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I love my Mitsubishi eclipse gt.

Really the only problem with my car now is I recently had a child & it is a two door car (sports car). So it is hard to get a car seat in an out of the back seat. But I do love my car. I love the shape of the car, that it is a sports car. It is also a 6 cylinder. So it does have some power to it, which I like. It is also easy to get to the trunk from the inside, because the back seats fold down super easy. Making it super easy to get to the trunk. Or if you need to fit something little larger, the seats being able to fold down really helps with that as well. Also, even though being a 6 cylinder, it does get good gas mileage.

- Brittany F

I love the fact that you can not lock your keys in the door while in ignition.

The air conditioner drips and leaves a puddle of water throughout the whole car and the engine has a shift sensor problem. It drives very good. I loves how it hugs the road and gets up speed. I also love the door unlock feature where you can turn the key twice and it unlocks both doors however I do not like the passenger door not having a place where u can lock and unlock your doors.

- Michelle B

It's best to get yourself the v6 5 speed, any others are junk.

I have the 2002 mitsubishi eclipse gt, v6, 5 speed, it is a very reliable vehicle and very quick. This car has a lot of torque and fun to run around the city. Mine has lambo doors and full body kit with the engine bay painted along with everything else on the engine and interior. I would recommend this car to anybody..

- Dustin W

Paul walker had the same car in fast and furious.

Well it is a used car that I own. I got in a couple fender benders throughout the years. Which has caused some damage to the hood, side of the car, shocks and radiator. It is gray and it's a coupe. The same Eclipse Paul walker had in the fast a furious thats what makes it so cool to me.

- Taylor D

The eclipse gets amazing gas mileage!

The performance is great! I really love the easy handling and the functions. It has great gas mileage. The only problem is that it is not good for long trips since it is a compact car. But other than that it is an amazing car, I love driving it and would recommend this car to anyone.

- Jessica P

Still looks current with body style and headlights.

Only issue I have got the car in ca moved to Texas, between rain and heat, convertible top has shrunk and leaks plus too hot to put the top down it is over 100 sometimes 30 days straight and when it gets dark and cooler the mosquitoes take over not recommended for texas.

- Linda D

Her name is Ruby and she is ready to go

Good on gas love my lil car just had tires spark plug valve cap starter combination switch and ignition switch replaced had tires replaced im the second owner transmission rebuilt and is ready to run. Awesome car and is willing to make trades for a bigger car

- Fantasia L

It's a beautiful sports car

I love my car. I've had it for 6 years and I haven't really had any major problems with it. So far I've only had to replace minor things like the battery and whatever. It seems really well built and it seems to be lasting a long time

- Karen A

It is fun to drive and a reliable ride.

It is a sporty convertible that I enjoy driving. Except for an oil leak it has been relatively reliable and I would drive another if I get rid of this one.

- Doug L

Its gains speed very quickly and it's a very lite weight car

I like the gas mileage, it's easy to handle at high speeds, and its sporty look. I don't like how low it sits to the ground or how compact it is.

- Amanda O

The number one best car for anyone.

Runs great. Has amazing gas mileage and seats 4 people comfortably. There is basically no problems with the engine or transmission.

- Angela S

For my car to be a 2002, car it has held up all this time.

It is good on gas. It is easy to keep clean. It's good on highway miles. It has lasted for a long time. I love my car.

- Ivy J

It is a safe a s reliable vehicle.

It's old. Breaks down. Broken mirror. Headlights go out fast. Breaks are loose. I like the color. I like the size.

- Sally P

It's high performance and has great gas mileage

No complaints i love my car its great on gas low maintenance and it drives very well its performance is excellent

- Candace C

Hit a telephone pole and needs a headlight and need to be registered.

It hit a telephone pole. Need a lot of work done now. Needs new interior. Needs new skin and a head light.

- Kayla T