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Very solid exterior -2006 Mitsubishi eclipse.

This has been an excellent car. It currently has 254,000 miles and still drives like a new vehicle. Other than routine maintenance, this vehicle only recently needed the catalytic converter, front and rear struts and the valve cover gaskets replaced. The only thing that I believe to be substandard on this vehicle is the turning radius. For this type of vehicle and it is size, the turning radius is more than disappointing.

- Deborah M

I love my car, but it can be improve in some areas.

I live my car. Is very stylish. Gas expenditure is moderate. It is not too comfortable, but that is normal in that kind of car. I would really like if my car would have a better radio with more type of connections. Other problem is that they don't make that car anymore and if something break is very expensive to fix it. I love my car because it give me confidence.

- Liz R

My 2006 Mitsubishi eclipse.

I love driving my Mitsubishi eclipse. It feels sporty and handles very well. I have a four cylinder so it's not super fast or has high acceleration. The seating is comfortable although I wouldn't put anyone bigger than a kid in the back seat. The storage space is good. Just enough room to put my golf clubs with the backseat down. Overall it is a very nice car.

- Sawyer P

Roomie sporty clean smooth ride.

Sporty, shining, fast, pretty, warm great air, radio awesome, smooth drive. Gas saver, maintained, not expensive, tires good shape, car is clean not loud, v6 turbo, don't feel potholes, great travel car, classy and sporty car, can't hear you pull up anywhere, roomy large trunk, and roomier back seat.

- Rachel L

I love my car, but a new one would be awesome.

The splash shields fell off out of nowhere. Had to get a new starter. don't like that it's 2 door and has no sunroof. And I like that the gas mileage is good, the trunk stays open by itself only 5 percent of the time. I wish there was cup holders in the back. Or some other useful items in the car.

- Sadie R

This car is amazing and drives on a smooth rail with gas efficient.

It rides like on a rail but smooth handling, I have only had to do regular maintenance the 4yrs I have had her. She's been customized with low profile rims & a fatter backside than the reg. Eclipse gt has, the factory equipped fosgate 6 CD changer with the 10 inch subwoofer in the back is superb.

- Van W

Cannot beat a fun car to drive.

I have not had problems with my vehicle, it is fun to drive I have owned it since 2006, it is just a all around good ride, it sits low to the ground it is surprisingly a very heavy vehicle, but that is good for me when it snows. The speakers sounds very good they are factory.

- Sheryl L

The comfort is really nice and relaxing.

Performance is really nice for only being a 4 cylinder vehicle. The comfort is really nice, it feels like I am relaxing while driving. My vehicle came with a complete sound system from Rockford fosgate that sounds amazing, and you can add an extra speaker to improve sound.

- Drew S

Turns like tank factory paint job sucks.

My 2006 Mitsubishi eclipse is a fun fast little car the only thing is the turning radius is like driving a tank 3 point turns no matter what the factory stereos all go to pot. The hatchback lift supports go bad but other then that the car is swift fast and fun to drive.

- Tammy S

It is a pretty old car, it is bound to give a couple of problems from general age.

All in all the vehicle runs pretty well. As long as I keep up the routine maintenance on the car it usually does not give me many problems. I think the biggest issue I have ever had was replacing the alternator and doing a patch job on a small hole in the muffler.

- John M

Fast and sporty runs very well.

It rides very nice very fast and great on gas. 1 problem it takes premium fuel. Its very small in the inside but comfortable. It for the most part is very reliable. Mine specifically is a 2006 so 12 years old and still runs like a dream. Would recommend.

- Chris A

My car, like most sporty cars, costs more to insure and register, and the tires are really expensive.

My car is sporty and good looking. In 2006 it came loaded for a great price. Some things have worn out, but for the most part, it has held up very well.

- Stephanie B

Everyone should own a Mitsubishi eclipse.

I am very satisfied with the performance of a 4-cylinder car the gas mileage is wonderful performances great parking is easy very low maintenance.

- Karen W

The car has great gas mileage.

It is a hatchback. It corners well and has enough power. Also, comfortable and still looks good... Has a blind spot..

- Cindy P

Its great and better for a solo person.

It's a convertible and I love the therapy I get driving it. My stereo system is great and loud. It runs great also.

- Bianca C

It's a fun car to drive and looks good. Except it is kinda falling apart.

The car looks great and is a lot of fun to drive. It also gets good gas mileage. The ladies love it.

- Colton S