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Pros and cons of the mini cooper countryman�s base engine.

The engine is not fast enough for me, however because the engine is small the gas mileage is pretty good. I fill up my tank with 25 dollars and lasts me for good 6 days of commuting from one side of town to the opposite side. I love and hate the leather seats. They look great but they are very uncomfortable in the winter and hot summers. It is a small car so I can fit in anywhere but I can still fit in 5 people in my car.

- A Q

Sporty, fun, and practical.

My car performs great it all weather. Handles great, had amazing pickup, and is spacious enough for what I require. I have a rack system that allows for hauling kayaks and is really fun to drive. Being a 4 door it allows for plenty of room for 4 people comfortably. The trunk space is a little small, but not horrible. A little planning ahead and you can fit all you need into this sporty and fun car.

- David B

Great car-would buy all over again.

Within the first year of ownership I had to get four new tires and the wires that connect the engine to the starter (or something like that, I cannot remember what they are called. ) But other than that, I really love it, gas mileage is not bad, the size is kind of perfect, I would feel safe having kids in car seats in it.

- Alexandra C

Countryman mini cooper breaks down too often.

I have had this car for 2 years and I have had to take it to the dealership because parts were broken down by use. I still had the warranty so I didn't have to pay anything but my 2007 Corolla breaks down way less and I have had the Corolla for 8 years. I love how it looks but the engine is not powerful enough.

- Ana A

Put your car into sport mode to get a powerful driving experience.

Easy to handle on the road. Not so low to the ground so that others can see me. Very stylish. Control panels on dash are very easy to read. Plenty of space in the rear seat for passengers. Can put the car into sport mode which gives a better driving experience. Trunk space is deep.

- Helen C

It is fun to drive, The seats can be uncomfortable.

The mini cooper provides a smooth exciting ride. I am impressed with performance but disappointed in the quality of certain items, the lumbar support broke within 18 months. The interior also feels inexpensive. Over all I love the car but feel slightly on value for the price.

- Jenn M

Lane alert and braking system.

Fun to drive due to relation to a go kart, only zippier! Mini cooper drivers spirit and recognizing one another with the mini's "hi, sign", while cursing. Great gas mileage. Countryman is like SUV but mini, can always find parking space and handles in mud, rain, ice, snow!.

- Mary C

A fun little car with lots of good looks and power.

Very roomy, comfortable, has lots of power and loaded with extras, it has all wheel drive and manual shift, really like the display (mileage, gas capacity, etc., ) seats move easily and all the settings (wipers, air conditioning, heater) are programed in to the system.

- Diane M

Trunk has a hatch under for shopping so you can still fit a stroller above it.

Very comfortable, drives well (it has the same engine as a cooper so it does not have the same pick-up and handling), very spacious for how small the car is. Definitely a great starting family car, has perfect room for a stroller and it is really a good drive.

- Sarah H

We love our mini a whole lot!

No problems so far, we live in Wisconsin and it's not great in the snow but we don't drive a ton in the winter so it's not a big deal. Our daughter's car seat fits great in the back, and her stroller fits in the cargo area with a little clever maneuvering!!

- Stephanie C

My MINI Countryman is a smooth, sleek ride that is economical and roomy!

My MINI Countryman is a fantastic ride! It has great gas mileage and rides smoothly. The Sport mode is one of my favorite features of the car. The only thing I would change would be to add a touchscreen nav system.

- Kayla D

Traded in my Minivan, for my Mini. It's their "SUV" the Countryman, and it's so much easier to park and has enough space and I can do all my shopping and fit it.

I have a family of five and 3 dogs. I can do a whole shopping with my Mini. I traded in my Minivan for it. I hated trying to park it and didn't enjoy driving it. My Mini is fun and adequate for my family needs.

- April C

Drives great in snowy conditions when it has 4 wheel drive

I like the compact size. I dislike if I need to replace it the new ones are larger. I dislike that I cannot charge my phone because they only support apple products. I like the leather interior

- Claire C

It is a very fun car to drive and a lot roomier than one would think.

My car is fun to drive. It is very similar to driving a go cart as the turn radius is sharp. It is equipped with a turbo which makes it very quick. I have no complaints.

- lynn h

Use the sport mode for. Added. Power.

Not as much power as I would like. But it is still fun to. Drive. I think it is expensive to repair and I will get something else when time to. Trade. In.

- Jamie B

It's quick like a rabbit! very easy to maneuver in traffic

It's fast and stylish. The interior is a bit cheap with some flimsy plastic coverings. the steering is tight and responsive. lots of fun to drive.

- Danny C

Detail mini cooper countryman.

Noises everywhere in the dash, doors, seat belts that is horrible when you buy a new car. The good thing is he mini cooper fix everything.

- Hortensia P

Standard safety features are wonderful.

Love the size and although it looks small the inside has great space. Great on gas. And so far there isn't any dislikes about my car.

- Jose L

It's very specious and great for families. The town and country minivan is awesome.

It is very comfortable. I love my mini van the room that it offers. Great for kiddos and it runs well. I also love the gas mileage.

- Patricia M

The mini cooper countryman is a fast paced car with amazing handling.

I love how compact my car is. The gas mileage is great. The stereo is awesome. The seats can be uncomfortable in long distances.

- Christine R

Fun to drive and economical

Run flat tires are a pain the butt. Expensive. The car doesn't come with a spare. It is great on gas though and very roomy.

- Michele S

How safe it is compared to other vehicle brands.

Gas mileage and safety of the vehicle are top likes. Dislike the cost of maintenance for parts and repairs.

- Rebekah C

It's a very strong and fun to drive car. It gives great mileage.

I love the way my Mini drives. I love the customization and color of my car. I hate the price of the car.

- Pat C

Space and how well it gives you great miles per gallon

I love the space that that car provides. Vehicle is great on gas mileage and it looks awesome

- Jose V

I love the style of the mini cooper, but shied away from it because of size. When the Countryman came out I was excited to join the mini family. I have had no problems with the vehicle at all.

The countryman is still a mini. It handles curves well, accelerates well, and is good on gas.

- tammy b

It's great on gas and has excellent torque. It's fun to drive.

I love that it's good on gas. I think the tires need to be better manufactured.

- milka k

No one can drive it but me because it's a manual transmission and I don't want anyone messing it up

It's cute gets good gas mileage but if it breaks it's expensive to fix

- Lewan D