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Miss a Beashea eclipse SE is it the best car or is it the worst one?

The vehicle that I own is a Mitsubishi eclipse SE. The Mitsubishi eclipse SE is a powerful car for those who like speed and the ability to make sharp turns and would like to fit in tight spaces. The Mitsubishi eclipse SE has been my most driven car in the past three years. The Mitsubishi eclipse SE is not a car suited for those over the height of six to maybe even 6 feet even. I myself am 6'4' tall and sometimes my knees and hips a lock up while driving the Mitsubishi eclipse SE for long periods of time. So, again if you are a tall individual this vehicle might not be your best option.

- Kevin Y

It's a heavy car! It can take a hit and the other car will have more damage. But this beast takes the WIDEST turns of any car I've ever driven.

The car has been extremely dependable, however it seems that everything happens all at the same time with the car. The alternator has gone out 2 times in 4 years of me owning it. But once it gets replaced it like a new car! And the breaks do not to well in hot climates in this car. Because the car is so heavy, in the hot florida heat and the crazy traffic, the brake pads are replaced every 2 months and once per month in the summertime.

- Melissa V

Great car for performance and looks.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle in the ten years that I have owned it. I have only had to do routine maintenance and put new tires on in one time. It drives great and gets great gas mileage and it is a great looking car. My only problem with it is that my cat loves to use the convertible top as a hammock and I have to use one of those lint rollers on it quite often, but I cannot blame that on the car.

- Cindy B

Clear visibility in the front, however a blind spot in the back.

Things I like include the openness on the inside, the small size, and the outside look. Problems I have/had include bad brakes, bad tires, loud exhaust, lurching, driver side door handle sticking, and missing an all functional radio. The seats are comfortable. The steering wheel is comfortable. Speed is great. Temperature works fast. Brake pedal and gas pedal are touchy the way I like it. Overall a nice car.

- Sydney S

Not the best car for reliability or for quality.

I love driving this car, but it is not the most reliable. It seems like I am constantly getting something fixed and it definitely is cheaply made. There are not any features to the car, which makes it very boring. I love the look though. A lot of the inside breaks without a lot of wear and tear. It also sounds horrible when it starts, which I was told is, "what Mitsubishis' do over time. ".

- Bailey W

It is a road hugger! Handles like a dream!

It drives and handles great! It is got good pick up and it is great on gas! Takes curves well also. The radio in all eclipse is top of the line and I love music. The cons~ the doors are very heavy and will close on you easy so watch this. Also some people say they cannot see over the steering wheel but I do not have that problem! This is the 3rd eclipse I have owned and I loved all three!

- Divell W

Cute small fast car that will last a while

lots of things happened with this car. It has stopped many times and I had to get it fixed. I had to get the side view mirror fix because it fell of. it's stopped in the middle of the road. But I still love this car since it's been with me for a while. I have seat covers and little decorations it does need gas more frequently through

- Angela S

A nice high performance sports car

It is a nice looking vehicle, inside & out, has been reliable for me. It is considered a high performance sports car. As of now it needs body work from people backing into it in parking lots. It needs a new catalytic converter. It is loaded with features such as sunroof, heated seats & a good stereo with a subwoofer.

- Jill S

Good car to drive! Some difficulties but nothing you can�t handle

Very fun car to drive. I've had it for 2 years and no problems so far. Switches gears very smoothly unlike some cars have a jerk when they do that. Only thing that's a little tough is that the steering wheel is pretty tight and you can feel all the bumps in the road through it but overall I'm happy with my car.

- Emily P

elegant sport car that gets people's attention

the car doors are a bit heavy. It super fast and elegant. The inside is a bit outdated to today's marks like the radio doesn't say who the artist that is playing is. The seats in the back are pretty uncomfortable if going long distances as well. Overall we love it though and have had it for 11 years!

- Olga P

It's a fast and furious type car

Just has abs recalls but performance is great I love the gas mileage it is a lil loud the tire size is hard to find and parts in Wyoming are hard to find as well. I love the manual and automatic. it's not for a large family. Only has two doors. The door handles inside are not strong enough

- Misty C

Sporty convertible Mitsubishi spyder eclipse gt.

