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My Mini Cooper is magnificent for its reliability and tight handling.

I love driving my Mini Cooper countryman and I am a loyal Mini Cooper customer! The car is reliable, has quick pick up, and never lets me down. The features that have made me become a loyal Mini Cooper fan is that this car is great on gas, provides great head room, and I love all the fancy electronic features and lights that other cars do not have. It is also a great conversation piece as I am always running into someone who inquires about my vehicle.

- Karen K

mini cooper is a great car for the young at heart individuals.

Driving a mini, even the bigger models, is like driving a go-cart. It is probably the most fun you will have driving a car. The countrymen is a great compromise of a small compact car and a sedan. The back seat has ample leg room. There’s not that many cup holders in the whole car which is very important.

- Me A

Overall how unique this vehicle is compared to other makes.

I have had my mini for over 1 year now and so far so good. No problems yet. All features are great. I love that all mini models come equipped with such great extra features without jeopardizing the model so much. You do not have to spend a lot to have leather seats, sunroofs etc.

- Kelly P

Great sporty car with a lot of functionality.

Love the sporty aspect of it, and also the way it drives and how the seats fold down, like an SUV. It is very functional yet very safe and nice to drive. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs great fuel mileage and has small children or couples without children.

- Angela T

The mini cooper countryman has a very fun dashboard & lights that change color.

The mini country is very roomy and considered an SUV. It has very fun, easily operated features. It handles the road well and is fun too drive. It is my second mini and I cannot imagine driving another car.

- Karen Y

The car is so much fun to drive and it always gets looks.

I love my MINI Countryman because it is sporty and it represents me. I also like the room it offers for traveling. My only dislike is that it burns through gas easily making more gas stops unavoidable.

- Nicholas H

It gets pretty good gas mileage and is easy to park.

I like that it is spacious and compact; it is easy to park. I do not like the bluetooth system or air conditioning system.

- May K

Performs very well. Gets great gas mileage compared to other cars I have driven. I live in a snowy place, and it is great in ice and snow. My only complaint is that parts for replacement are a little more expensive than average.

The Mini Countryman is a safe and reliable car and I would highly recommend it.

- Lindsay T

It looks great but will cost you quite a bit of money to maintain

find to drive, but gets poor mileage. Great steering and speed

- Fred R