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This car is great to drive and easy to zip around in!

My car has a lot of "get up and go" to it which I love! The breaks are very sensitive and overall I get around good in this car. My only problem is that I have an oil leak and it causes smoke to rise up from under the hood. Other than that (and the engine light being on for quite some time) I enjoy driving this car. It is comfortable, but not a family car. This car is great for 2 people but once there's more people riding in the car it becomes a hassle to pull the seats up in my opinion.

- Sierra L

Some problems with a Mitsubishi eclipse 2003

I have had to replace almost the whole engine after i drove from North Carolina to Michigan; though i have had problems in the past. The alternator was the hardest thing to get because no auto parts store has them because they aren't allowed to have them; so you have to call the dealership and hope they have one and then wait for it to be shipped to you.

- Ondrea L

It is a dependable, economical car that is sporty and fun to drive.

I bought my used Eclipse convertible in 2004 with about 37,000 on it. It has a 5-speed manual transmission and I love driving with the top down. It has over 156,000 miles on it now and, overall, has been a great car to own. My only complaint is I've had ongoing heating/ac problems that no repair shop has been capable of fixing on a permanent basis.

- Pamela G

Good old petunia is still reliable.

This vehicle has had its ups and downs but good old petunia is sturdy and reliable. She runs great, and has just had a lot of work done actually. Brand new gaskets and an alternator, spark plugs are being replaced. She really is a beauty. She's white and has a few stickers on her windows but they are decals that can be removed.

- Andromeda B

I love my Eclipse, Love yours too!

Runs well, cheap to maintain. Had an issue with overheating, but I was able to fix it by replacing the thermostat, radiator, and water pump (all of which needed to be replaced). Windows have an issue with rolling up slow that I haven't been able to completely pinpoint or diagnose, but no other issues other than the ones named.

- Lir S

My beautiful Mitsubishi eclipse HANDLE IT!

I just live my car. Its fast I keep it all together it never gives me problems . and most of all it's all mine. I would not trade my car for anything in the world. It may not be new but the way it's taken care of its it good shape inside and out. Not many cars that were made in 2003 are as good of condition as my eclipse.

- martha E

It is seats are leather and comfortable I like the rims and the sunroof.

It is a nice car and all but it leaks and it runs rough but it is comfortable to sit in. It is a really nice car it has a sunroom. And it drives good but rough. But I love that car it is pretty nice. And plus I cannot really afford another car and it gets me to work and back so I cannot complain.

- Chris B

My apple red shiny beauty is in all a great choice for a vehicle,

I have a 2003 spyder eclipse gets, I would have to say it has been the only eclipse I owned and have had it about 8 months, so far it has been a great car, one of the best I have had, only issue I have is running hot, I replaced the radiator which helped, oh pepper does work for radiator leaks.

- Hali J

Sports car, great for personal use, not great when traveling with passengers.

Vehicle is small, which is nice for driving and parking, but not for driving passengers. People do not like riding in my tiny, two-door car. It does have great heating and air-conditioning. It has a sunroof, which I love. It is fast. It is a manual, which is nice but is awful in city traffic.

- Abby S

Love the aesthetic, needs functional work.

Some engine issues, but color/look very good. Has a lot of power to it. Definitely would recommend to somebody who would want to buy a car with a lot of power. The ceiling is sort of low, which gets annoying if you are taller than 5' 6'. I am really happy with it all together, through.

- Emma B

Car runs greats and it's a perfect traveling car. Great on gas.

The car is a 2003 Mitsubishi spyder eclipse. For the year make and over 150,000 miles it still runs pretty good. Great for traveling. Unfortunately I have a lot of rust from it being in Minnesota with all the salt but I still love my car. The convertible top needs some fixing as well.

- Christi V

2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt

The Mitsubishi is very reliable, comfortable ride, very good on gas. The best and I mean the best ride you will ever have. Their many car that are like it.. most can't hold a candle to it. The 03' eclipse drive almost like a race car. If you're into drag racing this is your car..

- Lamar B

My car is silver and it's a sports car its has a nice radio system in it.

It's a small and compact car it's fast and sporty and u could super it up it's in movies and my cousin have one it's great for our kids first car..its reliable and it's very comfortable and its has a lot of great features. It was my second car that I ever had it's a fast car .

- Johnny G

Great old car: still has speed and comfortable in driving.

This is an old car so issues with CD player not working and funny sounds etc. for the car overall it is great. It has a v6 with over 200 horsepower. It has a sleek design which makes the car somewhat difficult to maneuver in getting in and out but is comfortable once sitting.

- Karen C

Ocean blue Eclipse gets 6 cylinder.

This car rides very smooth. I feel as if I am gliding down the road. The only complaints that I really have are that the cup holder is right by the shifter and the turning radius is not the greatest. The sunroof is a great added feature along with the six CD changer/holder.

- Morgan W

I added a touch screen deck which is amazing.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible is a very comfortable ride, the seats are not great for long rides but the pickup speed when entering sports mode is pretty awesome, great on gas the only probably I currently have is my convertible roof which leaks on the passenger side.

- Corey C

The magnificent super star.

