back seats and differently than it looks the back has actually a pretty good space and it is also really comfortable. The car is not noisy and it really is firm on the floor.

- Julia N

I love my bright orange Mini Cooper.

My car is perfect for me. Its sporty and its adorable. Its my first car and it has become my child. I love the features on the middle screen and how I can choose the lighting colors. I get many comments on the looks and features. It drives so smooth and even has a sports mode. I also have the option to save gas. My car turns off when stopped and then starts up again as soon as I hit the gas!

- Katie E

The tiny blue mini cooper.

I own a 2017 two door mini cooper. I am not really found of it only having two door and I can feel everything when I drive. Although I love the color, leather seats, radio system, cozy for the size, very reliable and, great gas mileage. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten a bigger cooper. I do love pretty much everything besides the size.

- Michelle B

Pros & cons with 4th mini.

Less traction/safety in winter driving than previous minis I have owned. Bluetooth continues to disconnect on a daily basis. Enjoy convenience of 4 door model, and great visibility. Regular model now as good as s regarding acceleration, etc. A fan of interior design/display. Size allows for easy parking and maneuvering, and there is good gas mileage.

- Liza P

The mini cooper is a great fun car.

It is fantastic. It is a blast to drive because it is very quick and fast, and it is also very nimble and agile. It looks great and has classic styling. It's a great size and its very easy to park, but it still has some cargo room. The seats are very comfortable and the tech is great.

- Anthony P

Mini Cooper, best drive, energetic and easy to park.

There are really no problems with the car! If I have to be picky I would prefer a car which gets better mileage and an onboard computer that is more intuitive. The seats are very comfortable and the car seems solid and well made. It is zippy and has good pick up even on steep hills.

- Wendy S

Mini coopers are so fun and reliable!

Very reliable, my fourth mini, love them, comfortable, stylish, fun, performance is great, like driving a go cart!! Handling is so fun, my first convertible and I love it, loved the sunroof in my 2011, which they do not make anymore, had 2 that both cracked open, looked very nice.

- Susan B

Cute and perfect car for my needs! Even fits my two dogs perfectly.

I love my mini, it is my second one even though my first experience was horrible. It was an 09 so still semi British built and the engine blew. My current mini is amazing though great gas mileage and living in la it is the perfect size for parking. Would totally recommend!

- Taylor R

mini cooper s: the perfect car.

The mini cooper s has great so many great features. For instance it has great gas mileage, comfortable seats, a cell phone holder built in, green mode to save gas and energy and sport mode options. It is spacious and feels more like a luxury car - would highly recommend.

- Nicole L

Quick, powerful, and tiny.

It is nimble and cool and very fun to drive. It packs a lot of power but is also surprisingly safe for its size. No problems. But, you can. It change the oil without going to a certified mini mechanic because under the hood is very cramped. This can get expensive.

- Jacqueline H

I love the new technology packages.

Mini is an amazing brand. I just feel like the f56 models are more of a car rather than a mini. They just keep getting bigger and bigger. There is not speedometer in the middle, the window switches were moved to the door. ( I like the toggle switches).

- Jennifer D

It is small but it is a very safe car.

I wish that the windows were tinted. The interior is black and it gets very hot in the summer months. It looks small from the outside but it is very roomy and I have plenty of space.

- Johanna F

It is great for day to day but I wouldn’t travel far in it.

I love the size, it is not too little and just big enough. I love the interior and the style of the overall car. My only dislikes stem from the leather seats which can overheat easily.

- Jennifer P

A fun and reliable ride with style

I love the style of the car. Also how it drive And how it handles on the road. This is my third Mini and I have never had a problem it is a very reliable and fun to drive

- Maria F

My Mini Cooper is not as tiny inside as it looks - plenty of room in there!

I love my 4 door Mini Cooper. It has a sunroof, moonroof, great audio, and hands free tech. I love the way it looks and the way it drives. I have no complaints.

- Alisa E

It is super fun to drive and I highly recommend getting all of the features.

I have not had any issues with my vehicle since owning it. It is easy to maintain and I have a great warranty. I would definitely recommend mini coopers.

- Erin N

Fun to drive Mini Cooper.

My 2017 Mini Cooper is fun to drive. The Mini Cooper has a 3 cylinder with a Turbo. The Mini Cooper has a sports mode that makes the car very responsive.

- Jose L

My car is easy to drive and fun.

I like that it moves around narrow streets easily, it is good on gas, and it is a compact size which can park easily anywhere in los angeles.

- Veronica L

Fun to drive but not super practical.

Very small gas tank. Low to the ground. Small uncomfortable backseat. Fun to drive and easy to maneuver. Good styling but very basic tech.

- Kelley A

It is great to drive visual response time.

Fun to drive! Good mileage. Very sporty and fast. Comfortable. I am short.. So it is a little difficult to sit up high enough..

- Ann-lynn D

The car is very good on gas.

No complaints about my vehicle. The car is great on gas, drives great, and has good service in case anything happens.

- Kelsey A

Love my Mini Cooper! Great car

Great steering control, handles turns perfectly, comfortable and roomy. Effect size can always find a parking spot

- Drew D

I love how small the mini is. It handles turns well. It's small but has plenty of room.

It's small, but safe. It has enough room for my father who is 6 feet by 6 inches.

- Adina G

It is a fun car to drive.

It is sporty. It is unique looking. Easy to drive. It is very comfortable.

- Keith R

It drives nicely and feels safe. But I do except better technology to be used on the car. And they need to improve their customer service

It's cheaper than people think, has bigger space than people think


It's fun to drive. Looks cool & different. Unique style.

Fun to drive. Has power. Looks fun. Can park anywhere.

- Les B