The eclipse spyder is a sporty convertible with 6-speeds, satellite radio, comfortable seats and a stylish interior. It is a great car that combines affordability with class to make for a great 2 seater. It does have extra seating in the rear and enough trunk space for everyday needs.

- Terry V

The most beautiful and reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

My Eclipse is 8 years old but it looks like new. I have the convertible & top is very good condition. The color is red rave pearl and I receive many compliments about the car. Over the past eight years I have spent $1500 on repairs plus oil changes and tires.

- Carl M

I have a silver two door 2008 Mitsubishi eclipse. It is a hatchback.

They car is very good on gas. However, the brakes are issue. Mitsubishi previously had a recall on the brakes on a particular car. The company replaced them for free, but the brakes still are an issue. I have had to have my brakes fixed a number of times.

- Maya B

Small but has room for stuff.

The car is very small and short but there is actually quite a bit of room inside. It is super low to the ground however so depending on your age and health, I would make sure that you could get in and out of it.

- Lindsey K

That it is fun to drive! It looks expensive, but it really isn't!

I like that it is a GT with 6 cylinders for more power. I like the sunroof and the leather heated seats. It is fun to drive and sporty, yet I can haul a lot of things in the trunk. No complaints so far!

- Beth Y

Features of my 2008 Mitsubishi eclipse gs

The 2008 Mitsubishi eclipse gs like the one that I own comes with many features like a factory high brand sound system with a subwoofer in the rear. It has a 4 cylinder engine.

- Dalton M

My car is interesting in how it was made as for when you look out the rear view mirror all you can see is the spoiler

I love my car, the only downfall is the scratches and dents which were caused by me. As well as the exhaust pipe is hanging.. other than that it is comfortable and reliable

- Marinda W

Well kept, not neglected at all.

Mint condition, well kept. Good on mileage and has low mileage for the year made. Only had minor issues since I acquired the vehicle. Turns corners nicely.

- Antoinette M

I love my eclipse, I get many compliments on it.

Very few problems but recently had to replace timing belt which was expensive. I drive about 12000 miles per year & love every minute.

- Carl R

I love the special racing seats and the sleek and neat design.

Tires are really expensive, but overall the quality of the car is great, comfortable and most importantly super reliable.

- Josh R

Reliable, sleek, and stunning

Its extremely sporty and has a nice sleek look. However, it can be difficult to get in and out of. It is super reliable

- Josh R

It is a convertible and it's got a great sound system.

My vehicle is a convertible and I love it every day in the summer with the top down. I have no complaints about my car.

- Laura B

I think the gas mileage is amazing.

I like the gas mileage of the eclipse. It also handles well. There is more space than expected for a small car. .

- Anthony S

Its nice that it is a convertible and you can drive with the wind in your hair.

As with any car problems have come from aging but the a. V does seem to go out more often than other old cars.

- Cynthia M

Very fast car and great gas mileage

Great runner very good gas mileage has a v6 engine and has great excellarstion. Holding its value really well

- Michael W

It is really great on gas, very reliable, low maintenance, very comfortable interior and smooth ride. Never had a problem with it during the winter with a lot of snow

It is a fwd car so it has been a great all year round vehicle and we get a good amount of snow where I live.

- Felicia H

Comfortable and stylish convertible.

Sporty, convertible, 6 speed, comfortable seats for long trips, Sirius satellite radio, enough trunk space.

- Terri V

It performs well requires little maintenance. It is sporty and fun to drive. It drives very smooth.

I love my car and have had no issues. It drives really well. I love the convertible and the suede seats.

- Kara W

My eclipse is pretty worry free. I haven't any major problems.

I like the eclipse mainly for its fuel mileage and its handling. I haven't had many issues with my car.

- tony s

My eclipse has a standard transmission and I enjoy driving it. I drive it to work on the days we don't take my wife's Nissan Rogue. One dislike is the amount of noise you can hear when driving from wind, etc.

It is a standard so unless you know how to drive stick you should not try to drive it.

- Mark M

I like her; she handles well, even in snow. I've never had any problems with her.

She's a princess. She handles like a dream. She's easy on the eyes.

- Bonita H