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The most important thing is to take care of it. I take mine for regular check-ups and oil changes and inspections, and so far have had no problems. Also, treat it with care and don't slam or swing the doors. Invest in a backup camera.

I love my car, it's very good looking and it has never left me on the side of the road. It's fuel economic and gives me a lot of mileage for one tank. It's stylish and makes a good impression. However there is low visibility when I am backing up. Also some parts are kind of cheaply made and a little flimsy. One time I swung open the door but the hinge or something came right off and now I have no door stopped. The air vents are all broken. I don't know how the previous owner treated it but all the vents are broken, and the front radio speakers don't work. Also the bumper looks badly assembled. It came right off after an accident which I don't think should have happened.

- Carla S

My car has issues! How to get along with a car with multiple issues.

Bought used. Previous owner had rewired new imported headlamps in--however car company lied and said nothing had been done/changed. Vehicle has electrical issues--sometimes fan will/won't work, same with rear defogger. Cannot lock it because alarm will go off for no reason. Sorry I bought it, but cannot afford another one right now.

- Bonnie P

Eclipse- overall... Not a bad car!

Lots of blind spots due to back windows and being low to ground. Needs more accessories (back up cam, internet capabilities) . Very reliable, handles well. Good on gas, very sharp looking car. Built in subwoofer. Decent stereo system. Nice interior (seats, speedometers look like a race cars) awesome color.

- Jay W

Sexy, sleek ride with amazing sound and performance.

Amazing vehicle. Extremely reliable. Love the v6 has amazing power. Leather, heated front seats are incredible. Love the sound system. I did have to have a whole new front headlight while under warranty luckily. There are some electrical issues with my steering wheel controls but nothing money won't fix.

- Lacy T

I love it but it has blind spots.

I love it so much, it is reliable, comfortable, nice to sit. The only thing that is bad is that it has a lot of blind spots, it is hard to reverse. But I love that I can put my roof down. Nice light on the dashboard. It has only 2 doors so it is hard to sit in the back but it is ok.

- Monica M

Unique car that you don't see around much which is sporty and fun to drive.

The only problem I've had with my vehicle is the dash is peeling off. I love how stylish and unique my vehicle is. I love the sporty feel of driving it. Could have more creature comforts and safety features compared to new vehicles now.

- Brooke B

It is fast and good on gas.

Good car, very safe and reliable as well. Fast and sturdy also. Good on gas and the engine is good. Not much has went wrong with it besides general maintenance like brakes and battery and changing oil.

- Sonya L

It's a fun car to have if you live in a nice weather place, but not great in the snow.

I love that it is a convertible! It's a fun sporty little car, but I don't like that I don't have a lot of trunk space for when people are in town visiting or taking a road trip

- Danielle S

Handles great. Would recommend for anyone that loves to drive fast.

It is a great car. I love how it hugs the curves in mountain roads. Only problem is a car seat doesn't really fit in it and I just had a kid. About to sell it

- Eric N

A joy to drive. Lots of get up and go!

My eclipse is a joy that drive! Tight handling and a lot of get up and go! The only downside is that it uses premium gas, which is kind of pricey.

- Cheryl S

It is a black n pain in the butt car.

I love it because it is a convertible and shiny red. It is fast and I love driving it. There really is not anything that I dislike about it..

- Donna M


I have been very pleased with my Eclipse GT. I have had it for almost 10 years, and it is just about as good as it was when I bought it.

- chad w

Fun car to drive in the summertime. Convertible is great too!

My eclipse is a 2009. It runs great. I bought it from a friend. It's a convertible but don't use it much. Gas mileage is fairly good.

- Pamela T

No visibility in the rear due to the spoiler.

No mechanical problems yet at 50k miles. It is extremely reliable, fast, handles great! Biggest complaint is very little visibility.

- Laura R

Great gas mileage, it's a good buy for what the initial price is

Not the softest ride in the world. The car tends to have the same problems every year

- MTt S