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Great reliable, fun, and safe car; a mini tanker.

The care has great performance, a strong durable and reliable car that does not feel like it will fall apart despite the size. Going over any speed bump, sinkhole, etc. feels like you are in a mini military tank. It is great on gas, and cost very little to fill up, but drains gas quicker when placed on sport mode. It is small but has speed. The car tells you exactly how many miles your gas tank has left based on your speed continuously. I love the Harmon/kardon system installed in the car, and the Bluetooth option makes it a lot safer to talk on the phone. Behind the driver and passenger side is a little ledge so you are able to store certain items. You also have the option of XM radio with a paid subscription. Although the car is a small coupe, there is a lot of trunk space. The only complaints I have is the key fob sensor can be a little faulty; at times it will not allow me to unlock the trunk. The other key fob stopped working altogether, ; costing at least 200 dollars to replace. The second issue is the roof of the car seems a bit too low; but that is not something that can be fixed.

- Alexandra M

They're great, they handle well, and they last for a while.

I thing the car performs really well, it is handling is amazing even a higher (technically illegal speeds) and the wheel does not shake a all like in the Toyota's I have. Gas mileage is pretty great both on the main road and in the city. It is a lot roomier than you think it would be. There are a couple of downsides mostly due to maintenance, but luckily you don't have to do that very often. But because it is imported parts they're more expensive, oil changes are more expensive. And the thing that I wasn't expecting is that mini coopers are apparently to small for spares and so they use a tire called run flats, which are like $150-$200 a tire.

- Joseph B

Beautiful and fun sporty car.

Auxiliary water pump goes bad. Sensitive shift lock assembly, spilled a sweet tea in my car and it ended up being a $1400 repair. Huge oil leak. I love this car inside and out, its sporty and zippy and fun. That is what made me buy the car in the first place. Repairs are always expensive, no matter what it is. Also, my two blinkers on my two front doors just popped out and flew off so now there's just wires sticking out there.

- Shannon J

Pocket size fun driving adventures!

Good looking compact car that is fun to drive. I really enjoy my mini because it is fits anywhere and it is great on gas. My only negative is that it is could ride smoother but nevertheless it has been great on many road trips. May look small but there's plenty of room. The price tag is a little much for a small car, however you are getting luxury style in a pocket size.

- Alex B

I love my mini. The look of the car is sporty and yet comfortable.

I have had no problems with my mini. I absolutely love the performance of the car, the comfort and reliability is awesome. The inside features are great, the seats are comfortable and the car is exactly what I have always wanted in a car. I have taken it on some long trips and I am pleased with the gas mileage.

- Mary A

Mini improvements for the mini.

Cup holder design not convenient. Rear should have had extra seat. Rear seat rail between the seats seems to have no purpose. No rear cup holders. Gas mileage is good and handling is good. Speakers could be upgrade for such a luxury car. Window tinting should come standard in certain climates.

- Tobin B

Sportiest dependable car on the road.

It is fun, sporty, quick, easy to handle, roomy, and adorable. It is turbo charged, 4 door. It takes regular unleaded gas which is the most affordable gas you can purchase plus I average 36 miles out of each gallon. 2 Sunroofs, leather interior, excellent stereo with many speakers.

- Maggie M

Really cool looking, well made and fun to drive. Trade off is poor gas mileage.

The mini countryman is a powerful small car that handles really well. The interior is roomy and very comfortable. The only downsides are that the rear cargo area is only big enough for a few bags of groceries. My small dogs do not fit back there, and gas mileage is not great.

- Donna M

It is expensive to upkeep through the years.

It is pretty loud at high speeds, not great on gas mileage, after 50, 000 miles, and everything is expensive to fix or upkeep. I do love some of the feature, great in the snow (all wheel drive and winter package) easy to park. Greta space with the bench seats.

- Helen L

Mini countryman 2012. My second and last mini.

I have had a lot of maintenance issues like the amp went out and it was > $1000 to fix. There is always an alert about something. Also run flat tires are incredibly expensive and if you have to replace one tire then you have to replace all of them. The end.

- Emily W

Fast and fun but cantankerous and costly

Very easy to maneuver; Sporty yet classy body style; Gas efficient; love the double sunroofs and leather interior. Drawbacks: Regular maintenance is very expensive; parts & labor for repair is astronomical; Not worth the price tag...

- Terrilyn C

It is beyond fun to drive when you hit the sport button.

I love my car. I honestly do. But it is so expensive to maintain and you never know if the person you are taking it to knows what they are doing. So I always take it to mini and I feel ripped off. I want a car with updated features.

- Margaret T

I love how quickly my car accelerates, and how it handles for being a larger MINI. There is nothing that I hate about my MINI!!!

If you want a fun ride, but don't want to sacrifice the ability to take people comfortably, with cargo the MINI Cooper Countryman, in all of its trim levels (Cooper, Cooper S, JCW), is the ideal ride.

- Robert G

It is super fun to drive; also comfortable on long trips, like a 12-hour day.

I love the way it looks and handles, I love the options that were offered like sport mode and rear bucket seats. I dislike the ridiculously small rear cargo area, and the gas mileage is not so great.

- Donna M

Great car until something goes wrong - then can get costly

Until recently, I absolutely loved my Mini... until I had to take it in for what I thought would be a minor repair and ended up with a $4500 bill. The car is stylish, but beware repair costs.

- Jen S

Extremely fun car for quick turns and road trips.

Due to the small engine, there is a bit of hesitation with speeding up quickly, but once the car is already moving, it speeds up very quickly. Mini's are very stylish and fun to drive.

- Abby B

Comfort, Ease, and Reliability

The car handles beautifully. It is extremely comfortable especially when traveling. I love the heated seats! There is not much storage space which I feel is its only downfall.

- Devon M

It's FAST and surefooted - the combination of the turbo and the All4 system makes it the perfect car for me!

I absolutely LOVE my Mini! I enjoying the distinctive styling, the gauges, and the speed. Mostly I love that it's a turbo AND a 4 wheel drive!

- April L

My car feels different with the breaks and gas pedals. It takes more pressure than other cars.

I love the size and the color. The gadgets are all new and updated. I dislike that there are only two seats in the back.

- Megan P

Its my helper. It helps me get through the cold winters and lets me easily get to places regardless if it has minor issues

I like that it can take me to work and back. I dislike how the steering wheel cringes. But im thankful for a car

- Sumreen K

That it has good airbags and it rides smoothly.

I love the fact that my mini is a family van but what I do not like is that I cannot open the back windows.

- Jasmine C

It requires a lot of maintenance, and the parts are very expensive.

Multiple failures at lower mileage: alternator, sway bar links, spark plugs, pcv valve.... Fun to drive.

- Benjamin Z

I like the design and the compactness but that it can still fit my family and what we need.

It fits my personality and lifestyle. I like that it is different from what most people drive.

- Geraldine M

It a good investment car down the road . it only takes premium gas.

It a fun car. Did not have any major problem and great gas mileage.

- Richard G