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Great family vehicle for all

This SUV has been extremely dependable for my family. The all wheel drive keeps us on the road no matter what the conditions are. The dual trunk openings are extremely helpful to be able to just lift the glass instead of the entire tailgate while loading groceries. It has a large trunk that provides a large family with storage room to travel and pack all necessary equipment. This has been a great vehicle for us and has required very little mechanical work to keep it on the road. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a family vehicle that is powerful but does not require tons of gas to operate on a daily basis.

- Michelle B

An interesting detail is that my vehicle also has a manual transmission.

I have had this SUV for about four years. So far no major problems, thank god. The engine is quite, the view is good and I like the height. It is very comfortable and is a great ride. I also, drove through flood waters up to the doors and it never stalled. The door handles inside and out material is not a good selection. The rear door needs a replacement latch kit.

- Helen E

Mitsubishi endeavor 2005. 150,000 miles. Runs great.

My vehicle has been super reliable over the years. I have taken it on many trips and have never had any sort of mechanical issues. The only issue that has recently arisen is a strange noise that happens when I start the car but it goes away after a few minutes. The car is a reasonable size and comfortable especially during long trips.

- Blake H

Dependable and durability.

Dependable, driving mobility, good on gas, handles very well on road and in city driving. Comfortable seating, durability in steering, very quiet. Easily handled, no blind spots, good radio, great tire wear, all around vehicle. Has lots of room for large family and excellent for hauling anything around.

- Williams W

Great SUV for road trips, it can take a beating.

Big SUV that runs a v8 motor, no major problems but one is the starter will fail on you. Also a very small con is the door handles, they are brittle and will break if you open too hard. Very open room in the interior. You can move the back seats down and have more room for the trunk to store stuff.

- Jerry A

The space it has for my family adjustable seats.

Very dependable had it for 2 yrs. and have not had any major problems with it. Sports truck and can go pretty fast can't wait until I own it. If I ever sell it the next buyer will be very pleased only one owner before me. My children love their car and always tell me to go faster lol wish I could.

- Nae C

Handling and ride comfort.

I get poor gas mileage. Also I have had a few major problems with it such a transmission replacement. The paint on the roof rack crossbars did not hold up well. I do like the way it handles and the ride comfort. I also like the front seat comfort and leg room. The cargo capacity is great.

- Gary D

I would buy it again and recommend it to anyone asking.

Overall I love it, it is had some minor issues with heat shield rattling, muffler/tail pipe rusting. Having some issues with the a/c leaking into the floor right now but we owned it for 11 years and had no major mechanical issues. Comfortable for long trips or just everyday driving.

- Melissa C

Reliable ride: Mitsubishi.

The car is reliable. It gets good gas mileage for a SUV. I wish it had more leg room for the driver. The seats in the rear can be lain down for extra storage so it can haul a large load in a pinch. I would recommend the Mitsubishi endeavor. Mine is silver.

- Matt F

It is a very reliable, affordable, and safe care to drive anywhere.

My vehicle is always reliable, but has a few lingering issues. There is a reoccurring creaking noise in the suspension surrounding the front right tire. There is also a recurring service engine light that is linked to no apparent problems.

- James L

It's very reliable and easy to maneuver. Also very responsive.

The car has some power - it's very easy to go on straight roads and hills. It's easy to maneuver. Good car - had for 13 years and still runs great. Some of the features don't work anymore (i.e., radio control on steering wheel, etc.).

- Tracy G

Truck to get you from A-B with no issues

Well we have had our truck for almost 5 years now and it is still running smoothly. Only thing is, When you need to change something on the truck, you'll change it and then the check engine light comes right back on.

- Bianca M

Reliable family car. Safe and durable. Suv but drives like a car

I love that my car is the size of an suv but drives like a car. I feel safe for me and my daughter. Its reliable the ac works but the radio doesn't always work and there is a stutter when u drive from time to time.

- Steph M

Been around for so long and been so reliable.

This 13 year old car has been wonderful. Drove it for basically an entire decade before any issues came at all. And even then they are minor. Still trucking along.. although I know I am due for a new one very soon.

- Cody B

it is a very good quality vehicle. It drives very well and I have had very few issues with it.

I like that my truck has plenty of space throughout the vehicle. Also, I love that I have a very spacious front windshield/ dash that allows me plenty of visibility. I hate that my truck sucks gasoline.

- Rhonda C

Low maintenance comfortable ride.

Runs very well. I get between 16 to 23 miles per gallon on gas depending on where I drive. Does not take a lot of money to keep it running well. It is a very comfortable ride. Power everything.

- John K

Mitsubishi for my first car.

It is very comfy, it is a big car which is nice and does not sit too low or too high. Very good handling and everything's very smooth. Reliable car and has some balls if you really step on it.

- Conner W

Car Drives Well but Starting to Have Problems

My coolant system is starting to go bad as coolant never reaches the engine anymore because of a leak. Car drives well though and is smooth on turns.

- Ryan R

It is reliable enough and handles very well and has enough size.

I like its SUV size. I also like the way it handles and that it was cheap. It is a good car and I like it very much and am proud of it.

- Scott S

The motor is a racing motor and, in town you must watch your speed.

I bought it used and it had high mileage. And the ride is not as comfortable as I need it to be. . It also burns a lot of oil.

- Peggy A

Great car for short people.

Very few problems. Good gas mileage. Love the room allowance. Easy to see behind and to the side. Comfortable to drive.

- Beverly V

The side mirrors have a blind spot.

Gas is horrible, less cargo. Drives like a car. Good snow tires. Comfortable. Good on the highway. Roomy and its a v6.

- Mink S

It's a great vehicle as long as you keep it maintained.

I like its size and it drives good. I dislike how expensive it is to maintain and repairs are very expensive.

- Annette K

Mitsubishi makes great long lasting cars. They have great options.. You pay a little more for quality but again it has lasted over 200,000 miles

It is a very reliable car, it has great features, it is not a gas guzzler, and it is affordable

- Carmen H