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Why this nana loves her mini!

I love this car! I almost did not check it out because I thought it would be too small inside but was I pleasantly surprised. My 6ft football player built son-in-law even commented on its roominess in the back seat. I love the way it handles on the highway and the gas mileage as I travel between Pennsylvania and Virginia at least once a month to visit family. Best of all I feel safe in my mini and I love how it literally takes care of itself!

- Ann A

Very roomy and smart little car.

Handles well, great for parking. Cute interior with more room then you would think. I especially like the colored lights on the interior, the large round pedometer and switches for the overhead lights. Some of the cons would be that it takes mid grade or premium gas. Although, the gas mileage is very good. One other thing is that it is low to the ground and hard to see around SUV's etc. Overall a great little car.

- Dawn H

The 2014 mini Cooper countryman review.

Well this car is great for a single person or just a married couple with no kids yet I find it will be to small for kids but as me and my wife do not have any it's wonderful the power is great the speed is there its a fun almost like mini cart driving experience I would tell anyone to get one but be sure to only just 91 oct gasoline so it will save your turbo.

- Jacob P

The greatest car ever to drive.

The performance and handling of this vehicle is outstanding. It rides very comfortable. It gets great gas mileage. It is fun to drive because you can change the way you drive it from sport to green to mid. The stereo system is great and there are 15 speakers in the car. It is great to take on vacation as it is only myself and my dog.

- Kathie P

Mini Countryman is a great small "SUV"!

I have not had any issues with my mini, besides the obvious usual maintenance. I love the way it rides, and the fact that I have AWD where in the mini I had previously did not so I when it snowed I really tried to stay off the roads. I love the look of the vehicle and that even though it a smaller "SUV" it is very roomy.

- Kristen W

Love this car. Mini is the best.

Love it is a manual transmission. Performance is great. Reliable. Comfort is key and great in this car. No problems whatsoever. Lots of room. Love the car. Will keep it as long as we can. Love driving it. Love the lack of maintenance. We bought one in 2011 and now again in 2014.

- Geo F

Great car lots of fun gotta try the manual.

Na. I don't really want to talk about my car. But I do love my car a lot. It is fun and it is good for comfort. Reliability is great. No problems at all. Not sure what else to say but buy one and find out what fun it is. Good dealership. Love it is a stick shift.

- George F

It is really fun to drive and comfortable to ride in.

I really like the way it looks. I think the styling is very cute and I like that the mini is a well known and reputable brand. The only thing that I do not like is that it is a little basic on the inside and it does not have a backup camera.

- Caitlin V

I love the bonnet stripes on my car!

I love my car so much. It's so cute and the perfect size. People think it's tiny but they get inside and are surprised at how roomy it is. The mpg is pretty good but sometimes my car has trouble shifting gears automatically.

- Annie S

Buy the tire replacement plan. You may never have had a flat tire before, but you will with this car.

I like the look and the features of my car. However, I have had a random mechanical issue that caused a breakdown on a busy city road and I have had many flat tires. These have made my car experience less than perfect.

- Cynthia K

My mini cooper countryman is actually very spacious and sturdy.

The only problem I have experienced with my vehicle is the wipers stopped working recently. Apart from that I have not experienced anything else that would have me speak negatively of mini cooper.

- Becky B

It is a reliable and is so much fun to drive around.

I really love my car. It is sporty and good looking. It gets good gas mileage and has 4 wheel drive for when I need it. I also love the sunroof.

- Josie S

Even though it is a small car it has great performance and interior design.

I love this vehicle size and mpg. I dislike the color of it a little bit. The color is cream and I wish the color of the car was black.

- Emily F

The Countryman has the fun of your standard Mini at a more practical size (larger) that allows four to sit comfortable.

It is super fun to drive! It has 4 cylinders so has good gas mileage. It takes only premium gas. Oil changes are expensive.

- Lynn K

Safe and good turn radius. Good for several passengers and great for the driver.

Comfy for all of the passengers, great trunk space. Occasionally the bluetooth and acceleration have issues.

- Blake O

It is fast, agile, great on gas and looks awesome.

I love almost everything. I don't like the center knob to control stuff. It should be a touchscreen.

- John L

I gas mileage is unbelievable for this car, whether I am in town or on the highway.

I love the gas mileage. The do not like the expense to fix it. I love the room for my passengers.

- Trina S

Can be fun to drive, but there are a lot of problems such as electrical, clutch, and coil problems

It looks nice, can be fun to drive, but it can run into a lot of problems.

- Kevin K

it fits more than you'd think - 5 people comfortably.

custom ordered from the factory. manual transmission. all-wheel drive.

- Chris F

It Handles great. And it gets Great gas mileage. It's fun to drive.

I love it. Driving it is fun and it feels safe. Handles great

- Christyne S

Awesome big mini with way more passenger room and turbo charged.

I like everything except the screen should be a touch screen.

- John G

Sporty Fun Love to Drive it, I wish it was a convertible.

Super Fun. Easy to drive and great in the snow and ice.

- Rose H

Reliable and dependable. It is fun to drive. The run flat tires are not reliable

It is fun to drive and economical. No storage space

- Angie H

2014 mini cooper countryman review.

- Lynn W