Has need a tune up basic and new tires and changed the spark plugs and air filter is alright on gas in town but in highway it is amazing. Been having this vehicle for 2 years and haven't really had to do a lot but mainly the basic car maintenance so over all great car.

- J K

Awesome convertible to own!

The mirage convertible is the best most reliable and fun to drive car I have ever owned. I love how it handles the pick up is awesome. I recommend it without reservation. I have 175,000 miles on it and it runs like new. Go get one right away!! You will not regret it.

- Andrew Z

Great and sporty 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder.

It's a great sporty vehicle. Handles well in the snow. Great in the summer time with the top down. Five speed with great gas mileage. Love it. So sporty and fun. Nice bucket seats in the front and comfortable seats in the back. Would live to have a brand new one.

- Kara N

The best part is its fuel consumption.

My car is well worn but is in good shape. Engine wise it needs a tune. But with basic tuning its epic. I would buy this year of car again.It's very easy to drive. With upgrades it would be better.2003 is a great year for that car. Wish it came with a v6 or turbo.

- todd N

2003 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder GT.

Very reliable and fun to drive. Does not show it is age. Very easy to drop the convertible top. Mileage is 113k and I have proactively changed the timing belt and I keep up on all maintenance. Very sporty and turns heads with the top down and rear spoiler.

- Rae L

Pros and cons of my little eclipse

The car is very small so if you are tall this probably isn't the car for you. The car is prone to head gasket leaks however, I luckily have not had that problem. The A/C in my car is a bit wonky but ultimately works. Overall I am very pleased with my car.

- Caitlin C

It has stood the test of time.

Great sporty fun car. Its been pretty reliable so I cannot complain to much. There's been a couple of sensors that have had to be replaced and an issue with it stalling out that took a while to get fixed but it is been a great car for the last 15 years.

- Melanie C

My car is a very smooth ride and gets up to speed fast.

I love everything about my car. I enjoy the moon-roof on nice days. I like the shape and design of my car. I don't have any complaints about it at all.

- Tracy K

Little red I won't let die.

Has spark knots, bad strut mounts, and minor coolant leak. The shocks definitely need to be replaced as well. Needs new tires, because they're balding.

- Bryan C

The cost to maintain the vehicle is very low and so far has had good longevity.

I like how my car looks, its sleek. I hate that it leaks and the radio does not work. However, with that being said, overall, I like my ca.

- Sydney S

Convertible top requires a lot of maintenance, i have had to sew seams back together multiple times

It is an older vehicle, i enjoy the convertible top during the summer months but the maintain of the convertible top is not very optimal

- Cody C

Convertible that's fun to drive!.

It's sporty and fun. It gets decent gas mileage. It's little so it fits in tight spaces. It's a convertible. All things I like

- Lisa y

Air conditioner works great!.

Dislike the comfort. Dislike the overall drive. Dislike the longevity. Like the look. Lime the gas mileage. Lime the speed.

- James K

It's very low to the ground but it's very stylish.

I like the exterior look. I like the mileage.I hate that it is to low to the ground, it hurts to get in and out of the car

- elizabeth b

I like the sun roof and the speed pick up.

Get good gas miles but sits to low to the ground had everything replaced. And had problems with ball joints and tire rods.

- Barbara F

The car is a convertible; the hood comes off and it fits into small spaces.

The car has a strong break compressor. The car doesn't need that much gas. The steering wheel is sharp and accurate.

- Ana A

Your car is only as good as you keep it.

First off it is a convertible, so it is amazing already. It has really good handling. I love driving my Mitsubishi.

- Hunter P

It has plenty of power to really move when needed.

It is a straight shift, which I love and prefer. The engine is 6 cylinder giving a good amount of get up and go.

- Cheryl C

It is a very well built vehicle.

It is great to drive. It is well built, with a low cost to keep maintenance wise. Sleek styling, fun to drive.

- Jennifer K

2003 Mitsubishi eclipse GT

Car is amazing in all fronts, 200hp for the hubby and posh leather interior for the wifey. It's got it all.

- Brandon C

Eclipse coolant issues and repairs.

Coolant problems is my biggest issue I love the way it drives it's very smooth and has a great appearance.

- Destiny N

This Eclipse is unique as it is bluetooth capable.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a fast and sleek vehicle. The fun of a sports car, with affordable maintenance.

- Engrid S

The car is dependable. You can trust it.

It has been a good car. I do a lot of traveling and very minor problems. Good on gas. Very dependable.

- Tracy W

It gets really good gas mileage.

It is a convertible and sporty. I like the size. It is easy to handle. The gas mileage is excellent.

- Dawn O

Low maintenance. Not very good Mileage. Strong mechanically

The AC of the car is not as good as it should be. Not too good on gas. Mechanically strong.

- Umar S

Its red, convertible and fast. It gives no mechanical problems.

I bought it new. It gets great gas. Mileage and is very fun to drive. It's a great car

- Vickie H

It runs. That is the most important thing to say.

I wish the car wasn't so old. If it had updated features, I would rate it 5 stars.

- Nope S

It is a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Gt which has a good body style

The body style. It is not good on gas. I like the engine size which is 3.0.

- Heather V