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Mitsubishi Eclipse short details.

My car is manual. Mainly the complications are easy fixes. If you are in a cold state that gets snow. I don't recommend driving in it. The car is really low which makes it hard to drive. I don't personally take this vehicle out during winter only for the lighter seasons. Such as spring, fall and summer. Mainly the biggest disadvantages is if you mess up the clutch, is your transmission goes with it. So if your looking to learn how to drive manual I suggest a Honda. It's easier to learn and cheaper to fix if you mess up.

- Magdalena S

Mitsubishi Eclipse was discontinued in 2012. However, they remade it into the Eclipse Cross, but it is totally different.

I particularly like the styling of my Mitsubishi Eclipse... so much so that I've had 3 Eclipse cars since 1998. The current one doesn't have all the bells and whistles of my last one, such as a sunroof. I get compliments on my car. A dislike might be that the transmission had problems in the last one.

- john E

The car handles great and has a nice sporty design. It may be a compact car but that does not take away from the comfort of the interior. Good gas mileage and fun to drive.

I like the color the interior design and the exterior design. I like the handling of my vehicle and the fact it is a convertible. I love the style of the dashboard and where all the controls are located.

- Lauri B

Performance and reliability are excellent. I've only had regular maintenance issues such as new tires and brakes. It has great get up and go which is a plus in traffic. It looks like you have no storage space, but lay down the back seats and take out the trunk cover and you're able to load furniture.

It's fun to drive! Curves are smooth. The hidden ability to load a ton in the back has helped the most. Just remember to lay the seats down and take out the trunk cover.

- Delane K

The car gets great gas mileage and is very smooth.

The car runs fine, slick, the interior is nothing to be impressed with. This is definitely a vehicle for someone with no kids as the car is quite compact.

- Janice M

The reliability and dependability

It is a great reliable and dependable vehicle and does not cost me much to maintain. I wish it had more leg room but other than that I have no complaints

- mark e

It's a great working car runs fantastic and the gas mileage is great

I love my car a lot ! I like that it has a different look and it's sporty I hate the visibility is the only thing I would have a complaint with

- Amy G

It gets really good gas mileage!.

The car is good on gas. It's also cute and little and is perfect for me. Its is silver. Also it can fit in almost any small parking space.

- Claire J

Its fast and good on gas.

Gas saver. Quiet. Low. Not lots of have or see them. I enjoy the moonroof. I like the backup camera. Its easy to parking find for it.

- Atom B

It is a reliable vehicle. If you invest one you will drive it for many years.

It's a reliable car and comfortable car. It could do better on gas mileage and the bumper tends to drag a little low on the vehicle.

- Courtney W

It is an all around great vehicle.

It's a convertible. Its small and easy to handle in town and on road.. But it very low and you feel every bit of highway.

- Sally B

That my car is super fun and super easy to drive

I love my car I only have one complaint I can't see out of the back very well it's hard to move around switch lanes etc

- Amy G