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Reliable Car for Everyday Use

This car is very reliable and comfortable. I use it constantly and it has never failed. This car is a larger SUV which is good for hauling stuff and passengers but it does have a longer wheelbase which makes it slightly harder to maneuver in tight spaces. It offers about 17-23 miles per gallon which is decent for an SUV. Only drawback is the horrible noise if you don't crack the back windows open wide enough. Everything else is good. It offers lots of space and decent mileage but is not fancy. It is a tough reliable car for everyday use.

- beth C

My Mitsubishi has great mileage & comfort!

I had trouble with the fan belt & ignition coil. I love the way it rides & it is good on gas. When I drive out of town on the highway I feel totally safe! The kids are always excited to get in and go. There's room for the kids and their friends. We can drop the rear seats and throw in extra belongings or a mattress and just camp out!

- Elizabeth G

Mitsubishi endeavor and outlander are awesome

Car has been parked under carport and taken care of from elements. Very reliable and good gas mileage. Only repairs are usual oil change, brakes, and tires, wiper blades. Had 1 issue with trim, rails on top paint fading. Inside is like new, had headliner replaced, due to a tear caused by carrying an item in rear.

- Tina W

Great car choice for someone.

The car is great, we had a similar model when a drunk driver hit us and in some other car we could have died but we were almost fine after the crash because of the car. It also runs great and has good gas mileage and heated seats which are great in the winter.

- Allison K

Over all its a truck that will last a very long time.

It's a really good truck its smooth running however it can have wheel issues and sometimes shifts slow getting on the freeway mine is a 2006 and has no aux hook up and one week it's good on gas the next week it eats it up but overall i love my truck

- Leah L

Do not get a sunroof! It can cause leaking later on once it ages.

Great car, but as it aged, more mechanical and service related issues. A/c overhaul, sunroof is in need of repair. Gasket leaking, rear windows fell down needing replacing of gear that makes them go up and down.

- Sandy E

It has great pick up speed.

I love the pick up. I like the overall size of the vehicle. I do not like the fact that the door handles all broke off. Also, I don't like that There is only one key entry on the whole vehicle.

- Sheryl C

It's been reliable and there have been very few problems early on.

It's an SUV that is not too big, nor too small. There is a good amount of room in the cargo space and the seat can go down to add space to the back. It has been reliable and performs well.

- Tammy L

Recommended over any other car.

Have my Mitsubishi for 10 years, no mechanical issues, excellent performance, very economical on highway, accommodate 5 passengers very comfortable. Really good for long road trips.

- Annette G

In all the vehicle, with up keep is pretty reliable.

The vehicle is pretty reliable. Though through the years I have had to replace the breaks, fix the spark plugs, and replace the lights due to multiple times they have gone out.

- Kiley R

It is very reliable even 13 years ago after it hit the market.

My vehicle has been great for me thus far, I bought it used a few years back and have not had to put any major work into it yet. It gets the job done and I love the size.

- Pat J

It gets great gas mileage for an SUV. That saves us money all around.

I love the fuel efficiency of my car. It gets great gas mileage! I also really like the entertainment system it has. It keeps my kids happy on the road!

- Janet W

My car is durable and does not break easy.

It was affordable. It is durable. I have never had any mechanical issues. It is pretty decent on gas. It is comfortable and meets all my needs.

- Lauren B

It drives easy so you have to watch your speed.

I love the visibility and the handling. The size makes it easy to fit my whole family without compromising ease of. Maneuvering.

- Kelly W

This car is very safe for families that have children

Very comfortable seats. Has been reliable; hasn't needed a lot of repairs despite having over 60,000 miles. Good mileage

- Oscar A

It is very light on the pedals.

I do not have any particular complaints however I wish there were more safety features like blind side sensors.

- Gillian T

I am afraid after it reaches 200, 000 miles it will start breaking down faster.

The electrical has issues. The car shakes a lot, I took it to get fix but the shaking started again.

- Esmeralda B

They are no longer made so buy one while you still have a chance.

I like the body style, interior space, and reliability. I dislike the mpg and lack of aux port.

- Conner B

It is an SUV without four wheel drive! But it has great power!

I like how big it is. I do not like that it is not 4 wheel drive. I like that it is spacious.

- Victorianna P